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Philharmonic Youth Winds Presents Classiques! Yuletide


  With Heart and Voice
  Finis (World Premiere)
  Spotlights for Saxophone Quartet and Concert Band
  La Passió de Crist

Christmas. To many of us, it is the time of the year when families and friends get together to celebrate the festive season. However, for our Christian friends around the world, Christmas means a lot more. Classiques! Yuletide sets out to tell the stories that make up a Christian Christmas through a carefully curated programme.

David Gillingham’s With Heart and Voice, a staple piece in the symphonic band repertoire is based on an old Spanish hymn “Come, Christians, Join to Sing.” Through this hymn, Christians sing praises to Jesus Christ for the hope and joy that they have been blessed with.

While Christmas celebrates hope and joy, the Christian story is incomplete without sufferings, just as how Jesus Christ was betrayed and suffered on the cross for people’s sins. Through his new work – Finis, Composer Terrence Wong seeks to explore the epitome of human suffering from the Christian point of view.

In celebration of the festive season, Phil Youth’s own Saxophone Quartet will be presenting Spotlights by Thomas Doss, a virtuosic, exciting piece with an added funk that features every member of the Saxophone family.

The highlight of the concert will be Ferrer Ferran’s La Passió de Crist, illustrating the life of Jesus Christ through three movements:

I. Birth. Slaughter of the Innocent. Baptism.
II. The Three Temptations.
III. Arrival at the Temple. The Last Supper. Arrest. Crucifixion. Hope.

The Passion of Christ will be accompanied by a live narration to bring a deeper musical experience of the Christian story.

Join us on 23rd December 2018, at the Esplanade Concert Hall. Celebrate an early Christmas with the Philharmonic Youth Winds!

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23 Nov 2018, 9am

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23 Nov 2018, 10am


Approximately 2 Hours
(1 Interval, 20 Minutes)

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S$15 for Philharmonic Youth Winds
[Applicable from 23 Nov 2018 onwards]
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Event Date
Sun, 23 Dec 2018


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(Excludes Booking Fee)

Standard: S$25
Esplanade Box: S$25
Premier Box: S$25
Restricted View: S$25

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