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Trapped - Singapore's Best Reality Escape Room

Picture this, you're trapped in a room with your peers, and there seems to be almost no way out. Become the master at solving puzzles, discovering hidden clues, uncovering mysteries and succeeding to escape our well thought and creative concept rooms.

Can't get enough of playing online mysteries solving games? Take it to the next level and experience escape games in 5D. Trapped provides you the opportunity to put your mystery solving skills and IQ to the test in 5D experience. We've brought the online virtual escape games to reality, but with a twist. Book with us now to enjoy a mind-blowing experience.

Make sure you leave no stones unturned to escape our concept rooms!

Start Sales Date

On sale now




Approximately 1 hour

Promoter Name

Trapped in Hostel and Wonderland at 42 Kandahar Street will be closed for renovation till further notice.

Rating / Age Limit

  • Admission is subject to tickets produced at the entrance.
  • Infants in arms or children below the age of 13 must be accompanied with a guardian.
  • Children 7 years old and above must purchase ticket for admission.

- Kindly contact the organizer at enquiry@trapped.sg/ +65-6292-2177 before heading down to the shop as due to popular demand.


- Valid from Monday to Friday only, excluding public holidays.

Event Date
Valid for 60 days from date of purchase

Trapped in Escape From The Mental Ward:

Monday to Sunday: 11am to 10pm

Trapped in Escape From Pulau Tekong:

Monday to Sunday: 11am to 10pm

Trapped in The Purge Escape Room:

Monday to Sunday: 11am to 10pm

Please ensure that reservations are made prior to your visit.

Visit Trapped Escape Room website for reservations.

Ticket Pricing

Standard: S$25.90