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Couple's Perfume Workshop

Make a perfect gift and have fun doing so.

Guess your partner's personality and bottle it or create your own signature scent.

Each person makes and takes home 105ml of custom perfume - 3 travel-size sample and 1 hand-polished crystal bottle. Read reviews and find out more at www.Perfumeworkshop.com

A couple would require to purchase two tickets.

Start Sales Date

3 May 2016, 9am
Other Channels:
3 May 2016, 10am

  • English
  • Mandarin
  • Hindi
  • Hokkien

Approximately 2 hours

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Rating / Age Limit

  • All children, age between 5-13, requires a child ticket for entry and needs to be accompanied by an adult
  • All patron requires a ticket for entry
  • Admission is subject to tickets produced at the entrance

Through All SISTIC Channels
S$55 for Child (5 to 13 years old)
[Verification: Present valid ID]
[Please note that random checks on concession tickets will be conducted at the point of entry]
[Patrons unable to present proof of eligibility are required to upgrade their concession tickets to full-priced tickets]

About Je t'aime Perfumery Singapore


We established this place, so you can create your Perfect perfume.


Our work was well received by Singapore Art Museum (SAM), National Museum Singapore in 2015, Indian Heritage Center (IHC), Singapore Science Center (SSC) and other institutes.


Our perfumery is part of digital-platform and Yoursingapore.com by STB. It has also been selected as one of "15  Inspiring Experiences in Singapore":



Some reviews left by others are :



Our corporate client list: https://www.jetaime-singapore.com/corporate-clients.html


About the founder: Ms Prachi Saini Garg


Prachi Saini started Je T'aime Perfumery with the vision of bringing the mysterious art of perfume design to a wider audience. Prior to following her passion in designing signature scents, she worked for nearly 10 years in the architecture and infrastructure construction industries in the USA and India.


Now based in Singapore, she works together with her team to host fragrance workshops and parties where consumers can discover and create their own signature scents. Aside from leading these intimate workshop sessions, Prachi also works closely with consumers to design their signature fragrances, from suggesting ingredients based on their favourite perfumes to designing a formula with their ideas.


Prachi has keen interest in perfumery and has been pursuing it as a hobby since 2006. In 2012, she quit her successful career to pursue it full-time as an 'artistic venture'. She runs these workshops to support her artistic collaborations, which itself has now turned into a successful business.


She has keen interest in 'Fragrance Chemistry' and love to work with Schools, Science Center and other Museums to show practical application of Biology and Chemistry to young Adults.


She graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology (Roorkee) in 1997, and has a Masters in Building Engineering & Management from the School of Planning & Architecture. She also holds an MBA from the University of Hong Kong / London Business School. 

Event Date
Sat, 3 Aug - Sun, 29 Sep 2019

Sat & Sun: 10am - 12pm, 1pm - 3pm, 4pm - 6pm

After booking, do send your names to us via email (Jetaimeperfumery@gmail.com) or phone/SMS/whatsapp (+6591814871)

Ticket Pricing

Standard: S$125 Per person
A couple needs to purchase two tickets
(General Admission)