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SISTIC e-voucher

What is SISTIC e-voucher?

SISTIC e-voucher works very much like cash. We have partnered with several organizations to allow their subscribers and customers to use their loyalty points to redeem for the SISTIC e-voucher which in turn can be used on our website to purchase tickets to events. SISTIC e-vouchers can also be purchased by corporate companies as rewards for their customers or employees. Email sisticservices@sistic.com.sg if you would like to do so.

Different terms and conditions govern the use of your SISTIC e-voucher depending on where you have redeemed them from.
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How do I utilize the SISTIC e-vouchers?

SISTIC e-vouchers are available only for online bookings on the SISTIC website. Ticket purchase is also subjected to SISTIC's Privacy Policy, Conditions of Access and Conditions of Sale. The e-voucher(s) are also not exchangeable for cash, in kind or other goods and services.

SISTIC e-vouchers come with e-codes that can be used at the payment page of your transaction. SISTIC e-vouchers expire within 3 months of redemption.
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Can I use multiple SISTIC e-vouchers for one transaction?

Yes, you can use up to 9 e-vouchers per transaction. Simply click "Add More Vouchers" so you can key in and utilize more e-voucher codes. Back to Top

How should I pay the remaining amount after using the e-voucher if the e-voucher value is lower than the cost of tickets?

You can usually use any credit card to make payment for the balance of the ticket value. For e-vouchers redeemed from banks' rewards programme, you are usually required to make payment with the issuing bank's credit card. Back to Top

Why is the e-voucher only applicable for selected events?

SISTIC provides show organizers with a ticketing service. SISTIC respects show organizers' decision on whether they would like to provide the SISTIC e-voucher payment option for their event. Also note that if you are purchasing tickets to more than one show, please check if all your selected shows are redeemable. You can only use your SISTIC e-vouchers on multiple shows in a single transaction if all selected shows all redeemable. In the event that one or more shows are not redeemable, you are advised to purchase them separately in another transaction. Back to Top

How long till my e-voucher expires?

The validity period of SISTIC e-vouchers ranges depending on where you have received them from. It has a standard validity of 12 months from date of purchase but you should check with your e-voucher issuer for the actual validity conditions. E-vouchers received from Rewards Programs typically has a shorter validity period. Back to Top

What supporting documents do I need to present to collect my tickets if I paid using e-voucher?

If your ticket is paid with both e-voucher and credit card, you need to present:
I.  The Credit Card used for the purchase
II. Printed email confirmation

If your ticket is paid using e-voucher only, you need to present:
I.  Printed email confirmation.
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What is OCBC$ Rewards?

SISTIC had partnered with OCBC to allow OCBC cardholders to use their OCBC$ to redeem for SISTIC e-vouchers. These e-vouchers can be used to purchase tickets to some of our events. For more information refer to OCBC Rewards page at www.ocbc.com/rewards.

SISTIC e-voucher redeemed from OCBC are subject to OCBC Rewards Program Terms & Conditions.

After your redemption at the OCBC Rewards page, you will receive an auto-generated email from OCBC with your redemption e-code(s). Use these e-code(s) on the SISTIC website just before you enter your OCBC credit card details to make payment. SISTIC e-vouchers can also be used for OCBC priority sales.

If your SISTIC e-voucher redeemed from the OCBC$ Rewards programme is expiring or has expired, please contact the OCBC Hotline at 1800 363 3333 for support.
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What is StarHub & SRT (Singapore Repertory Theatre) Rewards?

The StarHub & SRT (Singapore Repertory Theatre) Rewards Program allows StarHub customers to redeem SISTIC e-vouchers with their rewards points to purchase SRT shows at 10% off online at www.sistic.com.sg. Read here for full terms & conditions. For questions about redemption or to extend the validity of your e-vouchers', please contact StarHub 24-hour Customer Care Hotline at 1633. Back to Top