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The Joys of Puppetry - Traditional Chinese Puppet Show and Exhibition
偶戏拾趣 - 中华传统木偶荟萃展演

The Joys of Puppetry - Traditional Chinese Puppet Show and Exhibition

The puppet art in China has a history of thousands of years. It is one of the significant arts among the traditional Chinese folk art (Quyi). The puppet shows from Guangxi have distinctive features and with various forms of performance, including rod puppet, marionette, mollusk puppet, hand puppet, and iron branch puppet.

Every puppet is designed and created in its unique spirit and has the similar characteristics to the real person. When the artists and the puppets perform together on the stage, the expressions and movement of puppets are in coincident with the artists. The puppeteers are proficient in manipulating puppets in the movements like tidying up hats, throwing sleeves, breathing fire, face changing, drinking, and painting. The integration of puppeteers and puppets is the highest state of the art for a puppet show, and it will be more difficult for multiple puppeteers to operate one puppet simultaneously, such performance requires the puppeteers to have rich experience and decades of training.  

The Joys of Puppetry will be a comprehensive performance of various types of puppetry in the theme of traditional Chinese historical stories. This puppet show has a total of six programs, including a traditional puppet show Three Monks which depicts the value of teamwork; Erlang Saving His Mother highlights the value of filial piety; Face-Changing(Bianlian) brings out the ancient Chinese dramatic art of Sichuan opera; a marionette puppet show Zhongkui which operated by 13 threads and shows the complexity of puppetry; A Dream of Rainbow displays the dancing puppets that operated with 8-metre long silk ribbons; Drunken Taibai Writes Calligraphy shows the astonishment of Chinese calligraphy written by puppet. These programs have won several international prizes, including Best Artistic Expression Award, Best Performance Award, Best Stage Art Award at Prague and Croatia World Festival of Puppet Art.

Moreover, there will be interaction with puppeteers on the stage during the performance, which audiences might have a chance to experience the art of puppetry in a close quarter. Besides that, an exhibition themed “Wonderful Puppets” will be held 30 minutes before the performance, in which the history and operation skills of different types of puppets will be explained by a professional puppeteer to help the audiences to gain a deeper insight into the art of puppetry.

偶戏拾趣 - 中华传统木偶荟萃展演




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11 Sep 2018, 2pm

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11 Sep 2018, 2pm




Approximately 1 hour 15 minutes without interval

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  • No admission for infants in arms and children below 4 years old.
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  • No Photography, Video recording and Audio recording is allowed for this event.

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S$23 per ticket for Bank of China Chinese Cultural Debit Card

S$23 per ticket with a minimum purchase of 4 tickets


Biography of Artists/Performers

Presented and Produced by Guangxi Puppet Troupe Co. Ltd.

Guangxi Puppet Troupe Co. Ltd., formerly named as Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Puppet Troupe, which was founded in Apr.1956. It is an organization with the professional artistic performance at the autonomous region level. The troupe has affiliated with Guangxi Art Performance Group, including 5 national first-class artists who are the representative inheritors of the puppetry arts at the autonomous region level, 13 national second-class artists, and a large group of excellent and professional talents in the areas of the art performance, design, production, and operation. 

Guangxi Puppet Troupe Co. Ltd. is focusing on inheriting and promoting the traditional Chinese puppetry arts while exploring the new forms of performance. Over the past six decades, it has produced and performed a number of excellent programs and plays, including Red Boy, Thumbelina, Little Mermaid, Nine-color Deer, Lulu's Journey to the Earth, New Rhyme of Puppet Art, Story under the Sea, Zhuangzhuang, Run Quickly!, and Third Sister Liu and Brother A Niu, and so on. With the rich contents which are covering from ancient to modern characteristics, and integrating of the fables and myths, those plays are well received by the audiences and experts worldwide. Guangxi Puppet Troupe Co. Ltd. has won prizes at various professional art performance competitions nationally and internationally, including Gold Lion Award, Osmanthus Silver Award, Bronze Drum Award at national puppet show competitions, and Best Artistic Expression Award, Best Performance Award, Best Stage Art Award, Best collective Animation Award, Best Drama Award, and Excellent Musical Performance Award at international puppet show competitions.

With its popular and excellent plays, Guangxi Puppet Troupe Co. Ltd. has been performed in many countries, including Czech, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Kampuchea, Thailand, Brunei, Croatia, as well as the regions like Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. Their performances have been highly recognized by the experts and warmly received by the public, which fully demonstrated the excellence and competence of Guangxi Puppet Troupe in the international puppet industry.





Event Date
Sat, 20 - Sun, 21 Oct 2018


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Standard: S$28
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