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弦歌狮城 Songs of Strings in Singapore

弦歌弓弦樂團,這是一個你從未聽過的組合,一個以中國弦樂器 為主體的樂團。這個樂團2011年成立以來,所有的演出,都經過無數的樂迷,真誠的反饋。這種純真的感動,來自於這個樂團長期對於「美」的堅持。本次音樂會,弦歌弓弦樂團以製造「美」、堅持「美」、分享「美」的核心價值,將弦樂器歌唱性的特性發揮出到最好的效果。音樂會中每一首樂曲除了有如歌般的旋律之外,他們也表現出極具深度的藝術內容。我們在他們的藝術表現中,聽到的不僅僅是旋律美,還可以聽到戲劇性的張力和如絲般的細膩音色。音樂結構的鋪陳、堆疊與安排也是這個樂團,極富有說服力的強項。統一的音色與技術掌握的準確,也都體現在這個樂團,對於樂器統一的要求。他們一直以來堅持,所有的胡琴從材料選擇、製作、樂器配件、調整等細節,都必須由一個人完成。也難怪他們所到之處,都受到聽眾給予真誠的評價與讚賞。

Song of the String Orchestra is a combination you have never heard of , an orchestra based on the Chinese String Instrument. Since its establishment in 2011, the audience of all their performances returned sincere feedbacks abounded with praise. The audiences' genuine affections owes to the Song of the String Orchestra's belief and persistence of efforts in the aesthetics of music. Just as in all concerts, Song of the String Orchestra will continue to create, insist, and share the core values of the aesthetics of string music in this concert, and bring the audience the best harmonies of each and every string instruments. In addition to the exquisite compositions, each piece of music in this concert also demonstrates profound artistic contents such that you will not only hear the heavenly melodies but also the story-telling dramatic tensions performed with top rated, silky timbre. This is no wonder why they have been given genuine appraisal and admire appreciation by the audience. Together, the elaborated story-telling, layering, and rearranging of the musical structure are likewise a compelling strength of Song of the String Orchestra. The orchestra's pursuit for accuracies and concords of timbres and technique also manifested in their insistence of uniform instruments. Every single Huqin must be made by the same person--from material selection to the instrument's final adjustments; from the actual making to the trivial details of the accessaries. No doubt its audience has given the Song of the String Orchestra such admires and genuine appreciation!
These will be the tracks perform by Song of the String Orchestra in this concert.《To Listen Pine Tree》、《Slavic Capriccio》、《Meng Jiang Nu》、《Melody of String》、《Craving for the Spring Wind》、《Seek Root in Ancient pagoda tree》、《Yellow River Capriccio》、《Suite&Light》.Among them,《Yellow River Capriccio》 will be adapted into 《Yellow River Piano Concerto》,which is a “String Orchestra” edition. Therefore, they are more special in sound and appreciation this time. In addition, we are honored to have Singapore renowned conductor Mike Chiang to direct the Sound of String Orchestra presenting "2nd Movement" of 《Yellow River Capriccio》and《Seek Root in Ancient pagoda tree》. Nanyang Polytechnic Chinese Orchestra will also present a Huqin Ensemble  《Suite & Light》by Tony Osborne.

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9 June 2018, 9am

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9 June 2018, 10am

  • Mandarin

Approximately 2 hours
(with a 20 min interval)

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Creative Music

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Event Date
Thu, 12 Jul 2018


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Standard: S$20

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