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爆笑舞台剧 《秘密》 SECRET The Play

Starring top Hong Kong stars and celebrities performing in breakthrough roles like never before!

The stage play 《Secret》 features leading stars including Ha Yu, Louise Lee, Michelle Yim and Louis Yuen – all of which formed the main cast of the popular Hong Kong TV series, Heart of Greed. This dynamic team of actors together with other two excellent actors Elena Kong and Lau Shek Yin united will bring this appeal to the 《Secret》 stage, allowing the audience to feel the tension in a close-up performance. A hilarious, captivating story told from the perspective of mankind , full of plot twists and captivating moments and full of mysteries to be uncovered, yet bound to incite laughter.  Performing in breakthrough roles like never before!

Mysterious tycoon Ren Renzhong (Ha Yu夏雨) left a large inheritance after his death.Before he died, he secretly sent letters to the people who are related to him, telling them about his large inheritance. The recipients of these letters were entitled to inherit a portion of his assets, seven days after his death.

While his son Ren Tianxiang (Louis Yuen阮兆祥) is unaware of who received these letters, he hopes to his father's death a secret, so that he may keep all of the inheritance to himself.

Unexpectedly, within seven days of Renzhong’s death, destitute uncle Ren Renbing (Ha Yu夏雨); Renzheng’s mean first wife Yue Ruyu (Elena Kong江美仪); his mistress, She Xiaoxiao (Michelle Yim米雪); the mistress’s husband Wu Shunchao (Lau Shek Yin刘锡贤); and aunt Zhou Huijuan (Louise Lee李司棋), who likes to play dumb, shows up in front of Ren Tianxiang.

Who among them is the owner of a secret letter? Which of them are bluffing?

And so, the family battle over inheritance breaks out…

香港殿堂级演员阵容带来的的爆笑舞台剧《秘密》由备受欢迎港剧《溏心风暴》系列的核心演员,包括夏雨、李司棋、米雪、阮兆祥连同两位实力派好戏之人江美仪和刘锡贤领衔主演。6位殿堂级演员挑战演艺生涯未演出过的角色。扑朔迷离、步步搅局、 迫力十足的剧情即将引领观众捧腹大笑之余 又一层一层拆解[秘密]!



死前秘密发出信件给有关系的人,指有大笔遗产,若他离逝, 七日后,凭信者将有身家分。其儿子任天祥(阮兆祥饰)不知有多少人收到此秘密信件,希望一直保守父亲已死的秘密,直到七日之期后便独揽遗产。



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3 Dec 2018, 9am

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3 Dec 2018, 10am




Approximately 2 hours
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Fri, 8 - Sat, 9 Mar 2019


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