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What should I do if my tickets are lost or stolen?

To expedite resolutions to lost/stolen tickets, please prepare the following before calling +65 6348 5555 for assistance:
  • - Transaction number
  • - Event title
  • - Number of tickets purchased
  • - Name and contact no./email

Only tickets for reserved seating can be replaced for a service fee of $5.00 per ticket.
Lost / Stolen General Admission (GA) tickets cannot be replaced.
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How long does it take for tickets to reach me by mail?

Processed tickets are dispatched the following working day. If your tickets do not reach you within 7 working days, please call +65 6348 5555 or email us via our Feedback Form for assistance.
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Do I need to purchase tickets for my child?

This depends on the admission rules that varies from event to event and details can be found on the the event detail page. Unless specifically stated, infants in arms or children without tickets will not be admitted.
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Can I make a tentative booking on the internet?

Reservation of seats is not permitted. Ticket bookings via the Internet must be confirmed within the 15-minute time frame allowed for each transaction to be completed. If such confirmation is not made within this period, the transaction time expires and the transaction will be deemed incomplete. Any seats allocated will be automatically returned to the system and be available for sale on a "first-come-first-served" basis.
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Why are cash refunds carried out only at CustomerService@SISTIC?

Refund procedures are dictated by audit rules where refunds have to be made corresponding to the mode of payment when tickets were purchased.
For example, credit card accounts will be automatically credited (refunded) directly for cancelled events paid for using credit cards. For cash transactions, stringent cash security rules have to be met. Most times large sums of cash are required to fulfill refund requirements. In a major refund exercise many counters may also be required to provide prompt service. In addition, audit controls require a strict refund verification procedure.
Currently, only the CustomerService@SISTIC located at the 10 Eunos Road 8, #03-04, Singapore Post Centre, Singapore 408600 (accessible via Singapore Post Corporate Office Lift Lobby on level 2) can meet all these requirements and provide dedicated counters to efficiently fulfill all refund obligations.
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What is a booking fee?

Booking fees are standard practice by ticketing companies worldwide to help support investment in technology and other operational expenses. This ensures the system is maintained at a secure, speedy and robust level, providing an efficient ticket-buying experience. Booking fee applies to all ticket bookings, regardless of the channel of purchase. SISTIC collects a booking fee of $1 per ticket for events which cost $20 and below. For tickets priced from $20.01 to $40, we charge a booking fee of $3 per ticket. For tickets above $40, we charge a booking fee of $4 per ticket. Back to Top