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What is E-Ticket?

An E-ticket (electronic ticket) is an electronic form of our ticket that is sent to you via e-mail. Each copy contains a unique barcode that can only be used by one person. Back to Top

How do I get my E-ticket and do I have to print the E-ticket to enter the venue?

E-tickets are sent via e-mail together with the e-mail confirmation. E-tickets come in a *PDF format for MBS events and as a link for some other events. The link to download can be found at the top right corner of the e-mail confirmation. Kindly note that there may be **multiple pages and that one ticket is required per person for admission. Each copy can only be used by one person as it contains a unique barcode. The E-ticket has to be printed and presented at the event venue for admission.
Do note that not all events provide E-tickets.

*Please be informed that you will need to have an Acrobat Reader to be able to open the file
**Each ticket will be printed in 1 page
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Why is the E-ticket option only available for some shows?

Only venues with compatible barcode scanners can offer the E-ticket option. We are working to increase the number of venues with the barcode scanners on an ongoing basis. Back to Top

Can I forward E-tickets to my friends?

Yes, E-tickets can be forwarded to other attendees of the event/show. Do note that each attendee must present their unique E-tickets. Back to Top

How do I retrieve my E-ticket if it was deleted by accident?

Our Customer Service Team will be able to re-send the E-ticket via e-mail. We can be contacted at +65 6348-5555 or at feedback@sistic.com.sg. Back to Top

What if my unique E-ticket barcode was scanned more than once?

We will only allow entry for the first scan of the barcode. If E-ticket photocopies are presented at the event venue the staff in charge of scanning barcodes will alert the ushers that the barcode has already been scanned.
Should there be a dispute, our staff will contact the original ticket purchaser and verify the purchaser’s identity through Name/Contact Number/Email collected during the purchase process.
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