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Christmas Peace The Music of Sylvain Guinet

Sylvain Guinet is a French composer born in 1978 in Mâcon, France.

As a child, he studied piano and electronic organ for several years, while participating in several European competitions. It is, however, with composition that he finds a way to express himself fully, develop his style, and pursue his vocation.

Nowadays, his scores are played worldwide by amateurs and professional piano players whose passion resonate with Sylvain's music. His scores create worlds of romance, dreams and wonder, and open pathways to contemplation and meditation.

"Inspiration" is the foundation of his writing.

"Inspiration" is the foundation of his writing. As many composers, Sylvain writes music only when he feels "inspired", what he calls "writing from the heart", as opposed to writing music solely based on the rules of solfge, "writing with the brain".

Sylvain spent many years trying to define precisely what "inspiration" is, how it rises and fades away, and how it can explain, for example, why one piece may be written in just one day while another may require more effort while both are technically similar.

Whatever the artistic field we are in, inspiration is a "connection to oneself", an alignment. It may sound easy to grasp and yet it is so difficult to identify and reach. One needs to learn how to feel all those moments where one is authentic, where one is oneself, without asking questions. One needs to learn how to let the mind and emotions go to reach full awareness, and concentrate on the essential: to live fully "the present moment".

When we are finally connected, inspiration comes from the deepest parts of oneself, everything seems clear, easy and wonderful. This state is the amazing result of an "unconscious meditation".

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2 Aug 2019, 9am

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2 Aug 2019, 10am




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Rosabel Music

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Sun, 24 Nov 2019


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