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Singapore International Festival of Arts 2020
A Dream Under the Southern Bough: Existence
《南柯一梦》之辱梦 by Toy Factory Productions (Singapore)

An imaginative tour de force, A Dream Under The Southern Bough: Existence is the final installation of this fantastical tale of love and dreams by Singaporean company, Toy Factory.

Written more than 400 years ago, A Dream Under The Southern Bough is renowned Ming Dynasty writer Tang Xianzu’s play about naval officer Chun Yu Fen, who plunges into a dream world he never knew existed, after falling asleep under a bough tree.

Ambitiously adapted for the contemporary stage, A Dream Under The Southern Bough: Existence is the triumphant culmination of an epic trilogy by Singapore’s Toy Factory. Depicting an extravagant dream across two decades, reminisce on the wonders of The Beginning, and the heady beauty of Reverie, as Existence unfolds with all its bold and ambitious glory.

Chun Yu Fen is now living the perfect life in the Ant Kingdom. He excels in governing the Southern Bough and lives blissfully with his wife, the Kingdom’s princess and their children.

But trouble soon arrives in paradise, as a series of tragic events threaten to unravel everything he loves - the arrival of a romantic rival, a violent invasion, the loss of his troops in crossfire, and the death of his wife.

Disillusioned and heartbroken, Chun drowns himself in work and drunken merry-making. But his indulgences soon take their toll. As Chun neglects his official duties, much to the chagrin of the King, he finds himself banished from the Ant Kingdom.

As dream and reality collide, Chun abruptly wakes up from his twenty-year dream to discover time has barely passed. Retracing the paths he crossed decades ago, he realises dreams are but a mere reflection of reality – a broken world filled with love, sorrow and calamity.

Despite the passage of a mere few minutes, Chun realises he has spent an entire lifetime in his slumber, traversing the blurred lines between dreams and reality…










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2 Dec 2019, 9am till 25 Feb 2020


Mandarin with English surtitles


Approximately 2 hours 20 minutes
(with 20 minutes intermission)

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  • Rating: General
  • No admission for infants in arms and children below 6 years old
  • Children 6 years and above must purchase ticket for entry
  • Admission is subject to tickets produced at the entrance

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  • Patrons are advised to be seated 15 minutes before the performance start time
  • Late arrival may result in non-admittance until a suitable break in the performance

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  • No photography, video and audio recording is permitted for this event, except from curtain call

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Singapore International Festival of Arts 2020 Revisor by Kidd Pivot (Canada)
An audaciously funny piece of dance-theatre, choreographer Crystal Pite and writer Jonathon Young present a stunningly original take on Nikolai Gogol’s farcical play about deception and mistaken identity, taking apart the archetypal comic plot while unleashing the potent relationship between language and the body. Hailed for her work with Nederlands Dans Theater, Paris Opera Ballet and The Royal Ballet of London, Crystal Pite is one of the most sought-after choreographers in dance today. As the artistic director of Vancouver-based dance company Kidd Pivot, she displays her knack for combining dance, visual arts and theatre to create dazzling productions. Together with her long-time collaborator, theatre artist Jonathon Young, Pite takes audiences on an electrifying ride in this witty yet introspective adaptation of Nikolai Gogol’s comedy of errors from 1823, The Inspector General (Revizor in Russian). Revisor begins with a quirky retelling of a mediocre and vain clerk who gets mistaken for a lofty government inspector by the residents of a corrupt little town - a tragic-comic blunder that leads to the downfall of this self-preserving community. Eight Kidd Pivot dancers embody the inane characters in Gogol’s well-known satire, lip-syncing to Young’s script and a recorded dialogue by some of Canada’s finest actors. The physical comedy warps, loops and morphs with Pite’s hypnotic choreography, driven by a soundscape of text and haunting music. Set against today’s strange panorama of fake news and misinformation, Revisor reveals itself to be a strikingly timely work - a powerful narrative in movement told with panache by two of today’s most daring artists.
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Singapore International Festival of Arts 2020 The Year of No Return by The Necessary Stage (Singapore)
Rising sea levels. Melting polar ice caps. Biodiversity loss. Food shortages resulting in war, strife and refugee crises… Every day, we are inundated with dire consequences of the climate emergency.In the face of this threat to humanity, what do we do? Recycle? Switch to environmentally-friendly products? Be a vegan? Stop having children? What can we do?But, despite evidence of our rapidly changing environment, why do we have such different responses to climate change? What makes one a denialist, or compels another to commit acts of civil disobedience in the name of climate justice?What are our personal stories and struggles? Can we as individuals, and collectively, affect change? Or will politics and profit dictate the fate of this planet-our only home?A groundbreaking interdisciplinary collaboration with artists from Japan, Malaysia, The Philippines and Singapore, The Year of No Return by Singapore theatre company The Necessary Stage seeks to unravel the complications and contradictions in humanity’s responses to climate change, to question whether we live in an age of despair-or one of hope in the dark.
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Singapore International Festival of Arts 2020 OIWA - The Ghost of Yotsuya by The Finger Players (Singapore)
With an innovative ensemble of puppeteers and actors, this age-old Japanese ghost story of betrayal and revenge is magically reinvented by Singapore’s The Finger Players. Based on blood-tingling real-life events and historical figures from the Edo period, the tale of Oiwa - a jilted wife who haunts her murderer - continues to reverberate through its countless adaptations. Now, one of Singapore’s leading theatre companies The Finger Players retells this timeless tale through an innovative ensemble of puppeteers and actors. Actors simulate the movements of puppets, while shadowy puppeteers manipulate these human puppets, with techniques inspired from Japanese Bunraku - a traditional form of Japanese puppet theatre. Witness the scorned and powerful figure of Oiwa and the fearsome scavengers and peasants who commit horrific deeds around her, in this riveting tale of revenge, betrayal and heartbreak. A legend with a contemporary resonance, Oiwa - The Ghost of Yotsuya promises an enthralling performance with hauntingly beautiful moments that unfold one after another.
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Singapore International Festival of Arts 2020 Three Sisters by Nine Years Theatre & SITI Company (Singapore & USA)
The award-winning ensembles of Singapore’s Nine Years Theatre and the SITI Company of New York join hands to present this multi-lingual retelling of Anton Chekhov’s classic play Three Sisters. Three Sisters, by Russian playwright Anton Chekhov, stands as one of the most outstanding plays of his career. Olga, Masha, and Irina - the titular sisters - fritter away their lives in a provincial town, while they dream of returning to Moscow, the cosmopolitan city where they grew up. Chronicling their tangled relationships, ordinary frustrations and search for meaning, Three Sisters opens a moving window into the human condition, and reveals Chekhov’s profound understanding of universal themes. In this new rendering of this classic play, Singapore Mandarin theatre company Nine Years Theatre (NYT) joins hands with the SITI Company of New York - backed by a talented multi-lingual cast and co-directed by NYT’s Nelson Chia and SITI’s Barney O’Hanlon - to re-tell an utterly human story of survival in a changing world. Don’t miss this timeless play that reveals the absurdity, courage and tenderness of the human condition - now seen through the eyes of contrasting cultures, languages, and the actors’ powerful physicality.
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Event Date
Fri, 22 - Sun, 24 May 2020

Fri & Sat: 8pm
Sun: 3pm

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(Excludes Booking Fee)

Standard: S$58, S$38

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