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The Blues Project

Asian Premiere

Explosive tap dancing set to emotive blues in innovative American fusion

Created by the world-class powerhouse team of Michelle Dorrance, Derick K. Grant, Toshi Reagon, and Dormeshia Sumbry-EdwardsThe Blues Project brings together some of today’s best tap artists, musicians, and choreographers in an innovative evening of rhythm, original live music, explosive energy, and raw emotion. Featuring performances by Bessie award-winning tap dance company Dorrance Dance with acclaimed singer-songwriter-guitarist Toshi Reagon and BIGLovelyThe Blues Project is a creative collaboration that explores the relationship between music, sound, and movement.

As described by the Washington Post, "[the] intimate and rowdy merging of dance and music, with one disappearing into the other, hits you like a sonic distillation of a blistering American past and its perilous present, with a transcendent strength of spirit woven through.” This 60-minute production features an original score composed by Reagon, and performed live with her five-piece band, BIGLovely. Choreography by Dorrance, Grant, and Sumbry-Edwards, coupled with improvisations by the versatile dancers of Dorrance Dance, drives home the powerful conversation between live music and tap dance as its own musical score. 

Winner of a Bessie Award in 2015 for outstanding production, The Blues Project brings together two dynamic ensembles for a transfixing program that expands and shatters notions about their respective art forms.

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5 Feb 2018, 9pm




Approximately 1 hours
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Arts House Limited

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“Ms. Dorrance plays the crowd as well as her feet: She leaves you wanting more” - New York Times


‘Blues Project’ commands the stage with joyous tap” - San Francisco Chronicle


“Their show ... really should be called “The Bliss Project” - The Washington Post

SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ARTS 2018 Octavia E. Butler's Parable of the Sower
Asian PremiereA genre-defying work that harnesses two centuries of Black American music to tell a post-apocalyptic story of survival through songParable of the Sower fuses science fiction, African-American spiritualism, deep insights into gender and race, and climate activism to construct a mesmerising meditation on the future of human civilisation.Written by Toshi Reagon and Bernice Johnson Reagon, the musical adaptation of Parable of the Sower follows Octavia E.Butler’s novel in chronicling the spiritual awakening of young Lauren Olamina, amidst a dystopian America wracked by the violence brought on by climate change, unrelenting greed, and systemic injustice. A multi-talented singer, songwriter, composer and music director with a profound ear for sonic Americana, Toshi Reagon is one of the most accomplished musicians of our times. American music and entertainment magazine Vibe described her as “one helluva rock’n’roller-coaster ride” while cultural magazine PopMatters called her a “treasure waiting to be found”. Octavia E. Butler’s Parable of the Sower is Toshi’s latest collaboration with Bernice Johnson Reagon, an iconic singer, scholar and activist who has been a profound contributor to African American and American culture for over half a century.This captivating theatrical work of rare power and beauty is staging in Asia Pacific for the first time, fresh from a triumphant world premiere in Abu Dhabi and a stunning US debut in November 2017. It is directed by Obie award-winning director Eric Ting, artistic director of the California Shakespeare Theatre. Singapore audiences would be thrilled to know of a local connection: the show is produced by Singapore-born, US-based director and producer Wang Meiyin, an alumnus of Singapore Repertory Theater. 
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Three nights of top-notch jazz performed by nine bands from Singapore and the regionSingapore International Festival of Arts celebrates International Jazz Day! Celebrated globally on 30 April annually, the UNESCO-designated day spotlights the musical genre’s power to unite cultures and promote diversity. For three nights the Play Den at the Festival House will be converted into a cozy jazz club, featuring performances by some of Singapore’s most beloved jazz musicians, as well as friends from the neighbouring scenes.Satfeat. The Suitcase, Alemay Fernandez and Chok Kerong Organ Trio (Singapore)Sunfeat. WVC Malaysian Jazz Ensemble (Malaysia), Deixa (Australia) and Alina Ramirez and Mario Lopez Latin Jazz Quartet (Singapore)Monfeat. Aya Sekine, Rani Singam and Andrew Lim, and Christy’s Communicative Artists (Singapore)
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Hold your judgements at a mixed-media presentation of death penalty casesA newly formed collective - GroundZ-0 (founded by Singapore artist Zelda Tatiana Ng) has resurrected a slice of the National Gallery Singapore’s recent history through a mixed-media presentation that leads audiences on an interactive tour that retraces the steps of defendants in some of the country’s most notorious criminal cases.While most know that the gallery is housed under the combined roofs of two of Singapore’s most distinctive colonial-era buildings — the former Supreme Court and the City Hall — many may not have realised that before its present incarnation, the former was Singapore’s highest court where many of the country’s most shocking criminal cases punishable by death were brought to be tried.Through multilingual performances based on some of Singapore’s shocking crimes, Ground Z-0 invites audiences to step into the shoes of all parties involved in every death penalty case — victims and their family members,  death row inmates and their families, defendant lawyer, prosecutor, prison warden and witnesses — as they walk along a route leading from what were former holding cells for defendants, to the courtroom.Strictly no admission for patron age below 15 yrs old.
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SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ARTS 2018 An Enemy of the People by Schaubühne Berlin
Southeast Asia PremiereCelebrated German director Thomas Ostermeier takes on Ibsen’s 19th century play in a riotous stage production.Bringing his signature aesthetic and gritty realism to a Southeast Asia stage for the first time, the internationally renowned theatre director gives a modern update to Henrik Ibsen’s still topical story of one man’s crusade to tell the truth at all costs. In between a rock band rehearsal, hipster costumes, riffs from David Bowie, and an electrifying climax where the audience is called upon to participate in rowdy debate, the remarkable production boldly tackles very contemporary dilemmas that seem to have added resonance six years on.Adapted from Ibsen’s original play by playwright Florian Borchmeyer, Enemy of the People follows the messianic journey of a Dr Stockmann who discovers that the drinking water in his spa town is contaminated by industrial waste, and the persecution he faces when his exposé becomes inconvenient to the tourism the town depends on.Since its debut in Berlin in 2012, Enemy of the People played to rave reviews from critics and audiences alike in Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Istanbul, Melbourne and Seoul, just to name a few cities. There is no reason why audiences in Southeast Asia will be an exception.
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Grammy Award winner Jacob Collier in one-night only concertJacob Collier has proven himself worthy of every superlative that has been used to describe him. Hailed as one of the world’s most prodigious and innovative musicians of his generation, the London-based autodidactic multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer, arranger and producer is a two-time Grammy Award winner at only just 23 years old.Defying labels in his music but often referred to as a jazz genius, the young virtuoso grew up in a musical family and first rose to popularity when his homemade multi-track YouTube videos went viral. Collier’s musical style is a fusion of jazz, a cappella, groove, folk, electronic music, gospel, soul and improvisation, and often features extreme use of re-harmonisation. His impressive interpretations of popular songs attracted legendary fans in the Jazz community including record producer Quincy Jones who was so impressed, he signed Collier up to his management company.In July 2016, Collier released his debut album, In My Room, recorded, composed and produced entirely by him in his London home. Critically well-received, the album went on to top jazz charts and win him two Grammys. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness his multi-instrumental, multi-visual format on stage, one show only!
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Festival CommissionUnearth ancient stories hidden in Singapore’s oldest Christian churchThe oral tradition is no different to a monument. Unbridled by time or tide, both traverse the ages carrying with them stories from a long time ago.For close to two centuries, the Armenian Church sat quietly in its secret garden situated in the heart of a frenetic city. Not just a architectural celebration of the divine, it is a sanctuary for the soul and a place for remembrance. The Hidden invites audiences to step into this refuge, to contemplate our relationship with these stories and the monument.Centred on three locations within the Armenian Church, Singapore’s oldest church, The Hidden is an intimate site-specific storytelling performance that takes place against a 183-year-old setting. Reminiscent of a time when traditional storytellers and musicians travelled from place to place, connecting their listeners to their places through stories and songs, audiences roam the church’s grounds with Kamini Ramachandran, a pioneer in the field of storytelling in Asia.With the sound of her voice as a guide and to the accompaniment of live music, be led to the chapel, through the restored parsonage and into the memorial garden as the tales unearth lives of travellers, lovers and heroes from realms both real and unreal. Hear about how they shaped their lives and worlds in a time before time, as the yarns spin into view invisible threads that connect us to the old world. Among silent tombstones, a tactile encounter with fabrics wraps you up in time and space — you too are a monument.What are the untold tales woven within and around these silent, ancient relics? How does it feel to be at a standstill since time immemorial, unable to leave yet to hear all that surrounds you? For just a moment, suspend your disbelief and find yourself suspended in time.Strictly no admission for patron age below 15 yrs old.
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SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ARTS 2018 Festival House: Anticipation of One by SA x NADA x Brandon Tay
A collective audiovisual performance by six inventive local artists, exploring the convergence of multiple selvesSelves don’t exist firmly in the present; they are “just coming into life in the flow of time” by virtue of their dependence on future loci of interpretance — future semiotic selves — that will come to interpret them. All semiosis, then, creates future. — Eduardo Kohn, How Forests Think: An Anthropology Beyond the HumanSix artists, each a point of convergence between multiple pasts, presents, and futures, meld into their multiple selves, entangled in a web of collaboration and co-existence. SA x NADA x Brandon Tay is the inventive collective result, an ensemble audiovisual performance that explores the amalgamation of these individual selves from three distinct bodies of art.SA (仨), a triplet band trained in traditional Chinese music, explores identity through the creation of original soundscapes with an inventive approach to Chinese musical instruments; visual arts and sound duo NADA, conjure up sights and sounds of bygone eras through a contemporary approach to Southeast Asian music. An audiovisual performer whose multifaceted approach spans multiple mediums, Brandon Tay plays both co-composer and conductor, using media as both the stimulus and accompaniment to SA and NADA’s music.The audience is invited to travel unencumbered by time as both voyeur and voyager, indexing sounds and images as they come to life in the flow of time.
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Asian PremierePoetry in motion in Israeli dance company’s stirring study about love There is definitely something compulsive about OCD Love, a dance inspired by a forlorn spoken word poem by Neil Hilborn about love lost due to the protagonist’s obsessive-compulsive disorder. Primitive and visceral, stirring and stylistically abstract, Israeli dance company L-E-V’s creation is a powerful study about matters of the heart that is danced to relentless techno beats mixed live by musician and DJ Ori Lichtik.In a mesmerising hour fusing movement, music, lighting and technology, six bodies moving with technical precision orbit each other in a space, pulsating in between light and shadows, full of yearning yet always unable to connect. It is the dance embodiment of one person coming to bed while the other gets up, of something that is full and intact, but which has many holes in it. Dancer Sharon Eyal with long-time collaborator Gai Behar, both key figures in Israel’s thriving arts scene and co-founders of L-E-V with Lichtik, have created a contemporary piece about incomprehensible and pathological love — one whose lovers keep missing each other because they are constantly out-of-step, yet are chronically and incurably unable to break free from the other.Again and again, these paradoxes are personified by L-E-V’s dancers — in each suspension and fall of a torso, with each extension of sinuous arms, and on every arabesque. OCD Love is an irresistible visual treat that will grip contemporary dance lovers with its mysterious exploration of imperfect and obsessive love.
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Fairytales and Parisian haute couture captured in the French choreographer’s ageless repertoire Those well-acquainted with the sublime ballets of French dancer and contemporary dance choreographer Angelin Preljocaj will rejoice. Playlist #1 is not one dance, but a long choreographic repertoire of excerpts from ten of his most beautiful solos, duos and ensembles from 1994 till now, in a single show. Those less familiar will find it a wondrous gateway into the works of the much- awarded dancer and artistic director of the Ballet Preljocaj.Playlist #1 expresses the entire breadth of Preljocaj’s choreographic vocabulary, his predilection for written texts, his taste for the introspection of human beings and the value of symbols. It is an extra pure concentrate of virtuoso dance that plunges us into a state of grace or ecstatic contemplation. It is haute couture, made-to-measure to fit the skin and the flesh of the dancers who give life to his inspiration.Among some of the highlights: the otherworldly Spectral Evidence commissioned by New York City Ballet and set to music by experimental composer John Cage; the narrative ballet Snow White that sees dancers outfitted in costumes by Jean Paul Gaultier; and Le Parc, a ballet about love and lust, created for the Opéra de Paris.Playlist #1 is a repertoire that testifies to a journey through Preljocaj’s work and through time.
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SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ARTS 2018 Festival House: Temporal by Intriguant + Flex
Past, present and future collide within the atmospheric centre of Singapore’s Old Parliament HouseWithin the historical interior of the Chamber, musicians conjure up a soundscape of beats with new original music produced by Intriguant and lighting design by Flex, in this immersive audiovisual showcase.Flex is a digital, visual and light artist who’s created visual and projection mapping projects for world renowned brands and collaborated with artists, photographer and fashion designers.Intriguant is a Singapore-based electronic music producer and DJ. Inspired by his surroundings, He uses textural sounds recorded through the years, and backed them with syncopated beats, fusing the physical with the spiritual. He melds soundscapes and rhythms with a wide spectrum of influences that include Hip Hop, Soul and Electronica.
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SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ARTS 2018 Rhymes of Love An Evening of Poetry and Conversation with Javed Akhtar & Shabana Azmi
An enchanting evening of lyrical Urdu poetry, and discussion with acclaimed poet Javed Akhtar and his wife, renowned actress Shabana AzmiJaved Akhtar, noted Indian script writer, lyricist and poet, and his wife  Shabana Azmi, renowned actress and activist come together for a mesmerising evening of lyrical Urdu poetry followed by invigorating conversation on poetry, cinema, the arts and social issues – topics close to their hearts. Javed, an eminent writer who is also a social activist and commentator, will recite a selection of his poetry in Urdu while Shabana complements his recitation with translations of the poems into English.The two hail from well-known Indian families distinguished in the arts. Javed continues a family lineage of Urdu writers spanning seven generations. Shabana is the daughter of Kaifi Azmi, considered to be one the greatest Urdu poets of 20th century, and her mother Shaukat Kaifi a well-known stage actress. Both have the distinct honour of being given the National Award five times in their respective fields with three of them in a row -  an unparalleled achievement. They are also the only couple in the history of India’s Parliament who have been nominated to the Rajya Sabha ( the Upper House ) by the President of India.An enchanting 90 minutes of poetry and discussion with the power couple.
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Love and hope in gentle, lyrical play that recalls the life and works of celebrated Palestinian poet Taha Muhammad AliTAHA is the beautiful optimistic picture of the Palestinian people – of all of us. In his beloved verses, Taha documents hopeful survival after 50 years of loss – loss of his home, his lover, his friends and his shop in Saffureh in Galilee.Adapted from Adina Hoffman’s critically acclaimed book of the poet’s life and works, writer-performer Amer Hlehel has created a tour-de-force solo performance interweaving Taha’s singular and exquisite poetry with his compelling life journey. Born in a village in Galilee in 1931, Taha fled with his family to a refugee camp in Lebanon in 1948 before returning to Nazareth where he ran a souvenir shop and taught himself classical Arabic literature and learnt English.Masterfully performed by Hlehel in both Arabic and English versions under the sensitive direction of Amir Nizar Zuabi, founder of theatre company ShiberHur, TAHA powerfully communicates the sorrow, humour, resilience and tender humanity of this extraordinary man and artist. The one-man production, performed on a stage bare except for a bench and a yellow square, is the purest evidence of the ability of good theatre, free of superlatives, to move hearts and minds.
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Composer Nico Muhly debuts in Singapore with an evening of exceptional music New York City-based classical music composer Nico Muhly makes his concert debut in Singapore with a well-rounded repertoire named after his first solo album. In this 90-min show, Muhly comes together with his closest American collaborators and Singapore-based musicians pianist Lim Yan and percussionist Ramu Thiruyanam to perform a comprehensive selection of his compositions for solos, duos and small ensembles.A much sought-after collaborator whose influences range from American minimalism to the Anglican choral tradition, the Juilliard-educated 37-year-old has achieved a level of success many composers can only dream of. His artistry also reflects a versatility that has seen him collaborate with diverse musicians like Bjork, Hilary Hahn, Emanuel Ax and the Paris Opéra Ballet.Muhly has written more than 80 works including notable ones for stage and cinema, such as the 2013 Broadway revival of The Glass Menagerie and scores for the films Kill Your Darlings; Me, Earl And The Dying Girl; and the Academy Award-winning The Reader. Most recently he produced Looking Up (2017), a work for choir and orchestra for the Cathedral Choral Society.For the show at SOTA Drama Theatre, the ensemble will perform Nico’s works including A Hudson Cycle, Honest Music, and Skip Town. He will also perform some of his commissioned pieces, including No Uncertain Terms, a 2017 piece commissioned by Carnegie Hall, in celebration of Steve Reich’s 80th birthday, and Drones & Viola, commissioned by the Muziekgebouw.
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Festival CommissionToy Factory adapts for the contemporary stage a Ming Dynasty Opera that examines thin line between living and dreaming “When existence in dream is more perceptible than reality, do you wake up or stay asleep?” This is the tempting enticement Toy Factory Productions dangles before audiences with its ambitious modern adaptation of a 16th century epic Kun Opera play by revered Chinese Ming Dynasty playwright Tang Xian Zu.The company stages a theatrical examination of evocative masterpiece A Dream Under the Southern Bough, one that traces a discharged and disgraced naval officer Chun Yu Fen’s intoxicated dreamland escapades into a mighty Ant Kingdom, all while slumbering under an old sophora tree.Bravely taking up the challenge of adapting the first five chapters of the full Kun Opera for the contemporary stage as a theatrical production, founder and award-winning director Goh Boon Teck has produced a beguiling, lyrical prelude to the enchanted passage of a pensive dream. Audiences are encouraged not to awaken, but to dream...This is part one of Toy Factory’s ambitious trilogy, with plans for the next two parts, Reverie and Existence, slated for the next couple of years.A Dream Under the Southern Bough – The Beginning will keep viewers adrift from the concept of time, and question reality altogether.
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Southeast Asian premiereOrwell’s fiction has become our reality.: Big Brother is watchingApril, 1984. 13:00. Comrade 6079, Winston Smith, thinks a thought, starts a diary, and falls in love. But Big Brother is always watching. Set in a world where an invasive government keeps a malevolently watchful eye on its citizens, this radical and much-lauded staging of the literary classic explores surveillance, identity and why Orwell’s vision of the future is as relevant now as ever.Produced by UK theatrical innovators Headlong along with Nottingham Playhouse and the Almeida Theatre, George Orwell’s dystopian classic came roaring onto the stage in 2013 and since then it has become an international phenomenon. Seen by over 500,000 people worldwide, it has enjoyed three hugely successful West End seasons and a season on Broadway and national Australian tour.A literary masterpiece meets sheer theatrical ambition as one of the 20th century’s greatest novels is given new life by some of the British theatre’s fastest rising stars.1984. Book now. Big Brother is watching!1984 is a Headlong, Nottingham Playhouse and Almeida Theatre production, presented by Singapore International Festival of Arts, GWB Entertainment in association with State Theatre Company of South Australia
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Tue, 8 - Wed, 9 May 2018


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