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Traditional Flute Festival 2018 - Ocarina Painting & Music Workshop

Join us in a three-hour workshop where you learn to play the ocarina in the time it takes you to watch a movie! With step-by-step guidance from experienced instructors and easy-to-understand materials, you will learn to play simple classic tunes in no time. As an added bonus, participants get to visit the Trade Gallery of the Asian Civilisation Museum for inspiration before painting their own ocarinas and bringing the instruments home.

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Early Bird Sales
6 July 2018, 9am - 21 July 2018, 12am

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6 July 2018, 10am - 20 July 2018, 8pm

Public Sales
21 July 2018, 12am

Other Channels:
21 July 2018, 10am




Approximately 3 hours

Promoter Name
Singapore Dizi Society

Rating/Age Limit

  • Admission is subject to tickets produced at the entrance.
  • Infants in arms or children below the age of 4 shall not be admitted.
  • Children 4 years and above must purchase ticket for admission.

Photography/Video Recording Rules

  • No Videography is allowed for this event.
  • Please note that photographs and videos of patrons may be taken at this event for use in our archival and publicity material.

Through all SISTIC Channels
25% Discount for Early Bird
[Valid from 6 July to 20 July 2018]
[Not applicable to VIP Tickets]

20% Discount for Student (Local/Overseas) / Senior Citizen (aged 55 & above) / NSF
[Valid from 21 July 2018 onwards]
[Not applicable to VIP Tickets]
[Verification: Present valid ID / Student Pass / SAF 11B (Military IC)]
[Please note that random checks on concession tickets will be conducted at the point of entry]
[Patrons unable to present proof of eligibility are required to upgrade their concession tickets to full price tickets]

20% Discount for Workshops
[Valid from 6 July 2018 onwards]
[Verification: Quote valid passcode upon purchase of tickets]

S$45 for Ocarina Special
[Bundle Price for entry to Ocarina Painting & Music Workshop + Singapore Ocarina Society Inaugural Concert: Songs of Time]
[Valid from 6 July 2018 onwards]

Through SISTIC Authorised Agents & Hotline only
30% Discount for Group Booking (min 15 tickets)
[Valid from 6 July 2018 onwards]
[Not applicable to VIP Tickets]

Traditional Flute Festival 2018 - Lecture Recital: Vietnam
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Traditional Flute Festival 2018 - Sounds of Khlui: Masterclass with Thanis Sriklindee
Nicknamed "Khlui Martial Artist" for his mastery in the instrument, Thanis Sriklindee is a professional khlui player, multi-instrumentalist, record producer and composer from Thailand. After receiving his bachelor's degree in Musicology from Srinakharinwirot University, Thanis Sriklindee went on to be a music instructor in various schools and colleges, including the Chandrakasem Teachers College and Chulalongkorn University for about ten years. He first gained recognition playing the khlui as a backup musician for the "Made In Thailand" album of the band Carabao. Since then, he had been the backup musician and record producer for several Luk Thung vocalists and his khlui playing had been heard and loved throughout Thailand. In 2016, Thanis Sriklindee was the first Thai flute player to be conferred the prestigious status of Thai National Artist of Performing Art by the Ministry of Culture in 2016. In this masterclass, we will explore the unifying force of Thanis Sriklindee's flute music and its ability to resonate with the commonfolk of Thailand, and the significance of the khlui flute in Thai culture. Participants will also be able to have a hands-on experience with the khlui flute during the class.
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Traditional Flute Festival 2018 - Closing Concert: Wings of Resonance
“Wings of Resonance”, the closing concert of the Traditional Flute Festival 2018 features a stellar ensemble of leading traditional musicians from the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Korea and Japan. Boasting a repertoire of traditional flute classics from the diverse cultures of Asia, we follow the metaphorical trail of a little bird, symbolised by the music of a flute, as he flies all over the land in search of his own identity. Along the way, he crosses paths with his fellow feathered counterparts: an eagle, a pong’kle, a cuckoo, a peacock and a crane. In each of them the little bird sees an embodiment of qualities he aspires towards, including courage, freedom, divinity, beauty and longevity. As his journey draws to a close, the little bird realises that he has learnt something from every one of them that brings him closer to self-revelation. Will the little bird discover who he really is and figure out where he should go from there?
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Singapore Ocarina Society Inaugural Concert: Songs of Time
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Traditional Flute Festival 2018 - Flute Improvisation Workshop
Drawing inspiration from a plethora of folk music traditions across Southeast Asia, the Flute Improvisation Workshop sees musicians using these musical techniques and melodic frameworks as their palette of colours to paint a stimulating musical canvas of the ASEAN identity. Open to amateur and professional flutists alike, the workshop will have participants exploring the features of these traditional arrangements and fusing them into a multi-layered performance piece that bring out the best of ASEAN culture. Guest flutists who are experts in improvisation will also share their insights on the ways to transform imagery in our minds into powerful musical pieces.
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Traditional Flute Festival 2018 - Beauty of Tozan Ryu: Master Class with Kawamura Kizan
A Tozan School shihan, Kizan Kawamura studied the shakuhachi with his father, Taizan Kawamura, and received his master licenses jun-shihan and shihan with honours from the Tozan Gakkai School of Shakuhachi. He has received numerous accolades and awards for his mastery of the shakuhachi, including the Grand Prize at the 15th Kumamoto All-Japan Traditional Music Competition, the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Promotional Prize, the Sōke [head of school] Cup, and the Nikkei Newspaper Cup in both the 36th (2010) and 38th (2012) Tozan School All-Japan Honkyoku Competitions. Presently based in Tokyo, Kizan Kawamura teaches and performs at schools and culture centres to promote shakuhachi music to a broader public. During the masterclass, he will shed light on the rich history of Tozan Ryu School and its relationship with shakuhachi flute music, the intricacies of shakuhachi compositions and more.
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Traditional Flute Festival 2018 - Opening Concert: Bamboo Rhapsodies
The Singapore Dizi Society proudly presents Bamboo Rhapsodies 《竹韵》, the opening concert of the Traditional Flute Festival 2018, featuring an impressive line-up of world-class flute maestros from China, Japan, Thailand and Singapore on a single stage: Professor Zhan Yong Ming (China), world-renowned dizi performer and educator; Mr Kawamura Kzan (Japan), Tozan Ryu Grandmaster; Mr Tanis Sriglindee (Thailand), Thai national artist; Mr Ghanavenothan (Singapore), Singapore Youth Artist Award recipient. "Bamboo Rhapsodies" takes us on an exploratory journey across Asia to examine the nuances of traditional flute music and its linkage to each country's age-old heritage and culture. Prepare to be spell-bound by the technical prowess and musical flair of giants in the traditional music scene as the dulcet tones of the flute transport us back to centuries ago, where it all began.
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Traditional Flute Festival 2018 - Twilight Tunes
Kick back with us on a Saturday night as renowned shinobue player Yasukazu Kano and popular khlui flutist Surasak Kingsai put a fresh spin to all-time favourite hits and jazz classics such as Moon River, Amazing Grace, Somewhere Over the Rainbow and throw out everything you thought you knew about traditional flute music.
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Traditional Flute Festival 2018 - Lecture Recital: Korea
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Traditional Flute Festival 2018 - Dizi Legends: Masterclass with Professor Zhan Yong Ming
Renowned dizi performer and educator, Professor Zhan Yong Ming is one of the most prominent and influential disciples of Zhao Song Ting, grandmaster of legendary status in the world of dizi. Currently a Professor, Masters’ Tutor and Department Director at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Professor Zhan has won numerous awards over the years in domestic and international competitions, as well as performed and lectured in over 20 countries worldwide, including Asia, Africa, Europe and America. During the masterclass, he will expound on and perform several of his most representative works which have become well known classics in the dizi world, including Listening to the Spring, Broken Bridge Meet, Spring on West Lake, Ballad of Lan Hua Hua and more. Topics lectured will include various techniques used in these compositions, stylistic differences and other distinctive features of his music. The masterclass will be conducted in Mandarin Chinese and translation will be made available.
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Event Date
Fri, 10 - Sun, 12 Aug 2018

Fri: 1pm
Sun: 10.30am

Ticket Pricing
(Excludes Booking Fee)

Standard: S$38
(Free Seating)