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Jordan Chan Stop Angry Tour In Singapore
陈小春 Stop Angry 巡回演唱会新加坡站
早在2016年,陈小春的音乐作品《主题曲》中就曾收录儿子Jasper的声音。而阔别多年的陈小春再次举办全新个人巡演,又以儿子的喊话"Stop Angry"为题,就连演唱会的海报设计也参考了Jasper在学校的手绘图画。他将这些小图画制作成时下颇受小朋友们欢迎的纹身贴纸贴在了自己的脸上来进行海报的拍摄,这无疑体现了陈小春对儿子Jasper的爱,他用自己的这些作品记录下儿子的成长。

这次巡演的主题"Stop Angry"灵感除了来自儿子Jasper的喊话外,也是陈小春的自省。现代人常常由于生活的种种压力而影响到自己情绪,陈小春也不例外。他希望借由这个概念来鼓励大家能够更多正面的能量去看待世界的一切事情,"我们都应该息怒"。

Jordan Chan has long believed in showing his love for his son, Jasper through his works. In 2016, he featured Jasper's voice in his hit song: 'Theme Song'. This year, he once again takes inspiration from his son, making Jasper's famous quote "STOP ANGRY" the theme for his new solo tour. The concert poster design also takes reference from Jasper's drawings, which were also made into little sticker tattoos which Jordan wore on his face during the photo shoot.

This concert is also a self-reflection. These days, people are often emotionally affected by the various pressures of life. He hopes that this concert will encourage his fans to have a positive view of the world: "We must all stop being angry".

It is reported that the concert stage will be mainly designed with the concept of a "modern city". On stage, Jordan will be like a friend passing by you, tirelessly telling you his story. During this concert, Jordan promises to give his best in each and every song, striving to wow his fans with his powerful performance. Come and witness his talent as he gives his best performance yet!
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22 Mar 2019, 6pm
  • Mandarin
  • Cantonese
Approximately 110 minutes
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Sat, 11 May 2019 8pm
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Standard: S$188, S$158, S$128, S$108, S$88
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