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Singapore Writers Festival 2018
WORKSHOP How to Create Compelling Characters for Young Adult Fiction by Kass Morgan

How do you create vivid characters who speak to teen readers? Examine character drives and emotional arcs with Kass Morgan, book editor and acclaimed author of the bestselling YA series, The 100. There will be exercises designed to help you sharpen the characterisation.

This workshop is suitable for emerging writers.

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4 Sept 2018, 9am - 30 Sept 2018, 11:59pm

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4 Sept 2018, 10am - 30 Sept 2018, 8pm

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1 Oct 2018, 12am

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1 Oct 2018, 10am

  • English

Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes

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Singapore Writers Festival 2018 MASTERCLASS TALK Creating Believable Dialogue in Fiction by Irvine Welsh
Known as the “voice of punk”, Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh is lauded for creating instantly memorable and gritty dialogue, especially in evincing individual slang for characters. In this masterclass talk, he will share the tips on semantics and syntax in helping one create distinct personalities.This workshop is recommended for adults aged 18 and above.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2018 Festival Pass
Singapore Writers Festival returns from 2 to 11 Nov 2018 with the theme 界 (jiè). In its widest manifestation, the Chinese character refers to the world at large, the universe which we all live in. It also alludes to endless worlds, ranging from an imagined dominion of one’s mind to geographical and man-made boundaries which separate nations and peoples. Join us as we revel in the realm of imagination, and explore the multiple possibilities of reading, writing and living.Get your Festival pass today to enjoy more than 100 sessions with your favourite authors. 
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Singapore Writers Festival 2018 Between Heaven and Earth: Four Monodramas
Between Earth and Heaven is a series of four, original monodramas in multiple tongues that locate the theatre of Life and Being in several realms: terrestrial and metaphysical, interior and exterior, personal and public, moral and amoral. Interwoven from a range of cultures and theatre traditions, these works attempt to shine a light on the most elusive of our qualities, “humanity”, which should underpin human life in all realms. The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion about the meaning and relevance of intercultural theatre, led by the Director of ITI, T. Sasitharan. Strong language and mature themes.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2018 SWF STAGE Malam Sastera V: Kelkatu's Words — An Exploration of Art Malam Sastera V: Kekata Kelkatu — Satu Kembara Seni
This special showcase pays tribute to Zaidy Nandir, an award-winning lyricist-composer-performer who is recognised as one of the guiding lights of the dikir barat scene. Celebrate this energetic artform traversing music and literature, as well as geographical boundaries across Singapore, Malaysia and even Thailand. Through rhythmic hand-clapping and synchronised movements, six well-known groups in Singapore will bring Zaidy’s iconic works to life.This event is co-presented with Berita Harian and will be held in Malay.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2018 MASTERCLASS TALK The Visual Impact of Imagery in Poetry by Chen Yuhong 诗中意象的视觉影响力
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Singapore Writers Festival 2018 SWF BEYOND: Stories of Royal Dreams, Exalted Tombs, and Merchants’ Mausolea of Singapura
Take a step into the past as we explore little-known royal burial grounds and old cemeteries in Singapore. They represent a window for the present generation to learn about historical figures who played a pivotal role in our country’s development. Join Imran Tajudeen, Assistant Professor at National University of Singapore’s Department of Architecture, on this tour and hear about grave inscriptions, folklore and real-life accounts. This tour is managed by Global Cultural Alliance.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2018 SWF STAGE Who Are We and Where Do We Belong?: Questions in a Divided World by Irvine Welsh
He has made a name for giving voice to working-class anger in his seminal novels, Trainspotting and Filth, and has highlighted the plight of the disenfranchised in a corporatised world order. In this timely lecture, Scottish author Irvine Welsh, who has lived abroad in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Chicago, San Francisco and now Miami, examines communal and personal connections in a fraught 21st century.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2018 SWF STAGE Own Your Brain: Human Autonomy in a Digital Age by Miriam Meckel
Are we slaves to the algorithms of the Internet, subject to the controlled, often surreptitious machinations of invisible powers? German author and media studies professor, Miriam Meckel, warns that humanity is at a tipping point: as our mental processes become calculable, our potential is maximised, for better and for worse. How do we maintain independence over our own heads – as creative spaces, inner sanctum and refuge of the consciousness?
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Singapore Writers Festival 2018 MASTERCLASS TALK How to Write Comics by Mariko Tamaki
What makes a compelling story? How should comic book writers pitch their completed scripts? Eisner Award-winning author Mariko Tamaki, who pens comics for Marvel and DC comics, shares her experience and tips for developing story outlines and pitching your work.This session is suitable for emerging and published authors.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2018 SWF STAGE Singaporean and Malaysian Chinese Literature: Re-acquaintance With the Past, the Present, and the Future 重新认识新马华文作家与文学:过去、现在与未来
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Singapore Writers Festival 2018 WORKSHOP Stand Up and Deliver by Miles Merrill
Have something to get off your chest or a confession to make public? Learn from Miles Merrill – an award-winning writer-performer, director of Word Travels and founder of the Australian Poetry Slam – on the techniques on communicating effectively in person. A useful workshop for anyone who finds public speaking daunting – whether it’s spoken word, performance poetry or stand-up.This workshop is suitable for adults aged 18 and above, as well as aspiring spoken-word artists.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2018 SWF BEYOND In the Twine: A Tapestry of Stories
How do stories shape one’s identity? Performance poets Charlene Shepherdson and Cheyenne Alexandria Phillips explore diverse, colourful histories which influence their roles as Singaporean Eurasians, (grand)daughters and women. Reflecting the intricate, interlaced connections of our human DNA, this interdisciplinary performance intertwines different art forms – the two will perform new and original poems inspired by stories passed down through generations amidst actual weaving.The performance will be followed by a 30 minute post-show dialogue.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2018 MASTERCLASS The Art of Rewriting in Poetry by Cathy Song
“You’ve got to be willing to dismantle… to realise that poetry is something made outside of yourself,” says Cathy Song, the award-winning Asian-American poet feted for such titles as Picture Bride and Frameless Windows, Squares of Light. Learn the importance of continually refining your work(s) from one of contemporary poetry’s masters of form, imagery and emotion.This masterclass is suitable for published poets.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2018 WORKSHOP Writing Humour: Injecting HAHA! In Your Work by Rishi Budhrani
Being sad is tough but it's more challenging being funny. Humour is made of rigorous stuff. Writing funny and trying to get a laugh from the readers and audiences is a tall order. Join local funny man Rishi Budhrani as he goes through the routes of expressing your humorous side in your writing and delivery.This workshop is suitable for emerging writers.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2018 SWF STAGE Rhapsody in Verse 遇见
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Singapore Writers Festival 2018 WORKSHOP The Craft of Creative Lettering by Nathaniel Ong
How is handlettering different from calligraphy, and where does one begin to practise this medium? Lettering artist Nathaniel Ong gives an introduction to this craft, the different lettering styles, as well as the anatomy of letters. Participants will be able to create a simple project following the examples provided in this session.This session is recommended for beginners.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2018 SWF BEYOND Fear and Trembling: 20 Years of The Bluest Silence
It’s a seminal record which reset Kelvin Tan’s standing, from a lead guitarist of the indie quartet The Oddfellows to becoming his own man as a songsmith with a singular vision. When The Bluest Silence was released in 1998, it has gradually earned a reputation as a cult classic and garnered a following. A singer-songwriter album steeped in the twin influences of Kelvin’s art, it displays his love for troubadours Nick Drake, Tim Buckley, Jackson Browne, James Taylor and Joni Mitchell as well as jazz greats Miles David and John Coltrane; as well as a literary passion for T.S. Eliot, Samuel Beckett, and W.B. Yeats. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the release of the record, Kelvin will play all nine tracks live, possibly including a few new songs, for the first time ever. It’s his first ever solo live concert since his 2005 solo concert at the Esplanade. He will share intimate musings as to how he came up with the songs. There will be a short question-and-answer session after the set.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2018 WORKSHOP Probing the Psychological Thriller by Andreas Norman
What makes a character tick? What goes on in his or her mind, and how does one capture the tensions in a thriller? In this workshop, Andreas Norman – crime fiction writer and former member of the Swedish counter-terrorism unit – will give pointers and tips on how to create worlds and characters filled with psychological depth.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2018 SWF BEYOND: Tales of Singapore’s Black-and-White Colonial Homes
These stunning black-and-white colonial residences are reminders of the country’s heritage. On this tour, guided by Jane Iyer of Jane’s Singapore Tours, participants can gawk at the Atbara House and the neighbouring Inverturret along Gallop Road, as well as those abodes at Adam Park Estate, Alexandra Park, and Temenggong 18/20. You will relive the history of those denizens through stories passed down.  This tour is managed by Global Cultural Alliance.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2018 WORKSHOP How to Adapt A Story Into a Comic by Harumo Sanazaki
This is a must-attend for aspiring comic artists. Learn from Harumo Sanazaki, a mangaka who specialises in comics adaptations and has created more than 300 books, including The Phantom of the Opera. In this workshop, Harumo will teach participants how to adapt a text into a one to two-page comic. A short story will be assigned to participants prior to the workshop.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2018 SWF BEYOND Str8 Up: Word on the Street
As former US president Barack Obama says, “The thing about hip-hop today is it’s smart, it’s insightful. The way they can communicate a complex message in a very short space is remarkable.” Issues of integration, empathy and intercultural dialogue are pre-eminent in the current age of discord. In this special event, writers, musicians and performance poets take to the stage to highlight the kindred spirit linking poetry, rap and hip-hop, and wrestle with the concerns that afflict our times.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2018 SWF STAGE Comics As Mirror for Change by Paul Gravett
From manga to Hollywood blockbuster franchises based on the Marvel and DC series, comics has become the go-to vehicle for channelling all sorts of social undercurrents. Paul Gravett, respected curator, critic, publisher and broadcaster who has worked in the comics industry since 1981, explains the role of comics in serving purposes beyond entertainment – ranging from educational resources and trauma documentation to military propaganda.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2018 That Prickly Humour by David Sedaris
The great skill with which David Sedaris slices through cultural euphemisms and political correctness proves how he is a master of his craft and one of the most observant writers addressing the human condition today. In this masterclass Q&A session, participants will get the opportunity to ask the bestselling author and humourist how he finds humour in the everyday, how to translate that humour into writing, and how to hone your craft in making people laugh.Participants should be familiar with David Sedaris’ works and come prepared with questions.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2018 SWF STAGE The Ghost In Your Head
Play a round of mahjong with Chinese author Eileen Chang (Lust, Caution), or witness a verbal sparring between Chinese ghost-story writer, Pu Songling (聊斋, Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio), and Mary Shelley (Frankenstein). Then fill up with hors d’oeuvre from the wedding breakfast of Miss Havisham, the poor spinster jilted at the altar in Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations, as well as delicacies from the Mad Hatter’s tea party in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.The multi-sensorial offerings also includes a series of film screenings (like 2006 anime, Paprika, and rare 1989 Japanese film, Raffles Hotel) and the magical, dreamy soundscapes of sonic alchemist Mervin Wong. Conceptualised and produced by Global Cultural Alliance and co-directed by Jeremiah Choy and Jeffrey Tan, this production creates a surreal purgatory where the past and the present overlap, and ghosts in your head come alive.Please refer to www.singaporewritersfestival.com for full details.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2018 SWF STAGE Love, Death and Family Life: Postcards from David Sedaris
Humorist, satirist, author, comedian, radio contributor, playwright… David Sedaris wears all these hats and more. With sardonic wit and incisive social critiques, Sedaris is the master of satire, and one of today’s most observant writers addressing the human condition. Meet Sedaris as he reads some of his favourite excerpts from his latest titles Theft by Finding, and Calypso; and takes all your burning questions for one of America’s funniest writers.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2018 SWF STAGE Place and Displacement: Finding Oneself in 2018 by Kiran Desai
In writing her 2006 Man Booker Prize-winning novel The Inheritance of Loss, Kiran Desai explores the process that one's place in the world may be coincidental and "just a matter of perspective." In this timely lecture, she examines the writer’s role amidst the current polarised state of affairs, characterised by cultural clashes and a backlash against immigrants. Join her as she speaks on the intersections of personal and national, past and present, as well as the stories and people who influenced her acclaimed works.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2018 SWF STAGE The Water Will Come by Jeff Goodell
As one of the most important building blocks of life, water is also the most visible and tangible impact of climate disruption: floods, drought, torrential downpours and rising sea levels to name a few.  Acclaimed journalist-author Jeff Goodell, who travelled to Alaska with former US President Barack Obama, has been around the globe interviewing scientists and climate change leaders to investigate first-hand how climate change and the rising sea levels are affecting all of us. Come discover a future that is going to require “adaptable living”, as Goodell paints a vivid picture of the water world we might have to live in.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2018 WORKSHOP Playing with Form and Genre Expectations in Fiction by Jonas Hassen Khemiri
Jonas Hassen Khemiri, regarded as one of Sweden’s most important writers of his generation, is noted for his dazzlingly inventive and imaginative prose. In this workshop, he will enlighten the ways one can play with form and genre, and guide participants to think beyond plot and character when writing a novel.This workshop is suitable for emerging writers and playwrights.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2018 MASTERCLASS TALK Translating Humour by Shelly Bryant
How does one translate humour when the understanding of humour is dependent on the language and the cultural context? Should the joke be explained in the footnotes, or be translated as it is? Literary translator and poet Shelly Bryant delves into the workings of humour, specifically in the aspects of wordplay and cultural references, and gives tips on how to tackle these challenges.This session is suitable for emerging and published translators.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2018 SWF STAGE Across the Universe: Three Poets Address The State of the World by Simon Armitage, Anne Lee Tzu Pheng, John Yau
Three acclaimed poets – Shirley Geok-lin Lim (Malaysia - US), Simon Armitage (UK) and John Yau (US) - survey the year 2018 and read excerpts of their works, which reflect their summations of the current state of affairs. They will share insights as to how they come to grasp with everyday chaos, and how they remain focused in the face of uncertainty.
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Singapore Writers Festival 2018 WORKSHOP Worldbuilding in Short Stories by Xia Jia 短篇小说中的世界观
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Sun, 4 Nov 2018


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