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What is M-Ticket?

M-Ticket is a new way to receive event tickets delivered directly to your mobile phone via short message service (SMS). The M-Ticket contains a barcode and accompanying booking details. Each M-Ticket transaction costs S$0.70. Please note that data charges apply when you download the M-Ticket onto your phone. Back to Top

How do I select M-Ticket delivery?

M-Ticket is not available for all events at the moment. If you do not see the M-Ticket delivery option from the “Delivery Method” drop-down menu, it means M-Ticket is not available for the show that you have selected.

  • For On-line Booking:
  • Select M-Ticket under 'Delivery Method' when booking your tickets.

  • For Hotline Purchases:
  • Our Customer Service Officer will inform you if M-Ticket delivery is available for the event you wish to purchase.
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How do I use an M-Ticket?

Simply click on the link in the SMS to download the M-Ticket and save the ticket as an image in your mobile phone. On the event day, present the M-Ticket at the event venue for entry. There is no need to collect our usual paper ticket. Back to Top

How long do I have to wait to receive an M-Ticket?

The M-ticket will be sent to you by SMS within 30 seconds your order has been confirmed. Please contact us if you do not receive it. No paper ticket(s) will be issued with the M-ticket option. Back to Top

I did not receive my M-Ticket or I accidentally deleted it. What should I do?

If you have downloaded the SISTIC Mobile APP (link), you should be able to retrieve a copy of your M-Ticket there. Otherwise, please call the SISTIC Hotline at +65 6348 5555 to have it resent to you. Back to Top

What if I purchase tickets to more than one event in one transaction? Will one M-Ticket admit me to all events?

A separate M-Ticket will be sent to you for each event purchased. For instance, if you purchased tickets to two different events in one transaction, you would receive two M-Tickets and the total M-Ticket transaction cost would be S$0.70 x 2 = S$1.40. Back to Top

Can my mobile phone receive a M-Ticket?

All 3G-enabled smartphones with an internet connection will be able to receive an M-ticket. Back to Top

Is M-Ticket available for all events?

M-Ticket delivery is only available for selected events, depending on the show organiser’s preference and the venue booked for the event. Back to Top

Does everyone in my group need to be present before we can use our M-Ticket to enter the venue?

You may forward the M-Ticket to another person in your group if he or she is entering the venue at a different time. Do inform the usher at the venue that you are not entering as a group. Back to Top

What if I forget to bring my phone or if my battery is flat on event day?

If there is a Box Office at the venue, proceed to the counter with the credit card used for the purchase along with a clear print out/digital copy of your email confirmation to get the physical tickets printed. If there is no Box Office at the venue, please call the SISTIC Hotline at +65 6348 5555 for assistance. Back to Top

What happens if I lose my phone or upgrade to a new phone?

Please call the SISTIC Hotline at +65 6348 5555 to have it resent to you. Back to Top