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Lin Shu Rong 2018 concert
Lin Shu Rong, famous songbird of the 80s, will belt out many of her classic hits in her 2018 one night only solo concert at the Resort World Theatre Sentosa.

Lin Shu Rong rose to fame in the Taiwan music scene with her impersonation of the late singer Feng Fei Fei 风飞飞on many Taiwan TV shows. Her debut album 安娜 sold more than 10 thousand copies and is still a hit song to date. Her signature duet song无言的结局 with 李茂山 was a popular hit song in the 80s and is still sung by many people in the karaoke today. Her many signature songs include 昨夜星辰, 我怎么哭了, 一样的天空, 小贝壳之恋, 从头爱起 and more.

Circle the date in your diary and do not miss out on your chance to reminisce the songs from the late 80s Taiwan music scene.

Start Sales Date
Internet :
20 Jun 2018, 9am

Other Channels :
20 Jun 2018, 10am
Approximately 2 hours
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Rating / Age Limit
  • No admission for infants in arms and children below 6 years old
  • Children 6 years and above must purchase a ticket for entry
  • Admission is subject to tickets produced at the entrance
Photography / Video Recording Rules
  • No Photography, Video recording and Audio recording is permitted for this event
Zhu Mi Mi Comedy 2018 Concert 朱咪咪 我做晒 2018演唱会
她。。出生于马来西亚的怡保,早期就在新加坡长大70年代经常在香港的酒廊献唱,被譽为粤语小调歌后她。。进入娱乐圈也近35年头,有"奶妈专业户"称号 她。。是陀枪师姐可爱王二妹,审死官的无厘头奶妈唐伯虎点秋香中的搞笑的唐母,逃学威龙3日本管家此后成了周星驰电影御用配角,其搞笑形象深入民心她。。加入无线电视台近20年,演过近50部电视剧将小人物的角色演绎淋漓尽致,给人留下极深刻印象在欢乐今宵节目模仿了徐小凤,惟妙惟肖而轰动一时有她的地方总是充满欢乐笑声,她就是。。 朱咪咪2018 年10月6日星期六8点,在新加坡的名胜世界会演唱多首粤语中外流行歌曲,配上个性的搞笑功力這一场充满欢乐爆笑美妙声歌,肯定会让大家乐开怀朱咪咪"我做晒"2018演唱会,一定要来看不能错过。
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Chinese Hokkien Double Kings and Queens 华语福建双王双后演唱会
Chinese Hokkien Double Kings and Queens brings together Malaysian singer Hou Mei Yi 侯美仪, Xiao Hei小黑, Xie Cai Yun谢采妘 and Taiwanese singer Huang Zhong Kun黄仲崑as they belt out their hit songs to woo the audiences at Resorts World Theatre Sentosa. Hou Mei Yi, best known to many Malaysians and Singaporeans for her signature song 兴旺发written by the late Malaysian composer 范俊福. She had released more than 20 albums with hit songs such as 阿花, 小雨伞, 行情歹, 冻袜条and more. Xiao Hei, Hokkien-speaking Indian singer, known to many in the Singapore-Malaysia Hokkien community for his signature song好势了. He started his singing career back in the 90s and had released more than 20 albums mostly Hokkien and Mandarin with hit songs such as 咱是好兄弟, 一人一半感情袂散, 拼出一片天, 一定有希望and more. Xie Cai Yun, veteran singer, had released more than 80 albums, started her singing career back in the 80s. Known for her sweet vocal that resembles the late Teresa Teng and was awarded the title Little Teresa Teng 小邓丽君. She is a very versatile singer who is able to sing a wide range of songs such as 三十年代名曲- 桃李争春, 雪里红, 民歌小调- 初一到十五, 知道不知道, 怀旧经典情歌- 梦难忘, 落花流水 and more. Huang Zhong Kun, singer-songwriter-actor, released his debut album 记得我in 1982 and was a big hit then. He had released more than 10 albums with hit songs such as 无人的海边, 你说过, 牵挂, 有多少爱可以重来and more. Circle the date in your calendar and get ready to be up close and personal with these singers.
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Johnny Ip Glorious 50 Concert 叶振棠 迈向50年演唱会
叶振棠, 香港流行乐坛殿堂级歌手, 人称棠哥, 纵横歌坛近50年。1970年他担任 "马正棠" 乐队的主音歌手,歌路以通俗的题材为主,但发展并不理想。直到1980年,他首次为电视剧《浮生六劫》唱主题曲后就开始为丽的及无线电视剧唱主题曲, 其中就包括 "大侠霍元甲", "大内群英", "戏班小子","苏乞儿", "太极张三丰", "飞越十八层", "笑傲江湖", "游侠张三丰", "我来自广州", "变色龙", "成吉思汗" 等。因此大家都形容叶振棠是香港主唱最多电视剧主题曲的歌手。他在唱功方面,一向以运用 "假音" 的技巧而闻名,而在歌路上,他擅长沧桑和悲凉的演绎,其中的成名代表歌曲就有"笛子姑娘","忘尽心中情", "胜利双手创", "大地恩情", "神探霹雳", "天蚕变", "难为正邪定分界", "戏剧人生", "大丈夫", "醉红尘", "缘分是天意" 等等。 2018 年 8 月26日, 叶振棠将以靓声好歌为观众朋友带来一场听觉上的音乐盛宴, 也陪伴大家渡过一个温馨难忘的夜晚。
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Event Date
Sat, 3 Nov 2018 8pm
Ticket Pricing
(Excludes Booking Fee)
Standard: S$168, S$148, S$128, S$108, S$88, S$58
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