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Singapore Mental Health Film Festival 2020

The Singapore Mental Health Film Festival returns February 27 — March 1 at National Gallery Singapore! 

Through 13 Films, 8 Panels and 9 Workshops, SMHFF is working towards towards increasing awareness of the complexity of mental illnesses, building safe and inclusive environments for those impacted by mental health concerns, and affecting change on a social and national level.

Mental Health – a topic with so much stigma surrounding it, a topic taboo in conversation; yet a topic so important. In the same way we go to extreme measures to take care of our physical health, the same care should be shown to our mental health.

We invite you to join us in challenging the stigma of mental health, and work towards a more compassionate Singapore. 

1) Each film is paired with a panel topic. "Freedom Writers" will be screened twice, with two different panel topics. 
2) Not all feature films are paired with a short film (visit smhff.com for more details on the pairings)
3) Workshop tickets are sold separately
4) Each film is paired with a book, which is available for purchase. If you choose to purchase a film ticket and book pairing, collection of books will be on site during the festival.

Feature Films

  • Freedom Writers (Opening + Second screening available) 
  • Min Lilla Syster / My Skinny Sister
  • Happiness / 幸運是我
  • Little Tickles / Les Chatouilles
  • Land of Not Knowing
  • Guang
  • Beautiful Boy (Closing film) 

Short Films

  • SMHFF Short Film Youth Competition Winner + 1st Runner Up
  • Skógafoss
  • Kaeru
  • We Are All Here
  • Little Stars


  • How does the stigma of mental health perpetuate in society?
  • How eating disorder affects an individual and his/her family
  • Creating a dementia-friendly society: Whose responsibility is it?
  • Getting creative for mental well-being
  • What happens when childhood trauma isn’t addressed early? 
  • Suicide: Can talk or not?
  • Autistic' vs. 'with autism': does language matter?
  • How addiction isn't just an individual's journey


  • Playfulness for Our Wellbeing
  • Percussive Pulse
  • Calmness with Clay
  • Bodily Connection
  • Reset and Refresh
  • Insights
  • Taking Action Towards Personal Wellness
  • Yin Yoga with Sound Healing
  • RAW: Relating Authentic World Connect beyond Small Talk


  • This Is What Inequality Looks Like
  • A Place For Us
  • Ordinary Stories in an Extraordinary World
  • Children of Las Vegas
  • Growing Up Perempuan
  • Loss Adjustment
  • Body Boundaries

For details on each book, see http://bit.ly/ethosbooks-smhff2020

Start Sales Date

6 Jan 2020, 9am

Other Channels:
6 Jan 2020, 10am

Promoter Name

Age Limit

  • All patrons, regardless of age, must purchase a ticket for admission.


Feb 27:

Freedom Writers - Rating TBA

Feb 28:

My Skinny Sister - PG 13

Feb 29:

Happiness - N16

Freedom Writers - PG 13

Little Tickles - M18

Mar 1:

Land of Not Knowing - N16

Guang - NC16

Beautiful Boy - M18

Photography / Video Recording Rules

  • Photography, Video Recording and Audio Recording are strictly prohibited for films except workshops and panels (unless stated).

Through All SISTIC Channels

S$85 for Let's Talk About Mental Health Package (Purchase 5 film tickets of a single screening)
[Applicable from 6 Jan 2020 onwards]

Through SISTIC authorised agents, hotline and Internet
for Festival Package (Purchase 3 different film tickets)
[Applicable from 6 Jan 2020 onwards]

Through SISTIC authorised agents and hotline
10% Discount for Friends and Family Package (Purchase 15 and above film tickets of a screening)
[Applicable from 6 Jan 2020 onwards]


Official Website: www.smhff.com

Questions: ticketing@thebreathemovement.org



SMHFF is committed to providing an open and safe space where we welcome people of all backgrounds and abilities to participate in empowering, non-judgemental and non-threatening discussions. This also means that we commit to respecting the privacy of others by maintaining confidentiality and allowing others to speak for themselves.



Regardless of your situation - no matter how big or small, please know that there are professionals who will be able to help and support you.


A listening ear is a phone call away: SMHFF's list of mental health helplines: http://smhff.com/helplines



The contents of the Singapore Mental Health Film Festival (“SMHFF”), such as film, panel discussions, workshops, and other material from the festival (“content”) are for informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your mental health professional or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding your condition. Never disregard professional advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have seen, heard or read, during the festival.


SMHFF does not recommend or endorse any clinicians, counselors, psychiatrists, social workers, physicians, products, procedures, opinions, or other information that may be mentioned during the festival.


All purchased film tickets cannot be cancelled or refunded under any circumstances.


SMHFF reserves the right to verify the age of and deny any patron who does not meet the minimum qualifying age based on the relevant rating of that film. No refunds for purchased tickets will be made in such cases.


By purchasing a ticket to SMHFF, you are accepting this disclaimer.



SMHFF is crafted by The Breathe Movement – a social enterprise that utilises the philosophies of yoga to enable individuals to reconnect to themselves.


Event Date
Thu, 27 Feb - Sun, 1 Mar 2020
Ticket Pricing
(Excludes Booking Fee)

Standard Film: S$18

Workshop: Playfulness for Our Wellbeing – S$25

Workshop: Percussive Pulse – S$18

Workshop: Calmness with Clay – S$20

Workshop: Bodily Connections – S$25

Workshop: Reset and Refresh -S$15

Workshop: Insights – S$25

Workshop: Taking Action towards Personal Wellness – S$18

Workshop: Yin Yoga with Sound Healing – S$20

Workshop: RAW: Relating Authentic World Connect beyond Small Talk - S$25

(This is a Free Seating event)