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My Reflections - Jiang Hu concert 我的回首 - 姜鄠个人演唱会


他唱过的电视剧主题插曲包括1988边缘少年,插曲- 容许我,相信我 ,1989 摩登俏冤家 - 主题曲 – 爱恨一箩筐,插曲 - 请你不要再等待,1989 铁警雄风 - 主题曲 - 风中傲骨,插曲 - 在乎与不在乎之间,1990壮志豪情,插曲 – 赤道雄心等等。

他也是早期被国际唱片公司签约的新谣歌手之一,他从1985-1991 共出了九张专辑 (其中一张是新加坡电视剧主题曲和插曲的新歌+精选专辑)。 1991出版了一张 "下午茶的约会" 专辑后便淡出娱乐圈。他也曾在一张台湾群星合辑"永远的朋友"中与台湾女歌手张淘淘合唱"在乎与不在乎之间"。

2018年7月, 姜鄠将在他的 "我的回首" 首次个人演唱会中呈现多首成名曲,如感情好累,就让历史重演,堆积情感,我的回首, 分手的理由, 爱的狂想曲,日子是一条蓝色的牛仔裤,親親,出现。。离开等,期待与大家共度一个难忘温馨的夜晚。
Jiang Hu, iconic Xin Yao singer, possess a very soothing and unique soft vocal that matches perfectly with renowned songs that he sang back in the late 80s. His rendition of the love ballad Love's Refuge 恋之憩 penned by singer-song writer Liang Wen Fu 梁文福 dominated the local radio chart for 29 consecutive weeks. Another of his signature song Not That I'm Unwilling 不是不愿意 written by singer-song writer Li Fei Hui 黎沸挥 stayed on the radio chart for 12 weeks.

He is also known to have sung many local TV drama series theme and sub theme songs such as the 1988 On the Fringe 边缘少年, 容许我相信,1989 My Sweet Rival 摩登俏冤家 - 爱恨一箩筐, 请你不要再等待, 1989 Patrol 铁警雄风 - 风中傲骨, 在乎与不在乎之间 duet he did with 曾庆龄, 1990 Navy 壮志豪情, 赤道雄心 and more.

Jiang Hu is also one of the early Xin Yao singers who was signed to an international record company and released albums with hit songs such as 感情好累, 就让历史重演, 堆积情感, 我的回首, 分手的理由, 爱的狂想曲, 親親, 出现 离开 and more.

Circle the date on your calendar and get up close and personal with him in his first ever solo concert at the Resorts World Theatre as he will belt out all his hit songs that will take you down memory lane.
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30 Jan 2018, 9am

Other Channels :
30 Jan 2018, 10am

Approximately 2 hours
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  • No admission for infants in arms and children below 6 years old
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  • No Flash Photography, Video recording and Audio recording is permitted for this event
Yu Tian ~ King of Songs 2018 Concert 余天 ~ 歌王之王2018演唱会
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You Ya and Lee Mao Shan Mother’s Day Concert 尤雅 。李茂山 母亲节妈妈感谢您演唱会
Reminisce the late 80s Taiwanese music scene this Mother's Day with Lee Mao Shan 李茂山 and You Ya 尤雅 as they join hands together to belt out all their hit songs for the first time at the Resorts World Ballroom for a one night only concert. Lee Mao Shan started his singing career in 1979 after emerging as the champion in a singing competition. His popularity grew in Malaysia and Singapore in 1984 with his debut album 你要相信我 selling more than 5 thousand copies. His hit songs such as 迟来的爱, 梦寐以求, 我的眼睛在下雨, 生日快乐, 深深的爱 and more had been well-liked by his listeners around the world. You Ya, known to many as the favorite student of multi-talented popular song-writer Liu Jia Chang刘家昌 who had written many popular songs for her such as 往事只能回味, 我找到自己, 在雨中, 梅花, 只要为你活一天 and more. You Ya never fail to wow her audiences with her wide repertoire of songs such as心有千千结, 烟水寒, 彩云飞, 初航, 等无人 and more. Circle the date in your diary and do not miss out on your chance to get close and personal with the both talented Taiwan singers.
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Event Date
Sat, 28 Jul 2018 8pm
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Standard: S$148, S$128, S$108, S$88, S$68, S$48
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