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Two romeos bend the truth to spice up their love lives. Jack has invented a brother, Ernest, whom he uses to escape his dull country life and to woo the ravishing Gwendolyn. His best friend, Algernon, also decides to take the name ‘Ernest’ to cosy up to Jack’s beautiful ward, Cecily, in the country. But things spin hilariously out of control when their deceptions are discovered, threatening to spoil their romantic pursuits.

Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest is one of the world’s most popular comedies, boasting some of the funniest lines in the English language. In WILD RICE’s award-winning production, celebrated theatre and film director Glen Goei puts a joyous spin on this comic masterpiece by casting an all-male ensemble – revealing fresh insights into this classic tale about courtship, hidden identities and the foibles of high society.

With a sensational international cast, dressed to the nines by renowned fashion doyen Frederick Lee and accompanied live by The Concordia Quartet, The Importance of Being Earnest promises to lift your spirits with an evening of sparkling wit, laughter and love.

“WILD RICE has grasped The Importance of Being Earnest with both hands, and performed it at its extravagant best.” – Limelight Magazine, Australia

“Strong camaraderie onstage with a peculiarly powerful mix of testosterone and coquettish teasing…” – The Straits Times

“Visually ravishing and extremely compelling” – The Business Times

Starring Brendon Fernandez, Chua Enlai, Crispian Chan, Daniel York, Gavin Yap, Hossan Leong, Ivan Heng & Lim Kay Siu

Start Sales Date

Priority Sales  (WILD RICE Angels)
4 Nov 2019, 9am - 10 Nov 2019, 11.59pm

Other Channels:
4 Nov 2019, 10am - 10 Nov 2019, 11.59pm

Early Bird Sales (WILD RICE Angels & General Public)
11 Nov 2019, 12am - 4 Dec 2019, 11.59pm

Other Channels:
11 Nov 2019, 10am - 4 Dec 2019, 11.59pm

Public Sales:
5 Dec 2019, 12am

Other Channels:
5 Dec 2019, 10am



Approximately 2 hours
with a 20-minute interval

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Rating / Age Limit

  • Consumer Advisory: Advisory (All Male Cast)
  • No admission for patrons below 3 years old.
  • Patrons 3 years and above must purchase ticket for entry.
  • Admission is subject to tickets produced at the entrance.

Late Seating Advisory:

  • Please be seated 15 minutes before the performance start time.
  • There will be no admission into the venue once the performance has commenced.
  • Admission may only be permitted during a suitable pause, depending on the nature of the performance.

Photography / Video Recording Rules

  • No Photography, Video recording and Audio recording is permitted for this event

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In a comfortable middle-class home, a family sits down to a celebratory dinner. But their evening is cut short by the unexpected arrival of an Inspector. He brings news of the tragic death of a young woman. As the Inspector investigates, tensions escalate – threatening to shatter the very foundations on which entire lives and identities are built. What crime has been committed here? Who is guilty? And who isn’t?Written with startling prescience by J.B. Priestley in 1945, An Inspector Calls is more relevant than ever today. A riveting clash of murder and morality, class and conscience, Priestley’s classic play asks its characters – and today’s audiences – to take a good, hard look at the troubling disparities in the world brought about by power, privilege and poverty.Join WILD RICE for this spectacular production of An Inspector Calls, which has been daringly reimagined by director Glen Goei and his top-notch creative team. What more is there to this play’s characters than meets the eye?“Agatha Christie meets The Twilight Zone” - Entertainment Weekly“This play should be compulsory for theatre-lovers” - British Theatre GuideStarring Benjamin Chow, Gavin Yap, Ghafir Akbar, Lim Kay Siu, Serene Cheng & Shu Yi Ching
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A hotel in Singapore is opened at the turn of the century, when the island is still a jewel in the British Empire. Each day, new faces appear and swiftly disappear – guests and staff alike. Every ten years, we check in to meet its residents: Cantonese nannies, Malay film stars, Japanese soldiers, transsexual sex workers, wedding guests, suspected terrorists. They live out the pivotal moments in their personal lives as empires die and new ones are born from their ashes.Even though the chambermaids clean up after them, readying the room for the next guests, traces of the past persist, and time reveals its cyclical nature. Ghosts communicate with the living, doubles are separated by decades, and a single moment of decision haunts the generations that come after.Spanning a century, and performed over five hours in nine languages, HOTEL is a multi-generational epic that explores the notions of nationhood, migration and identity against the backdrop of a shrinking world.“Impressively written and presented, HOTEL does not let up until checkout.” – The Australian“A five-star experience!” – The Straits Times“Exceptionally fearless and outstandingly original, Wild Rice’s Hotel will unquestionably go down in history as a Singapore theatre classic.” – PopspokenStarring Brendon Fernandez, Daniel Jenkins, Dwayne Lau, Ghafir Akbar, Gloria Ang, Ivan Heng, Jo Kukathas, Julie Wee, Lee Chee Keng, Lina Yu, Moo Siew Keh, Pam Oei, Sharda Harrison & Siti Khalijah Zainal
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In a Singapore where dialects have been losing relevance for generations, Grandmother Tongue traces a young man’s struggle to connect with his 84-year-old Teochew-speaking grandmother. He teaches her to use a mobile phone. He helps her buy her favourite brand of soya sauce. He visits her in hospital after a fall. Along the way, he begins to understand just what it means to spend decades in linguistic and cultural exile. Back by popular demand after two sell-out runs, Thomas Lim’s funny, insightful play examines the social costs of our mother-tongue language policy and the erasure of dialects in today’s Singapore. In ways both humorous and heartbreaking, Grandmother Tongue explores how our identities are bound up with the languages that we use and the ones that we lose.“Powerful…Brilliant…Superb!” – The Straits Times“A play which does more showing than telling – but speaks volumes nonetheless." – The Business Times“Boldly done in multiple languages, including dialects, Grandmother Tongue will have a soft spot in our hearts for a long time to come. – PopspokenStarring Jalyn Han, Rei Poh & Tan Shou Chen
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Event Date
Fri, 7 Feb - Sun, 8 Mar 2020

Tue - Fri: 7.30pm
Sat: 2.30pm & 7.30pm
Sun: 2.30pm

Ticket Pricing
(Excludes Booking Fee)

S$70, S$60, S$45, S$35 (Preview Show 7 Feb, 7.30pm)
S$80, S$65, S$50, S$40 (Tue-Thu, 7.30pm)
S$90, S$75, S$55, S$45 (Fri-Sat, 7.30pm & Sat-Sun, 2.30pm)

Seating Plan