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Mother's Day Special - Mother's Day Singalong
妈妈爱唱歌 母亲节大家唱

Sing along to your mother’s favourite songs over the decades from Fei Yu Qing, Feng Fei Fei, Liu Wen Zheng, Teresa Teng, Jacky Cheung, Emil Chau and many more this Mother’s Day! Hosted by LOVE 97.2FM DJs Cai Lee Lian, Kenneth Jian Wen, Wendy Xiao Ying and Capital 95.8FM DJs Pan Jia Biao, Lin Ling Zhi and Gao Yi Xin, sing along with over a thousand mothers to familiar tunes and look forward to performances by Taiwanese songstress Zeng Shuqin and iconic Xin Yao singer Hong Shaoxuan. Join us as we take you and your mum down memory lane filled with evergreen tunes, games and fun on a truly unforgettable night!

配合母亲节的到来,LOVE 97.2 DJ蔡礼莲、江坚文、曾晓英与CAPITAL 95.8 DJ潘家镳、林灵芝和高逸芯将带领大家一起在现场乐队的伴奏下高唱1970至2000年代妈妈最爱的经典好歌,包括费玉清、凤飞飞、刘文正、邓丽君、张学友、周华健等的成名曲。台湾著名歌手曾淑勤和本地新谣歌手洪邵轩也会前来助兴!现场也会献上小惊喜,让你有机会赢取丰富奖品。买票的观众也能领取礼包!让我们一起唱妈妈最爱的金曲,每首歌必能唤起她的回忆!这个母亲节,送妈妈一份爱的礼物吧!

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16 Apr 2018, 10.30am

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16 Apr 2018, 10.30am


Approximately 2 hours 30 minutes

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Event Date
Sun, 6 May 2018


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Standard : S$38

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