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巫启贤 ~活该我们在一起演唱会
Eric Moo ~ We are Destined to be Together Concert

Eric Moo, singer-songwriter-record producer, will return to Singapore in 2020 with his brand new Tour Live concert.

In 1985, Moo released his first album心情 in Singapore which became an instant hit and went onto Singapore music charts. Three years later, he released his album你是我的唯一in Taiwan and became a hit not only in Taiwan but in Singapore and Malaysia too. In 1994, Moo launched the iconic album太傻, which became a major hit across Asia. It was a critical and commercial success and Moo became the first Asian artiste to be awarded the Excellent Artistic Music Award by the American Billboard.

Moo, known for his romantic ballads 爱那么重, 伤心的人更伤心, 红尘来去一场梦, 爱情傀儡, 等你等到我心痛, 遗忘过去, 那一段日子, 想着你的感觉and more. To date, he has released more than 40 albums and performed in over 40 concerts all over the world.

Close to 30 years in the music business Moo keeps marks a remarkable result in his career, from a singer to a host and as a resident judge on several high-profile Chinese singing competition TV shows in China, making an impact and stirring up fresh controversy with his trademark acerbic comments. 

Mark your calendar for an up close and personal date with Eric Moo where he will be performing his classic signature hits together with his strong team of talented musicians.

2020 年,亚洲歌坛实力天王巫启贤开启他的全新巡回演出来到新加坡,希望能用自己的“巫式情歌”让歌迷朋友享受一场你们爱听的歌的演唱会。

出道 32 年的巫启贤不断地缔造华语乐坛情歌神话,从歌手,主持,评委,喜剧演员再到回归舞台,音乐一直是他生活和工作的核心。他于1985 年发行首张专辑“心情”出道; 1988 年首次在台湾发行专辑“你是我的唯一”,进入台湾音乐界; 1994 年发行专辑“太傻”,专辑同名主打曲迅速红遍亚洲; 1996 年发行专辑“我感觉不到你”, 获得第 8 届台湾金曲奖世界华人作品奖最佳男演唱人奖。

巫启贤有很多成名经典情歌如《爱那么重》,《伤心的人更伤心》,《爱情傀儡》,《等你等到我心痛》,《遗忘过去》,《那一段日子》,《想着你的感觉》等等。 他将用歌声带领歌迷重, 用 30 几年的经典唱出一辈子的动人故事,

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4 Dec 2019, 10am

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7 Dec 2019, 9am

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7 Dec 2019, 10am


Approximately 2 hours

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Sat, 4 Apr 2020


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