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Colin Currie Group and Synergy Vocals
Perform Steve Reich (UK)

“This recording of Steve Reich’s percussion epic is thunderously exciting, thrusting us into the action.”
– The Times, Mar 2018

"Colin Currie Group's own recording, honed through long performance practice, brings you into a magic circle where every impact is precisely heard, every overtone burnished."
– BBC Music Magazine, Jun 2018

"An alluring blend of sonorities…The percussionists and the wordless voices of Synergy Vocals alike come across with a vivid presence."
– Financial Times, Apr 2018

"The Colin Currie Group’s performance is nothing short of a powerhouse...a visceral thrill: epic, cathartic, and (perhaps especially for pure percussion music) profoundly touching"
– Arts Fuse, Apr 2018

"A Drumming for this decade – and probably a few to come, too."
– Editor's Choice, Gramophone, Apr 2018

Hailed by Steve Reich as “one of the greatest musicians in the world today” (Herald Scotland), the Colin Currie Group, together with Synergy Vocals, bring their “thunderously exciting” (The Times) version of Steve Reich’s seminal work Drumming to Singapore in their first-ever live performance in Southeast Asia.

Colin Currie Group is a virtuosic ensemble that specialises in the music of Steve Reich. Their performances of Reich’s music have been hailed by the composer as “the best I’ve ever heard” (Tehillim, Tokyo 2017).

Led by Colin Currie (“the world’s finest and most daring percussionist” – Spectator), the handpicked group was formed in 2006 for a performance of Drumming at the BBC Proms to celebrate the 70th birthday of Steve Reich. Since then, they have expanded their repertoire to include many of Reich’s most popular works, including Music for 18 Musicians, Tehillim and Music for Pieces of Wood and are privileged to have the frequent presence of the composer when rehearsing and performing these works.

The group’s highly anticipated recording of Drumming was released on Colin Currie Records in Spring 2018 after a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise funds, fully supported by Steve Reich who said “it will be, I am sure, the best recording of Drumming ever made”.

The Colin Currie Group has appeared in concert at major halls and festivals worldwide, having made their international debut at Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall in 2012 and their European debut at the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam. Recently, the group went on to give three performances of Reich’s music at the Louis Vuitton Foundation, Paris at the request of the composer himself. They will be joined by singers from Synergy Vocals, a vocal group specialising in close-microphone singing and often associated with the music of Steve Reich, John Adams, Louis Andriessen, Steven Mackey and Luciano Berio.

Reich: Music for Pieces of Wood
Reich: Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ (performed with Synergy Vocals)
Reich: Drumming (performed with Synergy Vocals)


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5 Sep 2018, 9am

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5 Sep 2018, 10am




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Noosh Halal Noodle Bar and Grill | #01-13B, Annexe
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Restaurant Labyrinth | #02-23 (Valid for Pre-show menu only)
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Barossa | #01-11
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Footwork: Twinkle Toes
Discover the joy of movement and fall in love with dance at da:ns festival’s Footwork workshops. Twinkle Toes is a series of dance-play workshops for little tots between the ages of 3 and 6 to have fun with their parents as they whirl and twirl in this movement based workshop!There’s no better way to fall in love with dance than to try dancing yourself. Footwork gives you the opportunity to learn popular dances from the experts and pick up some moves in the months leading up to the da:ns festival.Click here for the schedules of the respective shows.Click here for more synopsis of the respective shows
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Esplanade Presents | Pentas Cerita Cinta by akulah BIMBO SAKTI
Being in control is very much like cooking. One needs to be meticulous at every step, be mindful of one’s actions and not let things stew too long. It’s like making Asam Pedas (spicy tamarind fish), for example, a beloved Malay dish known for its tart, sour and spicy profiles, that is quick to cook but always on the brink of burning. For Roslan, whose dispassionate wife’s routine includes cooking Asam Pedas for him and their two children, food is one of the few things that add colour to his life. Like the dish, his temper tends to rise and hit boiling point, all too quickly sometimes. Gentle and affectionate one moment, he singes and sears the next. At home, there is unspoken love, and there are painful scars. There are responsibilities, and there is the ideal of what a home should be. How will the cycles of joy and sadness, resentment and resignation be broken when they are always teetering on the brink and on rinse and repeat? What are his limits of control?First staged in 1995, Cerita Cinta marks playwright and director Noor Effendy Ibrahim’s return to Malay theatre since Bilik Ahmad Berdaki (2009). Presenting an unabashed view of the threads that bind a family, it examines the dysfunctionality of an atypical Malay household.Advisory: This performance contains mature themes and violence. The admission age is 16 years old and above. Creative and Technical Team Producer, Director-Playwright, Set Designer:Noor Effendy IbrahimLighting Designer:Emanorwatty Saleh Sound Artist:anGie seah Cast:                                       Saiful Amri Ahmad Elahi Dalifah Shahril*Shafiqhah Efandi Kaykay NizamJoe Jasmi Al Hafiz SanusiProduction  Stage Manager: Clarisse NgDeputy Stage Manager:Vivi Augustina*Due to an accident, Farah Ong is unable to perform the role of Maslina in Cerita Cinta by akulah BIMBO SAKTI from 1 – 4 Nov 2018. Her role will be replaced by Dalifah Shahril. Please join us to wish Farah a speedy recovery. Thank you.
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da:ns festival 2018 Sixteen da:ns Masterclass by Apple Yang and Abby Gou* (Sinostage) (China)
Push your boundaries and turn your dance routines up a notch, by joining in these masterclasses with the choreographers of Sixteen da:ns Challenge!Even though Apple has only been dancing for a short time, she has proven that she is a force in the dance world. At the age of 24, she is already one of the veterans and leaders of the Sinotage Team.  After having won China Arena Best Newcomer Award in 2017, Apple has gone on to teach in several countries. She did a collaboration class with Sorah Yang at Summer Jam Dance Camp and she has just returned from teaching and performing at The Ridge in Toronto, Canada. Apple also appeared on the Chinese dance show called Hot Blood Dance Crew, in which she made it to the semi-finals. Abby is an up-and-coming choreographer with Sinostage. At age 22, some of her achievements include becoming the first Chinese choreographer to teach at En Dance Japan and being involved with Christopher Martin and Larkin Poynton’s dance production company, Project Home. Abby taught at Summer Jam’s Style In Progress community workshop in Singapore this year.*Due to an injury, Kun Kun will no longer be involved in da:ns festival’s Sixteen da:ns Masterclass. The masterclass will now be conducted by Apple Yang and Abby Gou of Sinostage. We apologise sincerely for any inconvenience caused.InstagramYouTubeFor ages 13 and above only. This workshop is suitable for intermediate to advanced dancers.Meeting Point: Theatre Studio Entrance, Level 4, 15 mins before start time.Dress comfortably and appropriately for this dance workshop.
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Of Music and Photography: Bridge 乐。影:桥 Ding Yi Music Company 鼎艺团 In Collaboration with Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay
We often think of a bridge as a tool. It serves as a meeting point between people, a link-way connecting two ends, and a medium that fills the gap. In different cultures, a bridge is more than just a connection; it can be a means of refuge, a highway to a new beginning, or a landmark that we remember. But, what does ‘bridge’ means to us?Join us as Ding Yi breaks the music boundary and brings you an immersive experience between music and photography.
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da:ns festival 2018 Sixteen da:ns Masterclass by FirstLady, Lilstar, Younggreen (Lock‘N’lol) (Korea)
Push your boundaries and turn your dance routines up a notch, by joining in these masterclasses with the choreographers of Sixteen da:ns Challenge!Lock‘N’lol was founded in 2006 by FirstLady, Lilstar and Younggreen. It was initially an all-female crew and was the first to win the UK B-boy Championship World Final.In 2013, the crew became a mega crew, and in 2015, they became the first Korean crew to win the Hip Hop International Mega Crew Division.Lock‘N’lol is competing in World Of Dance on NBC.FacebookInstagramYouTubeFor ages 13 and above only. This workshop is suitable for intermediate to advanced dancers.Meeting Point: Theatre Studio Entrance, Level 4, 15 mins before start time.Dress comfortably and appropriately for this dance workshop.
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Kalaa Utsavam - Indian Festival of Arts 2018 Kalaripayattu Workshop by The Kalari Academy
Following last year’s fully-subscribed programme, Kalarippayattu Workshop is back to with a more hands-on taster of the Indian martial art from Kerala. Be introduced to one of the oldest martial art forms in India and learn about its history, and the different animal postures, movements and techniques.  Wear comfortable outfit for easy bends and stretching.For more details about Kalaa Utsavam 2018, visit www.esplanade.com/kalaautsavam  
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da:ns festival 2018 Rasas Workshop - Introduction to Cambodian Classical Dance by Sophiline Arts Ensemble (Cambodia)
Cambodian classical dance is a highly stylised form that began in the temples of ancient Angkor as a form of ritual prayer. Delve into the world of intricate, complex movements that characterise it. Led by artists from Sophiline Arts Ensemble, this workshop is suitable for people with no dance experience.Meeting Point: Theatre Studio Entrance, Level 4, 15 mins before start time.Dress comfortably for this dance workshop. Participants may be asked to remove their footwear during the workshop
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da:ns festival 2018 AH | HA by Lisbeth Gruwez | Voetvolk (Belgium)
“Turn(s) the physical examination of a seemingly small, bodily gesture into a broader existential question” — Exberliner****“AH | HA, brilliantly danced with brutal movements, reveals itself as a portrait, built up by pieces of laughter, of the human being grabbing, searching, dancing, wounding and laughing until the existential void is turned into love” — Els Van Steenberghe, Knack“A truly choreographic trip (that) leads its actors into hypersensitive and precarious spaces” — Paris DanseFocusing on a single idea—laughter—Belgian choreographer Lisbeth Gruwez breaks this involuntary reflex down into its component movements, showing that the ecstatic laughing body can be controlled yet spastic, beautiful yet monstrous, connected yet isolated.In AH | HA, five bodies meet at a locale without a name, perhaps even in the middle of the night. On the rhythm of the circumstances they slowly grow towards another, coalesced by one of the most expressive manifestations of humankind: laughter. Deconstructing every nuance of a laugh, they embody a paradox: to portray an “uncontrolled” body movement, they require absolute mastery of motion. Resulting in an encounter that becomes a dangerous feast of shared ecstasy, Gruwez creates a concentrated portrait of human existence.Returning to Esplanade after the success of her charismatic solo in da:ns festival 2013, Gruwez, a powerfully charismatic dancer who has toured with the world’s top companies before going solo, also performs in this dynamic group piece that is filled with dark humour as well as conceptual and technical rigour.About Lisbeth Gruwez:One of the most exciting contemporary dance choreographers from Europe today, Lisbeth Gruwez‘s foundation in dance was built from her early studies in ballet, and contemporary dance at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels. Gruwez started her professional career with some of the top dance companies and choreographers in Europe, including Ultima Vez (Belgium) and Needcompany (Belgium), and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, among others. Since 1999, she has been working with Belgian performance maker and auteur Jan Fabre who in 2004 created Quando l’uomo principale è una donna for and with her. In 2001, she starred in French filmmaker Pierre Coulibeuf’s film Les Guerriers de la beauté about Jan Fabre’s work.In 2006, she formed dance/performance group Voetvolk with her creative partner and musician Maarten Van Cauwenberghe. Their work is an ongoing conversation between corporal and auditive movement, in order to achieve a symbiosis between the aural and the visual/physical. AH | HA premiered in 2014 and is their first group piece. It has garnered rave reviews from audiences and critics around the world. 
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da:ns festival 2018 xhe by Daniel Kok and Miho Shimizu (Singapore and Japan)
Experience a remarkable collision of dance, visual installation and live electronic music with xhe (pronounced like “j’y” in French). This immersive performance envelops the audience in search for an elusive figure that is not “he”, not “she”, nor “it”. Instead, xhe could be the pronoun for the possible and the multiple, moving between a square and an octopus.Conceived by Daniel Kok and Miho Shimizu, xhe is a multidisciplinary performance that brings together an international ensemble of artists, including dance artist Karol Tymiński and electronic music duo Filastine and Nova, whose sounds combine beat production with dense layers of voice, analogue synths and strings.Within a kaleidoscope of shifting patterns, moving objects, syncretic sounds, uncanny forms and enchanting moments, the artists will create a shared space of imagination and collective daydream to summon, receive, discover, and even become xhe.The durational performance lasts five hours. It is suitable for all age groups, or people who enjoy imaginative play and embodying diverse perspectives. The audience is invited to arrive at any point during the performance, and is advised to stay for at least 90 minutes to enjoy the full range of xhe’s unfolding surprises.Co-commissioned by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay and Performance Space with the Naomi Milgrom Foundation (Australia)Supported by the National Arts Council (Singapore), The Japan Foundation Asia Center and Kinosaki International Arts Center (Japan)Audience Tips: xhe is suitable for all age groups. It is a durational performance that unfolds over five hours. Due to limited audience capacity, and to avoid congestion, it is not necessary to arrive at the start of the performance. We encourage the audience to arrive at different intervals:          12 OCT 18—7:00/8:30/10:00pm          14 OCT 18—2:00/3:30/5:00pm Upon your arrival, it is recommended that you deposit your bag and remove your shoes before entering the performance space. Settle in and get comfy! We know this performance is highly instagrammable, but we request that you refrain from any photography and videography. Your phone can be a distraction to yourself. We invite you to completely leave your phones alone during the show. Forget your emails and Facebook. Should you need to use your phone, you might want to step out of the performance space. Participation in the performance is possible but not necessary. It is recommended that you stay for at least 90 minutes. You may exit and re-enter the performance space at any time, sit wherever you like, and move around the space.https://xhe.persona.co
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Kalaa Utsavam - Indian Festival of Arts 2018 Vishaal and the Chitravina
“Vishaal Sapuram might be quiet, but his fingers do all the talking for him.”-The HinduTexas-born music prodigy Vishaal Sapuram first encountered the chitravina at the age of six when his parents took him to an N. Ravikiran concert in Chennai. What started out as a family vacation led to two decades of mastering the rare and exquisite instrument. Young Vishaal had been so struck by the mesmerisingly rich and smooth tones of the chitravina that he resolved to become Ravikiran’s disciple despite the distance, and he hasn’t looked back since. The chitravina, an ancient 20 or 21-string lute also referred to as the gotuvadyam, resembles a veena (slide lute) without frets and sounds like a combination of the veena and a violin. Some believe that it inspired the Hawaiian slide guitar.The deep resonating sounds and melodious tones that it produces make it suited for presenting all facets of Indian music. However, the absence of frets, as well as the great control players must exercise given the way it is played (the right hand plucks while the left sustains and renders microtones using a plectrum or teflon), makes it particularly challenging to master, and only a handful of musicians around the world today play it.Today, the 28-year-old Vishaal is one of the rare few making headway with the chitravina. His achievements include inventing a new raga (musical scale) with his guru Ravikiran called vishweshwarapriya, receiving the blessings of the late Ravi Shankar, being an A-Grade artist for All India Radio, and winning awards and accolades over the years. Having started teaching at age 10, he also travels the world to give lectures, demonstrations, workshops and classes.Don’t miss this chance to catch Vishaal in action with his chitravina accompanied by R Raghul on the violin, N C Bharadwai on the mridangam and S Krishna on the ghatam.For more details about Kalaa Utsavam 2018, visit www.esplanade.com/kalaautsavam  
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Chinese Chamber Music Southern Charms: An Evening of Cantonese Classics 华族室内乐:赏心粤目
Led by Ding Yi Music Company’s concert master Chin Yen Choong and huqin musician Fred Chan, Ding Yi presents a night of traditional Cantonese music. Together with qin qin musician Chua Yew Kok, dizi musician Ng Hsien Han and yangqin musician Yick Jue Ru, the quintet will perform their rendition of classic Cantonese tunes including Birds Returning to the Woods, Sorrow of Twin Stars and The Peacock Displays its Feathers.Ding Yi has also invited Guangzhou’s gaohu virtuoso and Cantonese music expert Yu Le Fu, to be the artistic advisor for this lively showcase.
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Lea Salonga: The Human Heart
Known across the world for her powerful voice and perfect pitch, Lea Salonga is a singer and actress who is best known for her Tony Award-winning role in Miss Saigon. In addition to the Tony, she has won the Olivier, Drama Desk, Outer Critics Circle and Theatre World Awards, in the field of musical theatre. She was also the first Asian to play Eponine in the musical Les Misérables on Broadway and returned to the beloved show as Fantine in the 2006 revival. Many fans of all ages recognise Lea as the singing voice of Princess Jasmine from Aladdin and Fa Mulan for Mulan and Mulan II. For her portrayal of the beloved princesses, the Walt Disney Company bestowed her with the honour of Disney Legend in August 2011.Lea most recently starred in the Broadway revival of Once on This Island as the Goddess of Love, Erzulie, and also serves as a judge on The Philippines hit version of The Voice. In 2017, Lea released two albums—Bahaghari, an album of traditional Filipino songs which serves as a reflection of all the intricate and different languages found in the Philippines to help preserve the island nation’s dynamic culture, and Blurred Lines, her electrifying live album which was recorded during her sold-out run at Feinstein’s / 54Below the year before.
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Footwork: Adults and Youth
Discover the joy of movement and fall in love with dance at da:ns festival’s Footwork workshops. Conducted by professional instructors, these basic workshops are designed for adults and youths with little or no experience in dance.There’s no better way to fall in love with dance than to try dancing yourself. Footwork gives you the opportunity to learn popular dances from the experts and pick up some moves in the months leading up to the da:ns festival.Click here for the schedules of the respective shows.Click here for more synopsis of the respective shows.
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Mosaic Music Series ADOY
“10 Korean Indie Bands That Should Be On Your Playlist” - Buzzfeed UKFormed in 2016, ADOY broke into the Korean music scene with its dreamy and upbeat synth pop sound. ADOY's music conjures images of waves, surfing, night walks and a cold beer in your hand. The band released their debut EP CATNIP in 2017 to much acclaim, and their follow-up EP LOVE cemented their reputation. After a successful club tour in England, ADOY will debut their first show in Singapore.
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Kalaa Utsavam - Indian Festival of Arts 2018 Akshayambara by Dramanon
What happens when roles are reversed in a male-dominated theatre practice like yakshagana?India Foundation for the Arts grantee and theatre practitioner Sharanya Ramprakash’s Akshayambara explores the conflicts in tradition, gender, power and morality that are inherent in yakshagana.The experimental play uses both modern theatrical tools and the dance drama to create a contemporary narrative that raises questions on female representation and male ownership. Drawing from research and personal experience, the performance imagines a reversal of roles in the popular yakshagana plot of Draupadi Vastrapaharana. A male artist in streevesha (female costume) plays the virtuous Draupadi and espouses the cause of women, while in a tradition-defying move, a woman dons the pradhana purusha vesha (masculine form) of Kaurava (a legendary king from the Mahabharatha) who is driven by lust and power. What happens to the interpretation and performance of gender when a man plays a woman and when a man is played by a woman? Who is the real woman and who is the real man? We see a constant shift in power between the actors, as they shift from the cauki (green room) to stage, engaged in a tussle that blurs the boundaries of stage and reality, male and female, thereby examining the conflicts in tradition, gender, power and morality. Written and directed by Sharanya Ramprakash, Akshayambara received several nominations at the Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards (META) 2016, winning Best Original Script (Sharanya Ramprakash) and Best Actor in a Lead Role – Male (Prasad Cherkady).Sharanya is a stage actor, director and one of the founders of Dramanon, Bangalore. Over the last eight years, she has directed six full-length productions that have been staged over 75 times across the country. She received the INLAKS Theatre Award in 2014, and had trained at the Udupi Yakshagana Kendra under the tutelage of Guru Sanjeeva Suvarna. She received a grant from India Foundation for the Arts under the Arts Practice Programme in 2015, which was partly supported by Voltas India Limited.Supported by India Foundation of the ArtsFor more details about Kalaa Utsavam 2018, visit www.esplanade.com/kalaautsavam  
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da:ns festival 2018 Cipher/Decipher By LASALLE College of the Arts (Singapore)
Discover a new generation of dance talents. Bringing together guest choreographers and students from the BA(Hons) Dance and Diploma in Dance courses of LASALLE College of the Arts, this showcase features four works that together become a study in contrast.French-Laotian choreographer-dancer Olé Khamchanla and LASALLE alumnus Sufri Juwahir celebrate the rhythms and energy of hip hop; prominent Hong Kong choreographer and founder of E-Side Dance Company Jacky Yu presents his fluid dance movements while faculty staff and artistic director of the showcase Susan Yeung presents a poignant duet.The programme reflects LASALLE's cosmopolitan and cutting-edge approach to art that produces performers who expand and challenge the boundaries of dance both physically and conceptually.Cipher/Decipher is part of da:ns festival’s Next Generation, which allows young dancers from arts colleges in Singapore to hone their performance skills. Students work with international and local choreographers invited by their schools to learn different approaches to dance creation.About LASALLE College of the Arts:LASALLE’s dance programmes use a holistic approach to nurture expressive and imaginative dancers. An international faculty of lecturers and guest artists teach a diverse range of dance techniques anchored in ballet and contemporary dance, with urban dance, jazz and allied classes to improve technical proficiency, strength, expressive range and versatility in performance. In addition, choreography, improvisation and cross-disciplinary investigations are also taught to encourage creativity and innovation.
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da:ns festival 2018 Joy by Joshua Monten (Switzerland)
“One is left with the deepest of admiration for the dancers: the physical mastery, their concentration, their musicality…” – Richard Peter, Dewezet “The comical facial expressions caused many audience members to laugh so hard they fell off their seats.” – Silvia Minder, Scheweizer DepechenagenturHow did Jackie Chan not break any bones fighting in his movies? How did Fight Club not spill any real blood? Welcome to the world of stage combat, where seemingly spontaneous actions are carefully choreographed down to the last kick and punch. Created by Swiss-American choreographer Joshua Monten and performed by five dancers, Joy shows that stage combat is a serious craft relying on care, discipline, mutual trust and practice in performers. The intricate sequences involving punching, slapping, kicking and tackling are painstakingly choreographed, as well as deconstructed and reconstructed through distortions, changes of perspective and repetition. Although it uses violence, Joy is not a gratuitous celebration of it. Rather, it explores our responses to a visceral element prevalent in action movies, comedies, cartoons, video games and other forms of mass media. Why is violence electrifying or enjoyable to watch, and why do some people regard it as a guilty pleasure? Why do we laugh when we see Tom chasing Jerry? What does it say about us? Besides being thoughtful, Joy is also humorous, energetic and accessible. It contains a mix of theatricality and physical comedy that will appeal to younger audience members with little exposure to dance. It also presents an opportunity to challenge expectations of what dance can be. Read this interview with Joshua Monten to find out why he decided to choreograph a dance about stage combat for school students.About Joshua Monten:Joshua Monten was born near New York City and studied literature and cultural anthropology at Duke University before beginning his dance studies. As a dancer, he has performed with companies such as Bern Ballett, Staatstheater Nürnberg and Theater Freiburg. He has worked with choreographers such as Stijn Celis, Hofesh Shechter, Juha Marsalo, Doug Varone, Konstantinos Rigos und Tino Sehgal.  Based in Bern and teaching dance at the University of Bern, Monten regularly choreographs for ballet, opera, theatre and independent productions, including for the Stadttheater Bern, the Ballet National du Rhin, the Staatstheater Nürnberg, the Staatstheater Braunschweig, Theater Bonn, Opéra National de Lorraine, The Yard (USA), Theaterhaus Gessnerallee (Zürich), Zentrum Paul Klee and Art Basel. In 2012, he founded his own dance company, for which he created the evening-length works About Strange Lands and People, Delirio Amoroso and Doggy Style. Doggy Style was performed at the M1 Fringe Festival in 2016.   
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da:ns festival 2018 International Stars of Ballet
The ballet stars align and shine at da:ns festival this October. Spend an evening with a constellation of internationally acclaimed dancers from the world’s leading ballet companies as they perform a dazzling programme of famous duets from ballet classics and by iconic contemporary choreographers.Experience the technical precision and virtuosity of Adiarys Almeida, Igor Kolb, Laurretta Summerscales, Maria Kochetkova, Misa Kuranaga, Oksana Bondareva, Paulo Arrais, Piotr Stanczyk, Sebastian Kloborg, Svetlana Lunkina, Taras Domitro and Yonah Acosta, who have danced with the Bayerisches Staatsballett, Bolshoi Ballet, Boston Ballet, English National Ballet, Mariinsky Ballet, Mikhailovsky Ballet, National Ballet of Canada, Royal Danish Ballet and San Francisco Ballet.
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National Theatre Live (Screening) Julius Caesar (PG)
By William ShakespeareDirected by Nicholas HytnerStarring Ben Whishaw, Michelle Fairley, David Calder and David Morrissey★★★★ “Michelle Fairley gives a rivetingly intelligent performance.” – Sunday Times★★★★ “Visceral and politically urgent.” – Guardian★★★★ “David Morrissey is electrifying as Mark Antony.” – Daily TelegraphBen Whishaw (The Danish Girl, Skyfall, Hamlet) and Michelle Fairley (Fortitude, Game of Thrones) play Brutus and Cassius, David Calder (The Lost City of Z, The Hatton Garden Job) plays Caesar and David Morrissey (The Missing, Hangmen, The Walking Dead) is Mark Antony. Filmed at The Bridge Theatre, London, Shakespeare’s political thriller about the assassination of a charismatic leader comes to the Esplanade screen.Caesar returns in triumph to Rome and the people pour out of their homes to celebrate. Alarmed by the autocrat’s popularity, the educated élite conspire to bring him down. After his assassination, civil war erupts on the streets of the capital.Nicholas Hytner’s production thrusts the audience into the street party that greets Caesar’s return, the congress that witnesses his murder, the rally that assembles for his funeral and the chaos that explodes in its wake.Rating: PGConsumer advice: Some violencePlease note that this is a screening of the theatre production, and not a live performance.
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Kalaa Utsavam - Indian Festival of Arts 2018 Disco Sheela & other Indian Superwomen by Sharul Channa An Esplanade Production
There are different kinds of women in the Indian community, and they are all superwomen. Superwomen don’t have it perfect; they have responsibilities to manage, careers to juggle, generations to bring up and cultural values to uphold. Is it possible to have it all? Maybe. Meet Malini, Shri, Aunty Sunita and Disco Sheela. They come from all walks of life and are great at what they do. They also represent all these possibilities for an Indian woman. Which of the four will you relate to? Whose life and dreams will resonate with you most?Following 2017’s rib-tickling Sharul weds Sharul, actress and stand-up comedian Sharul Channa returns with yet another hilarious one-woman show. This time, she plays strong and colourful female characters who each has her own struggle, but makes it all look easy. Directed by Kumar and featuring pianist Anil Srinivasan, Disco Sheela and other Indian Superwomen celebrates each and every woman who is a superwoman in her own way.For more details about Kalaa Utsavam 2018, visit www.esplanade.com/kalaautsavam  
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Octoburst! 2018 A Square World by Daryl Beeton (UK)
A Square World is an honest, touching and quirky story of three friends and what happens when an unexpected change leaves one of them out in the cold. Together, they decide to redefine the rules of the square world in which they live and soon discover their lives won’t be square ever again!This endearing and funny performance looks at the unfairness of being left out in a world designed for everyone but yourself and how we can be inclusive.Encounter an ever evolving and imaginative world in this non-verbal production through object manipulation and elements of surprise.Recommended for children age 3-6 years old
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National Theatre Live (Screening) Follies (PG13)
Book by James GoldmanMusic and lyrics by Stephen SondheimDirected by Dominic CookeStarring Tracie Bennett, Janie Dee and Imelda Staunton.2018 Olivier Award for Best Musical Revival★★★★★ “Imelda Staunton is unforgettable in Sondheim’s showbiz stunner” – Guardian★★★★★ “A perfect production” – Metro★★★★★ “Not just triumphant, but transcendent” – The StageStephen Sondheim’s legendary 1987 musical enjoyed a sold-out run at the National Theatre in 2017. Now, catch this glorious revival in all its colours and emotions as it screens at Esplanade this September.New York, 1971. There’s a party on the stage of the Weismann Theatre. Tomorrow the iconic building will be demolished. Thirty years after their final performance, the Follies girls gather to have a few drinks, sing a few songs and lie about themselves.Tracie Bennett, Janie Dee and Imelda Staunton play the magnificent Follies in this dazzling new production, directed by Dominic Cooke (The Comedy of Errors).Winner of Academy, Tony, Grammy and Olivier awards, Sondheim’s previous work includes A Little Night Music, Sweeney Todd and Sunday in the Park with George.Rating: PG13Consumer advice: Some Sexual ReferencesPlease note that this is a screening of the theatre production, and not a live performance.
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Kalaa Utsavam - Indian Festival of Arts 2018 Parent-Child Workshop: Basic Indian Dance by Sreedevy Sivarajasingam
Come discover the rich heritage of Indian dance! In this introductory workshop for you and your child, learn animal and bird postures as well as hand gestures representing different elements of nature. Find out how to create a simple dance sequence and play a game of dance charade with another parent-child pair. At the end of it, learn to clap to the vibrant rhythms of Indian dance.Please wear comfortable attire. For more details about Kalaa Utsavam 2018, visit www.esplanade.com/kalaautsavam  
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Kalaa Utsavam - Indian Festival of Arts 2018 Parent-Child Workshop: Basic Yoga by Kumareswaran
Spend a fun, healthy Sunday bonding with your child as you discover the joy and benefits of parent-child yoga. Learn relaxation techniques for a healthier body, breathing exercises that sharpen one’s focus, and get into different poses that help improve flexibility. Give it a try and start your child on yoga early.Please bring your own yoga mat for each person and dress comfortably. For more details about Kalaa Utsavam 2018, visit www.esplanade.com/kalaautsavam  
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da:ns festival 2018 Invisible Habitudes 看不见的归属 by T.H.E Dance Company (Singapore)
In a world of rapid political and social change, we experience loud volumes of opinions and beliefs, many extreme and absolute. Finding one’s personal belief and identity becomes increasingly complicated. In da:ns festival commission Invisible Habitudes, choreographer Kuik Swee Boon explores these issues through the language of dance—where solidity and fluidity intersect—in a dialogue between the body and its environment.The performance was created using T.H.E. Dance Company’s “hollow body” methodology, an improvisation-based approach that focuses on the relationship between the mind, body and heart, where the body is a hollow container that carries an individual’s world. Invisible Habitudes expresses the authentic experiences of each dancer, telling the story of a fluid identity woven from memory, childhood, culture and ethnicity. Each unique body upholds inclusivity and compassion as antidotes to the relentless pursuit of one’s convictions at the expense of others. Invisible Habitudes is the first full-length ticketed dance performance at Esplanade’s Outdoor Theatre. In tandem with the production’s themes, the open-air venue allows for interactions with the environment, connecting to the sounds and sights of the wider world. The international collaboration also unites award-winning Taiwanese musician Yujun Wang, who performs live on stage, Singaporean lighting designer Adrian Tan and T.H.E’s talented cast of dancers. This production is part of T.H.E’s 10th anniversary celebrations.Commissioned by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay for da:ns festival 2018About T.H.E Dance Company: Described as a dance company “at the top of its game”, The Human Expression Dance Company (T.H.E), is synonymous with Singapore contemporary dance of the highest quality and artistry. Founded in 2008 by artistic director Kuik Swee Boon with six members, T.H.E has performed at major local arts festivals such as Singapore Arts Festival, Esplanade’s da:ns festival and Huayi – Chinese Festival of Arts, and international festivals including Les Hivernales Festival in Avignon, France and Niigata International Dance Festival in Japan.With its unique brand of highly physical and kinetic works, T.H.E digs deep into the universal human experience. Their work is connected to the heritage and collective history of Singapore, juxtaposed with incisive, insightful observations on modern society. Kuik also developed the “hollow body” methodology, a practice that trains dancers to be all-rounded performers with the ability to convey the essence of their identity and lived experiences through the full spectrum of physical, emotional, philosophical and meaningful expression. 
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da:ns festival 2018 Until the Lions by Akram Khan Company (U.K.)
“lean, trilling and beautiful” – The Guardian“A sinister, magical dance epic” – Timeout“This is a little firecracker of a show, one that really stays with you and grows in the memory.” – The Telegraph “As in many myths, the female characters are often the unsung heroes, the figures of strength and imagination and endurance. It is their unsung stories in particular that still haunt me today.” – Akram KhanFirmly established as one of the world’s most important choreographers, Akram Khan returns to the Esplanade with a production inspired by the female from the adaptation of poet Karthika Naïr’s book Until the Lions: Echoes from the Mahabharata, an original reworking of the 2,500-year-old Indian epic. The work centres on the warrior Bheeshma who abducts the princess Amba on her wedding day. Amba vows vengeance, kills herself, and is reborn as Shikhandi, a woman later given male form by a forest spirit, and who finally defeats Bheeshma on the battlefield—the culmination of two lifetimes of devotion through wrath.With this show, Khan comes full circle with the Mahabharata since he performed in the late British theatre doyen Peter Brooks’ iconic adaptation of the story when he was a teenager. This time, his interest is in exploring strength and vengeance. The production features Khan’s trademark style of intelligently crafted storytelling, which marries contemporary dance, kathak, and live music.Three exceptional dancers, Rianto (Indonesia), Ching-Ying Chien (Taiwan) and Joy Alpuerto Ritter (Philippines), perform on a set designed by award-winning artist Tim Yip from Hong Kong, who won an Oscar for Best Art Direction for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000). The characters dance on the cross-section of a giant tree trunk while surrounded by live musicians and powerful vocalists, and embody Khan’s signature choreography, which combines flexibility, precision, speed, slowness, fluidity and absolute presence.About Akram Khan:Akram Khan is firmly established as one of the world’s most important choreographers. In nearly two decades, he has created a body of work that has garnered numerous accolades, including the Laurence Olivier Award and the Bessie Award (New York Dance and Performance Award). A highlight of his career was the creation of a section of the London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony that was received with unanimous acclaim.An instinctive and natural collaborator, Khan has been a magnet for world-class artists from other cultures and disciplines. His previous collaborators include the National Ballet of China, actress Juliette Binoche, ballerina Sylvie Guillem and visual artist Anish Kapoor.His company Akram Kham Company is now one of the foremost innovative dance companies in the world. Khan has been described by the Financial Times as an artist “who speaks tremendously of tremendous things”.
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da:ns festival 2018 Rasas Workshop - Introduction to Traditional Javanese Dance by Soerya Soemirat Mangkunegaran Royal Palace (Indonesia)
From intricate gestures to subtle head turns and graceful poses, the hypnotic quality of traditional Javanese dance has enthralled the world. Join the dancers from the Soerya Soemirat Mangkunegaran Royal Palace in Surakarta, Central Java, as they share the beauty of Javanese choreography, the stories behind these complex dances, and teach you some of the basic movements. This workshop is suitable for people with no dance experience.Meeting Point: Theatre Studio Entrance, Level 4, 15 mins before start time.Dress comfortably for this dance workshop. Participants may be asked to remove their footwear during the workshop. 
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In finding new ways to bring the arts closer to you, we also want to get to know you better. Esplanade&Me (E&Me) is an opportunity for us to grow our community and strengthen our relationship with you through the arts.E&Me is more than a card for arts lovers; it’s your special pass to experience the arts, a chance to go behind the scenes, a way to support the arts – an opportunity for everyone to be engaged, be involved and be entertained.Visit www.esplanade.com for details  
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Limelight 2018 by Nan Chiau High School Choir
The Nan Chiau High School (NCHS) Choir was formed in 2001 with a vision of developing students with the passion for choral singing while, at the same time, providing a platform to discover and nurture students’ musical talents. Today, the NCHS Choir stands firm in her belief in raising the standards of choral singing and has since embarked on a rich and eventful journey.The choir has been actively participating in school and public performances such as the Annual Speech Day, Biannual Arts Festival, as well as the school musical Equilibrium. The choir has also participated in overseas competitions and clinched Gold Awards in the 21st Century International Choral Festival cum Competition 2007 and Winter Choral Festival 2010. Locally, the choir has been awarded Gold and Certificate of Distinction for the Singapore Youth Festival since 2007.Choral music is the core of the choir's humanity, it is their sense of community and souls. With choral music, they will uncover the many facets of the human spirit and reconnect with the soul—from deep spirituality of sacred music, to the raw energy of Hungarian folksong, to the enchanting glow of Scandinavian music, to the glorious majesty of 21st-century film music, to the fun and frivolity of children game songs of Taiwan and Japan.Tonight, the NCHS Choir wishes to take you on an odyssey over time and space through choral music from 4 continents—Europe, Asia, and North and South America. In this epic journey through different genres of music, they will explore sacred music from the European masters such as Gabriel Faure and Benjamin Britten; they will uncover the charm of various European and Asian folk music; and they will also give you a glimpse of jazz and a touch of pop. The NCHS Choir aim to transport you from the sunny shores of Singapore to the bitter cold of Lapland in Finland, from the present to the Romantic Era and back to the 21st century.In tonight’s concert, you can look forward to the soothing sounds of the classics such as Cantique de Jean Racine by Gabriel Faure, and familiar favourites such as Home by Dick Lee. You will also be thrilled by the rhythms of South America in Salmo 150 by Ernani Aguiar. Come join the NCHS Choir tonight and reunite with your soul through music as they celebrate our humanity through song!Bringing the arts to communities in need through Limelight Half of the ticket proceeds will go toward supporting Esplanade’s community engagement programmes which bring the arts to at-risk youth, the elderly, people with special needs and other underserved communities.
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Limelight 2018 by Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary) Choir
Fairfield Choir is a choir with a rich choral tradition, starting out in 1960 as a group under the Music Society. In 1975, the choir took part in National Day Celebrations for the first time and the choristers sang on board a float decorated by our very own schoolteachers. In 1977, the choir clinched the first position in the choral section of the Arts Festival as well as Youth festival. The choir was also invited to sing at the first festival of arts in the same year. Although it began as an all girls’ group, Fairfield Choir became a mixed choir in 1987. With a fine record of several distinctions, awards in the SYF competition, it was one of the pioneer choirs in the choral excellence programme in 1988. Since then, the choir has won many accolades for its stellar performances locally and internationally.In 1991, the choir won the coveted “Choir of the Year” award in the 2nd Singapore Youth Festival competition. It also clinched the “Best Secondary School Choir” award in 1995 with a Certificate of Distinction. In the subsequent SYF choral competitions, Fairfield Choir was awarded three Silver awards, four Gold awards, one Gold with Hours award, and three Certifications of Distinction. Fairfield Choir was also one of the selected choirs to perform at the Esplanade on 25th July 2005 for the SYF opening ceremony.Fairfield Choir had its first overseas trip to Perth, Australia in 1994.  The choir performed at various places to share and spread the good reputation of Fairfield as a singing school.  Using their musical talents as singing ambassadors for the Lord, Fairfield Choir was awarded Silver awards at the International Festival of Advent and Christmas Music with Petr Eben’s Prize held at Czech Republic, Prague, 2002, at the VIII Concorso Corale In international, Riva del Garda, Italy, 2004 and at the International Festival of Advent and Christmas Music, Bratislava, Slovakia, 2010. The choir also achieved the International Gold Zlata award at the 34th International Festival of Songs, Olomouc, Prague, 2006.Fairfield Choir is honoured to have had so many opportunities to showcase their talents both locally and abroad. Aware of the rich choral legacy they have to uphold, the choristers put in many hours each week to hone their abilities. They currently train under the guidance of Mr Yong Chee Foon and Mrs Wynne On. Bringing the arts to communities in need through Limelight Half of the ticket proceeds will go toward supporting Esplanade’s community engagement programmes which bring the arts to at-risk youth, the elderly, people with special needs and other underserved communities. 
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Kalaa Utsavam - Indian Festival of Arts 2018 NADI - The River by Spanda Dance Company
“Rivers serve to remind us that we are linked to the varied philosophies, cultures and languages that the river witnesses in its continual flow through our lands.” – Leela SamsonThe river is the very source of life.From Sufi fakirs in the North to the Baul singers in Bengal, and to the Sangam poets and classical composers in the South, an ocean of poetry has been penned over centuries, inspired by the river.Performed by Leela Samson’s Spanda Dance Company, whose Singapore debut was in 2014 as part of Kalaa Utsavam – Indian Festival of Arts, Nadi explores the love and longing, the physical changes and the deep philosophy that the river inspired through the centuries-old voices of India’s poets.Nadi is a selection of poems written in six Indian languages: Tamil, Sanskrit, Kannada, Urdu, Hindi and Bengali. The musical expressions are varied. The production features a traditional thumri (classical hindustani song) from the city of Varanasi; Rabindranath Tagore’s (1861–1941) poetic and musical expression that reflects the soulful music of the wandering Bauls of Bengal; a 200 to 300-year-old bandish (a fixed, melodic composition in hindustani music) said to be written by Ustad Taanras Khan as a duaiyan nazm (Urdu poem) on Hazrat Khizar, an Islamic fakir; the chaste classical expressions of the composer Dikshitar (1775–1835); Sangam poetry (a collection of poems composed by 473 poets, written between 400 BCE and 300 CE) of the Tamil country; a modern-day Girish Karnad piece written in Kannada; and a Rajkumar Bharathi piece written in Tamil on the pitiful condition of the river today.Each poem deals with the concept of the river. These compositions are threaded together by Rajkumar Bharathi, who has retained some traditional tunes and recomposed others in an attempt to create a dialogue between the past and present, and between carnatic and hindustani music. The music, performed live, represents the philosophies, languages, musical genres and instruments that are typical of the area where the poetry was written.For more details about Kalaa Utsavam 2018, visit www.esplanade.com/kalaautsavam  
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Mosaic Music Series Pink Martini
"This is rich, hugely approachable music, utterly cosmopolitan yet utterly unpretentious. And it seems to speak to just about everybody…from grade-schoolers to grandmothers to the young and hip and beautiful."- The Washington Post"One of the world's most elegant live bands."– The TimesSelling out shows at Esplanade in 2010 and 2015, Pink Martini returns to Mosaic for another sensational evening!Founded in 1994, the international musical phenomenon known as Portland’s “little orchestra” performs its multilingual repertoire on concert stages and with symphony orchestras throughout the world. Armed with its infectious signature style crossing genres of classical, jazz and old-fashioned pop, Pink Martini made its European debut at the Cannes Film Festival in 1997 and has since performed at prestigious venues all over the world.In 2014, Pink Martini was inducted into the Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame and the Oregon Music Hall of Fame.
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Octoburst! 2018 Blisko by Children's Art Centre Poznan (Poland)
See, touch, feel. Look inside and find mysteries waiting to be uncovered. Peel away the many layers in this dazzling performance as two dancers, together with the audience, playfully investigate how nature reveals secrets about our world and our relationships within it.Blisko invites you to ‘come closer’ and enter a place where the magical bond of friendship, family and closeness is celebrated.Recommended for children age 6 months to 3 years old.
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Octoburst! 2018 Upside Down by La Baracca (Italy)
In a production that quite literally breathe life into drawings on paper, Upside Down tells the story of two characters brought together by a missing cat.What happens when two people who have previously lived in separate spaces and have seen the world from different points of view are forced together in a common purpose? Perspectives and outlooks are turned upside down as these two strangers figure out how to share a space.Upside Down is a non-verbal show that is visually ever-changing, where objects and spaces change according to the eyes of the watcher.Winner of the Grand Prix and 25 Golden Stars awarded by the Children’s Jury at the Summer Puppet Pier Festival in Maribor, Slovenia (2017).Winner of the Jury Prize at the International Children’s Festival 100, 1,000, 1,000,000 stories of Bucharest, Romania (2017).Recommended for children age 1-4 years old
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da:ns festival 2018 Medium by Rianto (Indonesia)
After successfully touring the world with Akram Khan’s company and Choy Ka Fai’s SoftMachine, Rianto returns to Esplanade with a powerfully virtuosic solo combining folk ritual, traditional and contemporary dance, in dialogue with powerful live Javanese vocals and percussion.Medium is a deeply personal portrait of Rianto the dancer.  Featuring himself and Javanese musician Cahwati on a bare stage, the piece goes to the roots of Indonesian traditional dance and music, exploring nature, spirituality and ritual with a stark minimalism. who dances barefoot with trance-like concentration, moves from controlled, hypnotic movements to frenzied shaking. In his body, we see a fluid amalgamation which has stored movements from contemporary dance, classical Javanese dance and lengger, a traditional cross-gender dance from Central Java, in which he has trained since young. Accompanying him, alternating between roles as partner, lover, friend and mother, is Cahwati, who plays a variety of instruments and contributes live vocals.Rianto is one of Indonesia’s rising dance artists, working with a range of international collaborators and sharing his unique dance vocabulary with the world. Medium is his most personal work, embodying the fluidity of his practice as well as his life ethos. It occupies the space beyond binary opposites, between man and woman, between traditional and contemporary, between conscious control and trance. It is Rianto’s universal call for freedom, for eschewing dogma and for embracing the contradictions, mysteries and layered diversity that is at the heart of Javanese tradition.Co-commissioned by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, Performance Space (Sydney), National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying), deSingel Internationale Kunstcampus, and Staatstheater Darmstadt.Supported by Kommunitas Salihara and Darwin Festival.About Rianto:Born in 1981 in Banyumas, in the southwestern part of Central Java, Rianto trained in classical Javanese dance and Javanese folk dance from a young age, specialising in the cross-gender form of lengger. Rianto has been based in Tokyo, Japan since 2003 where he founded the classical Javanese dance company, Dewandaru Dance Company. He has worked with a spectrum of international artists and companies whilst remaining dedicated to his training and own voice for contemporary Javanese performing arts. He joined Akram Khan Company in 2017, taking over Akram’s role in Until the Lions, which will also be performed in da:ns festival 2018.His other projects include working with Korean choreographer Sen Hea Ha and dancing for Chen Shi Zheng’s opera at Schubert Theatre. In 2007, Rianto received an ANA grant to present his own choreographic works in Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, India and Japan. His most recent solo work Medium premiered in 2016 and continues to tour along with SoftMachine: Rianto, a solo work under the direction of Singaporean performance maker Choy Ka Fai.
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Octoburst! 2018 Dance Appreciation Series: Introduction to Sleeping Beauty By Singapore Dance Theatre
As a lead-up to Singapore Dance Theatre’s 2018 performance of Sleeping Beauty, we have condensed this classic ballet into an hour-long special for young audiences!Learn more about the enchanting world of dance and ballet as you meet Princess Aurora, who falls asleep for a hundred years from an enchantment spell, and her charming prince in this favourite childhood fairy tale.There will also be a meet-and greet-session with the cast after the performance. Don’t forget to come dressed in your favourite costumes!Recommended for children age 2 years and above. 
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da:ns festival 2018 Sixteen da:ns Masterclass by Lip J (Korea)
Push your boundaries and turn your dance routines up a notch, by joining in these masterclasses with the choreographers of Sixteen da:ns Challenge!Lip J is a veteran in the waacking community. She has been in countless battles as a contestant and a judge. Lip J represents the teams: team Mo Lip (free style performance), Elizabitch girl styles), and Team W.O.W. She is well known for her sassy and creative style of waacking, which has captured the imagination of the dance world. Dance Awards: 2017 LINE UP waacking side winner (Korea)2017 Waack to the future 2nd winner (US)2017 Holiday in waacking winner (Korea)2016 Get movin 2:2 Winner (Korea)2016 South side session vol.9 winner (Taiwan)2016 Freestyler's Night vol.1 winner (Korea)2016 Old school Night vol.18 2nd winner (Japan)2015 Waacker's Night vol.5 winner (Korea)2014 C'est La Waack vol.2 2nd Place (Taiwan)2013 Elizabitch Dance Inside Performance competition vol.4 winner (Korea)2013 Who is the Best 2on2 winner (Korea)2013Waacker's Night vol.3 winner (Korea)InstagramFacebookFor ages 13 and above only. This workshop is suitable for intermediate to advanced dancers.Meeting Point: Theatre Studio Entrance, Level 4, 15 mins before start time.Dress comfortably and appropriately for this dance workshop.
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Octoburst! 2018 PARTY by Alfredo Zinola & Maxwell McCarthy (Germany)
We’re having a PARTY and you’re invited!Do you find yourself tapping your feet to your favourite song? Do you dance till you can’t stop when the beat drops? Would you like to dive into the world of your favourite music video? Us too! We’ll bring the DJ, the lights, the music, and a few surprises…and you bring the partyPARTY is an interactive performance filled with pure dance fun. No sitting around, no chilling, just groove! Together with the performers, build a space where you can move freely to express yourself!Note: PARTY is a parent-child performance; the accompanying adult must be 16 years and older.Recommended for children age 6-10 years old.
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in::music Yokez & Isaac Yong - World Through Our Eyes 好in::乐 叶玉棂与杨征宇: 我们的「世」角
In a world of 7 billion people where everyone has a different perspective, music is the bridge that connects one to all.Join homegrown singer-songwriters Yokez and Isaac as they bring you on a beautiful journey of discovering the ways of this world through their musical perspective at in::music. Expect an evening of ballads and lively numbers, including yet-to-be-released originals from the duo, as well as the premiere of a brand-new song written specially for this showcase.YokezYokez is an independent local singer-songwriter known for her sweet vocals and bubbly personality. The former NUS alum has participated in various songwriting competitions and her original compositions are heavily influenced by her personal experiences as well as those around her. She is also a finalist in SG:SW 2018 | Write The Songs, a nationwide Mandopop songwriting festival. Yokez most recently released her debut EP and her songs have entered various charts including Spotify Top 50 Viral Tracks Malaysia All Genre Chart.https://www.facebook.com/YokezOfficialhttps://www.instagram.com/yokezofficial https://www.youtube.com/user/yokelingggIsaac YongLocal singer-songwriter Isaac Yong’s musical journey started when he was 12 years old, inspired by his neighbour’s piano-playing. A self-taught guitarist, violinist and bassist, the former engineer took the plunge to be a full-time musician and has built his presence through various regular gigs at live music establishments. In 2015, he emerged champion at the NTU Music Xpress Songwriting Competition. His songs are widely streamed on platforms such as YouTube, Spotify and KKbox. Isaac hopes to release more original compositions in the coming months.https://www.facebook.com/isaacyongmusic https://www.instagram.com/isaacyongmusic https://www.youtube.com/user/ImNotFish 
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Kalaa Utsavam - Indian Festival of Arts 2018 Parasu The Story of an Ultimate Warrior by Avant Theatre Co-produced by Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay
Parasurama, the valiant warrior sage, is the sixth avatar or manifestation of Lord Vishnu. He lived through the lives of the avatars Rama, Balarama, Krishna, and Kalki, the last of whom he was destined to mentor. He was also teacher to Bhishma, Drona and Karna, who were the greatest champions of the famous epic, Mahabharatha. Parasurama was a man of principles who stood by his beliefs despite facing some of the toughest decisions any mortal could make. He was also the fiercest among the human avatars. Parasu: The Story of an Ultimate Warrior  follows some of Parasurama’s trials and tribulations, exploring his struggle of having to choose between duty and righteousness and the limits of the anger that had built up inside him over centuries.  For more details about Kalaa Utsavam 2018, visit www.esplanade.com/kalaautsavam  
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Kalaa Utsavam - Indian Festival of Arts 2018 Ganga - The Heavenly Princess An Esplanade Production
Before the sacred Ganges River got its name, it was known as Ganga, the mischievous daughter of the mighty mountain king Himalaya who lives in heaven. One day, a king from Earth named Bhagirath begs Himalaya for help with his land, which has been suffering from years of severe drought. As it turns out, only Ganga has the power to save his kingdom. The only thing is, Ganga is too powerful for Earth.How will Ganga help Bhagirath without swallowing his land whole? Follow her adventure as she makes her way down from heaven and meets someone who can help her with her problem! Watch Ganga bring back the rain and restore the greenery on Earth. Through narration in English, dance and drama, Ganga – The Heavenly Princess is about our precious oceans and rivers, and why we shouldn’t take them for granted.For more details about Kalaa Utsavam 2018, visit www.esplanade.com/kalaautsavam  
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da:ns festival 2018 The Third Space By Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Singapore)
Celebrate the talents and diversity of Singapore’s dance landscape in this showcase by pre-professional dance students from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA).In The Third Space, post-colonial culture academic Homi Bhabha’s theory on hybrid identities is used metaphorically to describe Singapore’s increasingly complex cultural landscape. Drawing on their diverse backgrounds, NAFA choreographers Filomar Tariao (a senior dance lecturer who migrated from the Philippines), Ming Poon (a NAFA artist-in-residence who moved to Europe), and Kenneth Tan and Chew Shaw En (both of whom are global trekking NAFA alumni based in Singapore), position their work at the “inter”— defined by Bhabha as the cutting edge of translation and negotiation.The Third Space is part of da:ns festival’s Next Generation, which allows young dancers from arts colleges in Singapore to hone their performance skills. Students work with international and local choreographers invited by their schools to learn different approaches to dance creation.About Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA):NAFA’s dance faculty speaks a distinct language of its own. With its rigorous practical training in contemporary and classical dance, it is one of the few conservatory-style programmes in Southeast Asia with a progressive outlook. Focusing on practice-based learning, it is underpinned by somatic practices, creative approaches and contextual studies, giving students’ repertoire both edge and versatility. 
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Limelight 2018 by Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School (Secondary) Choir
The passionate Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School (Secondary) Choir, also known as One Voice, has been contributing actively to the vibrant cultural life of the school and external organisations. The all-girls youth choir has been actively participating in choral workshops, festivals, competitions and performances during festivities like Christmas and Chinese New Year.As a mark of its excellent choral programme, the choir consistently receives recognition at the Singapore Youth Festival by achieving Gold Awards in 2005, 2009 and 2011. In 2013, the choir was selected by the President's and Prime Minister's Office to perform at the National Day Observance Ceremony in the Istana.under the choral direction and leadership of their conductor, Ms Choy Siew Woon, the choir received a Certificate of Distinction at the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation in 2013, 2015 and 2017.This year, One Voice debuts at Limelight in 2018 with Songs of Innocence and Joy, a whimsical programme of choral works from all around the world. The concert culminates in a collaboration between the choir and the PLMGS Harp Ensemble, in Benjamin Britten's A Ceremony of Carols, ushering in the Advent season! Bringing the arts to communities in need through Limelight Half of the ticket proceeds will go toward supporting Esplanade’s community engagement programmes which bring the arts to at-risk youth, the elderly, people with special needs and other underserved communities. 
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Kalaa Utsavam - Indian Festival of Arts 2018 Avial
“Few bands in the contemporary indie scene in the country have been able to sustain that momentum, transcending language barriers, on the back of just that one album as haveAvial.”-The HinduThere is nothing quite like the music Avial makes. Just a decade ago at a time when the indie rock scene in India was dominated by English-singing groups, the self-styled Kerala-based band made headlines with their genre-bending, moody brand of alternative Malayalam rock, written in their native tongue. Despite language differences in and outside of India, they continue to receive overwhelming responses, evident in the huge turnouts wherever they play.Not many in Indian alternative rock come close to replicating the band’s feat, or have found success producing music that permeates India’s multilingual society with such immediacy and emotional appeal. To their legions of fans all over India and the subcontinent, Avial will always be the band that “shuns all norms” (Rolling Stone India).Since 2003, Avial have been making music together, taking inspiration from a broad swathe of musical influences including electronic, folk and alternative rock, and infusing them with earthy Malayalam poetry on social and political issues. Their self-titled debut, which took four years to produce—and which swept up six awards at the Rolling Stone Jack Daniels Rock Awards in 2009—comprises eight tracks including their most popular singles Nada Nada and Chekele (a cover of a Malayalam folk song). The current line-up features vocalist Tony John, guitarist Rex Vijayan, drummer Mithun Puthenveetil and bassist Binny Isaac. Catch the legendary band as they make their debut in Singapore this November. This year also marks the 10th anniversary of their eponymous debut album. For more details about Kalaa Utsavam 2018, visit www.esplanade.com/kalaautsavam  
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Kalaa Utsavam - Indian Festival of Arts 2018 Vasantham Live : Nenjukulle
Vasantham LIVE Nenjukulle brings you an evening of local songs by Singapore’s Tamil music talents, in commemoration of the TV channel’s 10th anniversary. Homegrown artists Rishi Kumaar, Suthasini, Vishnu Balaji, Satthia and many more, look set to give you an unforgettable musical experience with performances of original songs from their albums and from Vasantham dramas and local movies. Break out in dance and groove to Ketta Pullai, LOL Sollathey and Kshatriyan from popular drama series; and sing along to Oru Murai, . Also featuring 2017’s Fusion Beats Mentorship band, The Groove Factory.For more details about Kalaa Utsavam 2018, visit www.esplanade.com/kalaautsavam  
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Kalaa Utsavam - Indian Festival of Arts 2018 Bali by Adishakti Theatre
International PremiereOne of the unsung heroes of the Indian epic Ramayana is the army of monkeys from the land of Kishkindha that helped Rama win his war against the demon king Ravana. But before these simian soldiers followed him into war, their ruler, the monkey king Bali, commanded them all.A meditation on justice, ethics and morality, Adishakti’s Bali is a retelling of the crucial events that led to the death of the titular character, which set the rest of the story in motion. The play explores the notion of right or wrong through the different viewpoints of characters Bali, Tara, Sugreeva, Angadha, Rama and Ravana, while imploring the audience to take a step back from ideology and identity to answer the question: where does one draw the line?  Adishakti’s brand of contemporary theatre is known for its visual spectacle and moments of intense emotions. Its hallmark style has evolved over years of research to include traditional performance forms and the martial art practice of kalaripayattu. Written and directed by long-time company member Nimmy Raphel, this production incorporates elements of Indian wrestling gusti.For more details about Kalaa Utsavam 2018, visit www.esplanade.com/kalaautsavam  
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da:ns festival 2018 Nederlands Dans Theater 1 (The Netherlands)
“One of world dance’s truly great companies” – Daily Telegraph“If the world’s dance companies occupied the shelves of a bar, Nederlands Dans Theater would sit comfortably on the top like a fine liquor—smooth, complex, potent.” – The New York Times“What atmospheric richness, what dramatic intensity—in the best moments—and what an outpouring of meaningful expressive discoveries about the human body this company offered” – Washington PostThe world renowned Nederlands Dans Theater 1 (NDT 1) is synonymous with technical virtuosity and gorgeously slick productions that never fail to transform audiences into dance lovers. The company returns with a power-packed production comprising four pieces: two works by house choreographers Sol León and Paul Lightfoot, Shoot the Moon and Stop-Motion; The Statement and Woke up Blind by associate choreographers Crystal Pite and Marco Goecke (also a resident choreographer with the Stuttgart Ballet), respectively.Shoot the Moon by Sol León & Paul LightfootA set of revolving walls magically transforms to reveal three separate rooms of three different couples. Inspired by film-noir, this provocative psycho-drama explores the gamut of hidden emotions from tenderness to violence, set to a Philip Glass score.Stop-Motion by Sol León & Paul LightfootSet to haunting music by Max Richter and performed by seven dancers, this production paints a moving picture of loss and grief, reinforced by video projections on large screens. The dancers’ movements, amid clouds of chalk dust, evoke ephemerality and transformation.The Statement by Crystal PiteThis striking piece by Pite, who is one of the most innovative choreographers working today, takes dance into the boardroom. Part play, part dance, the work features dancers dressed in office suits enacting a Machiavellian battle of wills around a conference table. The piece is set to a spoken word soundtrack based on a script written by Jonathan Young.Woke up Blind by Marco GoeckeYoung love, reckless and passionate, takes centrestage in this piece driven by two songs by American singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley. Buckley’s vocal power and frenetic guitar-playing are matched by complex and fluid choreography. The piece’s creator, Goecke, is a sought-after artist who has worked with leading companies including Hamburg Ballet and Zurich Ballet.About Nederlands Dans Theater 1:Founded in 1959, Nederlands Dans Theatre (NDT) is widely considered one of Europe’s premier dance companies which successfully forged a middle path between classical ballet and contemporary dance. NDT has been a seedbed for many dance artists who have gone on to establish their own companies around the world, including Ohad Naharin and Nacho Duato. Comprised of two internationally renowned dance troupes, NDT1 is their premier group, with 28 world-class dancers. Each one excels in their solo qualities, and are renowned for their versatility, astonishing technique and virtuosic expression.Built on a rich legacy of former artistic directors Jiří Kylián and Hans van Manen, the company is currently led by artistic director Paul Lightfoot in choreographic partnership with his long-time collaborator Sol León. NDT has over 600 works in their repertoire. Masterpieces like Bella Figura, Symphony in D and Déjà Vu are among the classics of the company. A part of the collection is even included in the archive of the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, a unique phenomenon in the Dutch ballet world.
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Footwork: Parents & Kids
Discover the joy of movement and fall in love with dance at da:ns festival’s Footwork workshops. A great way for parents and kids aged 7–10 years old to bond and have lots of fun and laughter in these choreographed dance moves!There’s no better way to fall in love with dance than to try dancing yourself. Footwork gives you the opportunity to learn popular dances from the experts and pick up some moves in the months leading up to the da:ns festival.Click here for the schedules of the respective shows.Click here for more synopsis of the respective shows
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Kalaa Utsavam - Indian Festival of Arts 2018 Niladri Kumar : Where Tradition meets Innovation
Hailing from a lineage of five generations of sitar players, Niladri Kumar is a world renowned and global icon. Under the guidance, and numerous years of training from his Father and guru pandit Kartick Kumar, Niladri went on to revolutionise the style of sitar-playing and invented his own instrument, which he coined the zitar. He was the first to go electric. Niladri is hailed as a serious exponent of Indian music who has a youth appeal.It has been his constant endeavor to increase the interest and respect for this traditional art form in the younger generation, by making it accessible to them in a form they are more familiar with and better attuned to.Today, critics have praised his mastery of the sitar and his swiftness and magical ability to produce soul-stirring compositions which has earned him the nickname “Asian Hendrix”. Niladri leaves every music lover, orthodox or progressive, spellbound at his performances. Joining him in this concert are Satyajit Talwalkar on the tabla, Agnelo Fernandes on the keyboard, and Shikhar Naad Qureshi on percussion. The concert showcases his slick ability to play the sitar and zitar.For more details about Kalaa Utsavam 2018, visit www.esplanade.com/kalaautsavam  
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Sat, 10 Nov 2018


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