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National Gallery Singapore - General Admission

National Gallery Singapore is a new visual arts institution which oversees the largest public collection of modern art in Singapore and Southeast Asia. The Gallery is housed in two national monuments—former Supreme Court and City Hall—that have been beautifully restored and transformed into this exciting venue in the heart of the Civic District.
Reflecting Singapore’s unique heritage and geographical location, the Gallery will feature Singapore and Southeast Asian art in its long-term and special exhibitions. It will also work with leading museums worldwide to co-present Southeast Asian art in a wider context, positioning Singapore as a regional and international hub for the visual arts. 

DBS Gallery presents Siapa Nama Kamu?:  Art in Singapore since the 19th Century
"Siapa Nama Kamu?" means "What is your name?" The inaugural exhibition of the DBS Singapore Gallery poses this question, inviting visitors to consider how art may relate to issues of self and community, and what it means to look at Singapore through its art.
Drawing on close to 400 works, it explores the influences and practices that have shaped and transformed Singapore art. Each artwork provides insights into why and how an artist responded to his surroundings and circumstances. Taken as a whole, the wide range of artworks reflects the complexities involved in telling this extensive story.
UOB Southeast Asia Gallery presents Between Declarations and Dreams: Art of Southeast Asia since the 19th Century
If one thing characterises Southeast Asia, it is change. A meeting point for major civilisations, religions and colonial powers, it has experienced a tumultuous social and political history, marked by a complex relationship between local traditions and influences from the West.
Between Declarations and Dreams looks at Southeast Asian art’s continuous encounter with the new, and how artists negotiated meaning and expression as they grappled with change. A powerful exhibition, it displays close to 400 artworks, as well as rare books and artefacts.

Free Admission to all galleries for:

  • Children aged 6 and below
  • Person with Disabilities (PWDs) and one care giver
  • Local & locally-based students and teachers

(Tickets are not available online and must be redeemed over the counters at National Gallery Singapore with valid proof of identity.)

Concessions apply to:

  • Children aged 7-12
  • Seniors aged 60 and above
  • Full-time National Servicemen (NSF) excluding foreign personnel
  • Overseas students & teachers

Exhibition Admission Terms and Conditions

  • Concessionary tickets shall only be used by those who satisfy the concessionary requirements.
  • Random checks will be conducted at various point of entries. Visitors who are unable to present proof of eligibility will be required to upgrade to standard full price tickets.
  • Not for sale or exchange.
  • Non-refundable.
  • Void if altered.
  • This ticket admits one only; unauthorized duplicates will not be granted entry – if another ticket holder has already used this ticket or a copy of it, you must purchase a new ticket to gain admission.
  • The Gallery retains full discretion to grant or deny visitors entry into any exhibition.
  • The Gallery reserves the right to ask any person(s) to leave the premises due to unruly or objectionable conduct and behaviour.
  • The Gallery is not responsible for any loss, damage or personal injury sustained by the ticket holder. 
  • Ticket prices and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.
Only still photography (no flash) for non-commercial use is permitted.
No flash photography, Videography, use of selfie sticks, Tripods and Monopods is permitted in the galleries.

Please do not touch the artworks. 

Food and drink (including bottled water) are not permitted in the galleries.
Strollers are permitted in the galleries. Large strollers should be parked at the designated stroller parking area at Level 1.
Please store bulky items and bags larger than: 40cm (width) x 35cm (height) x 15cm (depth) in the Locker Room at B1
Pencil sketching is permitted in the galleries with sketchbooks no larger than 8 ½ x 11 inches (22 x 28cm).
Pen, eraser, charcoal, pastel, permanent markers, watercolour and oil paint are not permitted.
No easels or sketching while sitting on the floor is permitted.
All galleries and facilities are wheelchair accessible.
Standard-size motorised wheelchairs are permitted in the galleries.
Wheelchairs are available for loan at the Gallery
Speak in soft tones. Talking on mobile phones is not permitted in the galleries.
Roller shoes should not be worn in the galleries. 
The use of laser pointers is not allowed in the galleries.
There is no dress code for the Gallery.
The Gallery reserves the right to remove any person acting in an unacceptable manner.
Back-of-House Tour: "Former Supreme Court: Unseen, Unheard"
This exclusive tour offers a glimpse into restricted areas of the former Supreme Court, usually out of bounds to the public. Go behind-the-scenes and find out more about courtroom proceedings and the experience of persons on trial as you: Traverse a network of hidden passageways Climb through a trapdoor into the prisoner’s dock Gain access to the Viewing Gallery where members of public used to sit during court hearings Discover stories of some of the highest-profile cases in Singapore’s history since 1939, tried in these very courtrooms
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National Gallery Singapore - Family Art Workshop
Family Art Workshop: Re-create a Painting in DioramaSat 14 Sep | 1.30–3pm | City Hall Wing, Level 1, Keppel Centre for Art Education | $20 per adult-child pair or $30 per adult-child trio | Registration available on SISTIC | Ages 7 and above Learn all about foregrounds, middle grounds and backgrounds and discover how artists use perspective through Liu Kang’s painting Life by the River and the installation Play by the River in the Gallery Children’s Biennale 2019. Then, recreate your own diorama of the painting under the guidance of an experienced Gallery facilitator.
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Event Date

Sat - Thu 10am to 7pm
Fri 10am to 9pm

Ticket Pricing

General Admission
Standard Adult: S$20
Standard *Concession: S$15

Free admission for Singapore Citizens / Permanent Residents with valid proof of identification: Pink or Blue NRIC
Verification will be done onsite at the ticketing counters.