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What is MasterPass?

MasterPass by MasterCard is a free digital wallet service that stores all your payment information in a convenient and secure place. With MasterPass, you simply shop, click and checkout! Back to Top

How do I sign up for MasterPass?

Signing up for MasterPass is quick and convenient. First, go to the MasterPass homepage. Click on "Sign up, It's Free" to create your account profile. You will receive an email from MasterPass when your account is successfully created. Back to Top

How does MasterPass work?

Once you are on the payment page, click on the MasterPass button and select your MasterPass-connected wallet.

You will be redirected to the MasterPass website to log in. Once you are logged in, you can choose from your list of stored payment cards. If you wish to use a card or shipping address that has not already been added to your MasterPass, just click on the "Add" option.

You will have an opportunity to review your card details before being redirected back to the SISTIC website and completing your transaction.
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Will the shipping address in MasterPass be used as the mailing details for SISTIC tickets?

No. If you have chosen the mail/registered mail/courier option for your SISTIC tickets, you can decide between the default mailing addresses in your SISTIC account or inputting a new address. Back to Top

Is MasterPass safe?

The multi-tiered security built in to MasterPass makes it as safe as it is convenient.

Alternatively, you can add an extra layer of security by enabling Mobile Verification in your Preferences. This means that during your transactional checkout, you will select your card and receive a 4-digit verification code via text message to enter and complete your checkout!
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What mobile and web browsers are supported by MasterPass?

MasterPass works on most mobile and web browsers. Supported web browser versions are listed below.

Internet Explorer 8.0, Firefox 3.6, Safari 5.04, Chrome, Opera or higher.

Default browsers on these mobile devices are supported:

Android 2.1, iOS 3.4
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