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Collection of Customers Information

Why does SISTIC require my personal information?

Collecting your contact details lets us reach out to you if there are changes made to an event you have booked, such as change of venue, postponement or event cancellation. Your personal information is also crucial for validation and verification purposes. In the case of lost/ stolen tickets, information like your Name/Contact No./email details are the best means of validation, especially in the case where the credit card that you use to make ticket purchase with is lost/ stolen as well. Back to Top

What is billing address?

Billing address is the address where you registered with the bank for your credit card statement. Back to Top

What is mailing address?

Mailing address is the address that you requested for your tickets to be mailed to. Back to Top

Why is billing address required?

Your billing address serves as an additional security measure for payment verification. Back to Top