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The Severing Sword 情断昆吾剑

A Wuxia Teochew Opera
Script: Huang Jian Feng
Composer: Wang Qing Su
Director: Goh Boon Teck (Toy Factory)
Performed by: Tan Kah Noi, Rita Lee, Lee Mooi Ching, Li Lvqiao, Wendy Lee, Anthony Tan

Nam Hwa Opera presents the world premiere of The Severing Sword, a brand-new Teochew Opera adapted from a beloved wuxia novel by Liang Yu Sheng.

Acclaimed Singaporean director Goh Boon Teck (Artistic Director, Toy Factory) brings to life playwright Huang Jin Feng’s dramatic script that is riddled with forbidden love, crippling betrayals and heart wrenching tragedy. Alongside the evocative score by celebrated Teochew Opera composer Wang Qing Su, The Severing Sword marks a new frontier in Singapore Teochew Opera with its bold innovations with the traditional artform. 

The Severing Sword is Teochew Opera like you’ve never seen before


Blinded by his ambition to become the greatest swordsman in the realm, Wu Yang accidentally pushed his pregnant wife Xue Mei into a river in the midst of a heated battle. Unknown to him, Xue Mei was rescued and raised their son Xuan Ji while harbouring a growing resentment for Wu Yang’s betrayal. 

Years later, Xue Mei sent Xuan Ji on a mission to seek revenge against Wu Yang. In the midst of his treacherous journey, Xuan Ji met with an accident but was saved by a beautiful maiden Su Su. Both Xuan Ji and Su Su fell deeply in love with one another, but little did they know that their fates were intertwined more deeply than they could have ever imagined….

导演:吴文德 (TOY 肥料厂)

南华潮剧社创排武侠潮剧《情断昆吾剑 》,由黄剑丰改编自梁羽生武侠小说。特邀新加坡著名导演吴文德(Toy 肥料厂艺术总监)制导以及作曲家王庆苏为剧情画上震撼人心的音符,共同呈献一出风格崭新的戏曲演出。

《情断昆吾剑》刻画出人性之善与恶, 恩怨情仇, 爱恨交织, 悲壮凄美的故事。这可说是"潮剧的新里程碑"。


云舞阳,为争天下第一剑称号; 不惜把身怀六甲的妻子陈雪梅推下长江。十九年后, 大难不死的陈雪梅,向儿子陈玄机提起复仇之事; 逐派他前往刺杀云舞阳。

途经贺兰山,玄机不慎, 跌入机关,后为素素所救。患难之中; 互生爱意。

月黑风高之夜, 云舞阳, 陈雪梅, 陈玄机, 云素素, 四人相遇, 痛诉多年来的仇恨积怨。云素素得知心上人,乃同父异母的兄长之后; 悲羞交织, 失意而逃, 不幸坠崖丧命。云舞阳如梦初醒, 下 跪忏悔。以昆吾剑,了结这一段恩怨情仇。

Start Sales Date

Internet :
17 Dec 2018, 9am

Other Channels :
17 Dec 2018, 10am

  • Performed in Teochew with English and Mandarin surtitles

Approximately 2 hours

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  • No admission for infants in arms and children below 5 years old
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Schools enjoy exclusive discounts! This programme is also eligible for the Tote Board Arts Grant subsidy. Please contact Nam Hwa Opera at admin@namhwaopera.com for more information.

Event Date
Fri, 15 - Sun, 17 Mar 2019


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Standard: S$50, S$30, S$20

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