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M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2018:
Walking In Beauty by Petrina Kow
(featuring Anita Kapoor, Arianna Pozzuoli, Deborah Emmanuel, Frances Lee, Oniatta Effendi and Dr Uma Rajan)

Women and Beauty. What is a woman's relationship with beauty? Join our storytellers as they reveal their insights into what ''Walking in Beauty'' means to them. Listen to their stories of personal identities shattered, journeys disrupted, and lives altered. Is being beautiful a help or hindrance? Does being funny make you beautiful? How do you know if you are beautiful?

Curated and directed by Petrina Kow, an evening of stories will be presented by Anita Kapoor, Arianna Pozzuoli, Deborah Emmanuel, Frances Lee, Oniatta Effendi and Dr Uma Rajan; six diverse, extraordinary women who are the embodiment of strength, courage, love and beauty.

Petrina Kow is the curator of  Walking in Beauty and is inspired and honoured to be working with these women. It is a privilege to present their stories and share this journey with them.

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10 Oct 2017, 9am

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10 Oct 2017, 10am




Approximately 60 minutes

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Petrina is a Voice and Presentation Coach based in Singapore and works with clients as diverse as CEOs, wildlife experts, corporate executives, students and yoga teachers. She is also a much sought-after voice actor for commercials, audio guides, online learning websites and animation. She was a radio deejay and talk show host on various top radio stations in Singapore and is also a popular emcee for corporate and family events. She is an actress and singer who was most recently seen in Kuo Pao Kun’s Lao Jiu: The Musical. She has just completed 10 weeks of training and is now an Assistant Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework®.


Anita Kapoor is a TV host, writer and speaker, who wishes there was another word to express the word "Beauty" because it doesn’t seem enough to encompass the truth.


Arianna Pozzuoli is an educator, author, writer, storyteller and poet. She has featured at various venues across North America, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Australia. Her first poetry collection Something for Everyone was released in 2014 by Red Wheelbarrow Books.


Deborah Emmanuel is a Singaporean writer, performer and four-time TEDx speaker who has been featured at festivals like the Makassar International Writers Festival and the Queensland Poetry Festival. Deborah has performed in various cities and toured alongside poets like Anthony Anaxagorou and Sarah Kay. Deborah is the author of two books, When I Giggle In My Sleep (2015) and Rebel Rites (2016). When not writing, she performs on stage and screen, or makes music with her bands Wobology and The Ditha Project. Deborah also workshops writing and performance.


Since graduating from LASALLE College of the Arts' BA Acting Course in 2014, Frances has been a regular feature in local theatre productions. She has received three consecutive nominations for Best Actress/Supporting Actress in the M1-The Straits Times Life! Theatre Awards for Pangdemonium’s Fat Pig (2014), Checkpoint Theatre's The Last Bull: A Life in Flamenco (2016) and Dick Lee’s Beauty World (2015). She clinched the award for Best Newcomer at the Stylexstyle Trailblazer awards. Other nominations include Best Ensemble for her work in Tribes (Pangdemonium) and Normal (Checkpoint Theatre).


Oniatta Effendi is an experienced Drama Educator and Applied Theatre Practitioner, who is also a familiar face on Suria, having presented Krayon, an award-wining children’s TV programme, for four consecutive seasons. She was last seen on screen in SOS Matematik, an edu-tainment Malay TV programme. Oniatta was nominated for Best Actress at The Straits Times Life! Theatre Awards 2012 for her role in The Gunpowder Trail. Oniatta has facilitated several drama programmes for youth-at-risk and ex-convicts, and now lectures Applied Drama full-time at Singapore Polytechnic.


A doctor by profession and a graduate of Indian Classical Dance, Dr Uma Rajan is well known for her contributions to Singapore’s healthcare sector as Director, School Health and Elder Care Services of the Ministry of Health. She was one of the first 15 charter members of the National Arts Council and went on to lead all three editions of its Festival of Asian Performing Arts. A passionate advocate of women’s welfare, she is also the recipient of numerous awards for her contributions to the healthcare, arts and culture, and social services sectors.

M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2018: Attempts: Singapore by Rei Poh
Corporate conglomerate ARC has reached out to the public in a bid to decipher a mysterious databank that has surfaced on their Artificial Intelligence (AI) system named J.O.A.N.. Your profiling skills are urgently required to halt this potential international crisis.Attempts: Singapore is an immersive theatrical experience that draws inspiration from Martin Crimp's Attempts on Her Life. It takes audience-participants through a non-linear narrative pieced together through the accounts of various witnesses who attempt to describe a missing character named Anne—and in doing so, may incriminate her in the ARC incident. As we collectively try to define her, are we closer to understanding—or destroying—her?Attempts: Singapore will be performed by Farez Najid, Farhana M Noor, Henrik Cheng, Julie Wee and Sabrina Sng.''… a very successful performance, which allows the audience to be spectators and participators in this thought-provoking piece. The team’s effort in creating such a spectacular performance is commendable.''- Pandaren Peng, Union House Theatre Chinese Reviews Melbourne, on an earlier version of Attempts in Melbourne (translated from Chinese)Due to the nature of this work, only 22 audience-participants will be admitted per show.Developed in residence at Centre 42.Rei Poh is a theatre practitioner, director and actor interested in the use of gaming narratives within participatory theatre. As a citizen of "meritocratic", achievement-obsessed Singapore, Rei believes in embracing and celebrating failures.
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M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2018: The Most Massive Woman Wins by Madeleine George / Produced by Mitchell Productions Inc. & Chopt Logic Productions
Written by Pulitzer Prize for Drama finalist Madeleine George, The Most Massive Woman Wins is a comic and stinging social commentary that introduces us to four intelligent successful women, anxiously awaiting liposuction surgery as they each try to win the battle to be thin.Bringing her signature mix of brutal reality with whimsical reflection, Australian director Jenn Havelberg enhances the text with original songs and heightened physicality, set literally in a mud-pit.Produced by special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc (www.playscripts.com)Mitchell Productions Inc. is dedicated to creating interdisciplinary live performance works that respond to women's role in contemporary culture and cultivating international collaboration through the exchange of knowledge and practice. Australia's Chopt Logic Productions produces innovative, thought-provoking, physically-based theatre which reflects on socially relevant issues and concerns.
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M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2018: Forked by Jo Tan
Jeanette Peh—a highly westernised Singaporean student—decides to follow her dreams of acting to London, where she will hopefully also find her occidental soulmates.On arrival however, she is dismayed to find that her teachers and classmates label her as one of the ''Asian students''. She adopts a British accent and even well-meaningly corrects the British students' grammar, but that doesn't make her popular for some reason. At least she's doing well in school... until she gets to Baptiste Laroche's class.Monsieur Laroche wants her to perform more honestly by speaking in her native language. There's just one problem: Jeanette is beginning to realise that she doesn't know what her native language is. In fact, she doesn't know who she is at all.Forked is Jo Tan’s first full-length play, featuring performers Ethel Yap, Jamil Schulze, Joanna Pilgrim and Chang Ting Wei.Forked was conceptualised and begun in a playwriting masterclass by Huzir Sulaiman in 2016 and selected for further development under Saga Seed Theatre’s inaugural Seed Incubator Programme. It continues to be developed under Watch This Space—The Finger Players' script mentorship platform.Venue support by Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.Jo Tan is a theatre actor and writer who decided to combine her dubious talents in writing for theatre. While she has written comedy scripts and children's theatre scripts, Forked is her first full-length play for adults.
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M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2018: Step Outta Line by Thong Pei Qin & Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
An army of quirky characters, as colourful as the assortment of ladies' high heels they brandish, questions female transgressions, aggressions and negotiations within a patriarchal society.Step Outta Line is a rich collage of texts adapted from prolific playwright Ovidia Yu's selected writings, layered with movement, soundscapes and visuals in response to Amanda Heng's works. It is devised by Thong Pei Qin, her band of designer-collaborators, and performers from the BA (Hons) Theatre Arts course at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.Through rhythms created from footsteps and movements in high heels, this theatrical piece explores how individuals can lay claim to different sorts of identities, by subverting clothing, tools and embodied ideals which conspire to keep them in line.This production contains some mature content, which may require audience discretion.Co-presented with Nanyang Academy of Fine ArtsWith a penchant for transgressing disciplinary and cultural boundaries in exploring the human condition, theatre director Thong Pei Qin seeks truthful shared experiences which connect diverse peoples, spaces and beliefs.
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M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2018: Does This Work For You? by The Nervous System
How old are you?What languages do you speak?What's your marital status?Do you think you can keep up?Does this work for you?Does This Work For You? is a physical theatre production that discusses discrimination within the workplace and the ability to triumph in the face of challenges.Paired with the form of verbatim theatre, the work invites you to take a closer look at the Singapore workplace environment and aims to recalibrate the way we view social norms and stigmas.The Nervous System is a young interdisciplinary collective. They are movers, orchestrators of social interactions who create visual and visceral experiences to push, provoke and inspire their audiences.
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M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2018: The Immortal Sole by Edith Podesta
Choreographed by award-winning theatre maker Edith Podesta, The Immortal Sole is a piece of dance theatre reimagining Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale The Little Mermaid.Featuring performers Dapheny Chen, Koh Wan Ching, Ma Yanling and Yarra Illeto, the piece looks at patriarchal notions of female stereotypes, and how these proliferate within the social and cultural fabric in which a contemporary girl ''grows up'' into a woman.In The Immortal Sole, the Sea is a world of carefree abandon in which a young girl connects to her body; the Land is a world where etiquette, morality, and accepted behaviour hamstring a woman and her ability to stand on her own two feet.Using supplementary material from ancient folklore on mermaids, to observations by fashion icons like Christian Louboutin, to the transformation of Miley Cyrus from the wholesome Hannah Montana to the hyper-sexualised siren in Wrecking Ball, The Immortal Sole explores the transition from girlhood to womanhood and what is gained and lost in becoming a woman.''Indices of Vanishment is hypnotic and mesmerizing with its physical rigor and the dancers' commitment to the performance, and whose actions speak volumes about the source material.''- Bakchormeeboy, on Indices of Vanishment, choreographed by Edith Podesta''It was refreshing to see Podesta, who has spent a lot of time in theatre here, bring in elements that are seldom seen in local contemporary dance. Besides the narrative thread, Podesta's choreography was also illustrative and expressive.''- Lee Mun Wai, The Straits Times Life!, on Indices of Vanishment, choreographed by Edith Podesta''B*tch itself, commissioned by the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival, has the potential to become a legendary work of theatre. It is a simple story with a complex heart.''- Akshita Nanda, The Straits Times Life!, on BITCH: The Origin of the Female Species by Edith PodestaEdith Podesta is a theatre maker, actor, and choreographer. Her previous choreographic work includes: Indices of Vanishment for RAW Moves, Dog Woman; Sleeping On Her Owner's Coat for LASALLE College of the Arts; and the MTV Australian Music Awards.
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M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2018: All In by ATRESBANDES
''Always with an eye on the laughs, the quartet wickedly pushes serious questions of identity and happiness within today's shifting social landscapes.'' - Nick Awde, The StageSo you think you're a unique individual. But are you ever truly free from the tyranny of the crowd?ATRESBANDES takes us on a wild ride in All In, blending striking visuals, physical theatre and absurdist text, to present this darkly playful exploration of the human condition.Through vignettes set in disparate worlds—incorporating dictatorships, nightclubs, national anthems, education and self-help manuals—All In offers different incarnations of how we encounter seemingly harmless systems of social control. Everyday situations take unexpected turns into the absurd and poignant, linked by the common thread of an outsider who is subjected to pressures to conform, but seeks nonetheless to assert his or her independence and freedom.ATRESBANDES is a young theatre company from Barcelona, which has rapidly established its reputation as creators of sharp, perceptive contemporary theatre influenced by an enormous variety of disciplines such as visual arts and philosophy.Watch trailer here
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M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2018: Displaced by Ground Cover Theatre
Displaced has never felt more relevant than in today's context, where xenophobia, Islamophobia, and cross-cultural intolerance are on the rise.The play follows the stories of three female immigrants fleeing to Canada during different points in history: Mary flees Ireland during the famine in 1847, Sofia flees war-torn Germany in 1947 and Dara flees Afghanistan due to the Taliban rule in 2007. Displaced highlights these three women's struggles to assimilate to a new country and its cultural customs, while trying to retain their respective traditions. The story is told through movement, original music and text.''Aside from an appreciation of the talent involved, what you're also left with, after the 80 minute one act, is a deeper understanding of the struggle involved in starting a new life, the heartbreak and uncertainty and the tragedy behind the stories of those who never made it. Not to mention the courage and innate optimism of the human spirit which builds communities and forges nations.''- Cam Fuller, Saskatoon StarPhoenixDisplaced was nominated for Best English Production and Best English Text at the Festival St-Ambroise Fringe de Montréal and awarded 5 Stars in the Saskatoon StarPhoenix.Ground Cover Theatre creates original work through the medium of physical storytelling. They focus on current issues of debate, because ground-breaking theatre is dependent upon stories that provoke questions.Watch trailer here
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M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2018: Hayat by Pink Gajah Theatre
Having just lost her 92-year-old mother, a woman finds herself alone and acutely aware of her own mortality.After years of feeling pressured to be a successful woman—one striving to keep up in a male-dominated world, whilst maintaining her beauty as defined in a patriarchal world, a different instinct now kicks in. It is the desire to walk with God, to survive in a highly urbanised world and yet hold onto our ancient groundings.Taking its title from the Arabic word for ''life'', Hayat incorporates ritual, texts and movement, and is an intimate and honest invitation to reflect on and celebrate the processes of ageing, living and dying. Performed by the mother-daughter duo, Ajuntha Anwari and Sharda Harrison, Hayat is a moving painting of a woman's past, present and future.''Some shows make you laugh. Others make you think. But this one does all that and more. You will leave feeling as though you are carrying something sacred and special inside your soul, something that Harrison has conjured and gifted especially just for you.''- Scott Patrick Mitchell, outinperth, on Temuan [the meeting] by Pink Gajah TheatreDue to the nature of this work, only 30 audience-participants will be admitted per show.Presented with support from Centre 42.Pink Gajah Theatre explores topics that tend to be ''The Elephant in the Room''—topics that are socially and environmentally conscious but are not discussed enough.
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M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2018: If there's not dancing at the revolution, I'm not coming by Julia Croft (R18)
If there's not dancing at the revolution, I'm not coming is a rich contemporary performance collage of film scripts, pop songs, advertisements, elaborate costumes and dance—all stretched, teased, shattered and reassembled to challenge the treatment of women's bodies as spectacle in popular culture.It uncovers the collective fantasies underneath these bodies, unapologetically intervenes, and explodes them into feminist confetti.This is a party.This is a poem.This is a tiny call to arms.''Postmodern performance art meets power pop politics-powerfully delivered. I loved it with a vengeance. I want to join her revolution.''- Dorothy Max Prior, Total Theatre''Julia Croft's exposé of the Hollywood male gaze is bonkers and inspired''- Lucy Ribchester, The List''One of the best pieces of theatre I have ever witnessed.… This is my call to arms…. for people in Auckland (for now) to witness this remarkable piece of theatre, and to challenge both themselves and others with the chords it strikes within them.''- Matt Baker, Theatrescenes.co.nzJulia Croft is a feminist performance artist and award-winning theatre maker from New Zealand. She has created original works that have toured throughout New Zealand and Australia, as well as to Edinburgh, Mexico and various locations in New York City.Watch trailer here
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M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2018: The Neighbor’s Grief Is Greener by Emanuella Amichai
Peek inside the macabrely funny world of The Neighbor's Grief Is Greener, set in the archetypal sterile and static setting of a 1950s American suburban kitchen.A bored husband, his Stepford wife and a femme fatale meet in a cheeky interrogation and subversion of femininity through slick contemporary dance and physical theatre. The Neighbor's Grief is Greener bitingly probes the discomfort of perfection in domesticity, tackling gender roles and sexuality with plenty of irony, humour and wit in a thought-provoking and critically acclaimed performance.''Amichai's use of humour and timing allow the audience to sink in to the world on stage, and when that world becomes messy, dirty, difficult and uncomfortable we are right there with them.''- Amy Watson, Platform''If the thought of living in a sterile 1950s cliché complete with mindless daily duties that rob you of your individuality, personality and soul conjures images of finally snapping and carelessly gliding across a blood-drenched slip-n-slide, then this is the performance for you!''- Hollie Gibbs, CoolCleveland.comWinner of:Best Performance of Quality Label from Move-Award, EuropeBest Actors from Valise International Theater Festival, PolandBest Choreography and Stage Movement Design and Best Costume Design from Acco International Fringe Theatre Festival, IsraelEmanuella Amichai is a director and choreographer living and working in Tel Aviv. Her unique stage work combines performance, dance and visual art in her characteristic powerful visual style.Watch trailer here
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M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2018: One Thousand Millennials Crying by Kenneth Chia & Mitchell Fang
It's Halloween but the city is too expensive. So Steven and his millennial™ friends celebrate indoors in true glamping tradition: a blanket fort in an air-conditioned room with an en-suite toilet; a humidifier casts its eerie mist.As the motley crew meditate on their fears and future in a bleak world, the boozy party spirals out of control. His mother grows increasingly angry. Howling wind shakes the fort; an ang ku kueh cushion calls out.Perhaps they've overstayed their welcome.Should they stay till the first train, or leave and pay surge pricing?''... heartfelt, imaginative, daring, and also wonderfully specific in its portrait of what it's like to be young in today's Singapore.''- Ng Yi-Sheng, The Online Citizen, on Long Weekend by Kenneth Chia, directed by Mitchell Fang''The play takes an explicit and shrewd tone in its handling of many social issues that have become prevalent controversies in recent times, packed with allusions and cheeky jabs at a spectrum of stigmas and taboos.''- Lyon Sng, L'ENFANT TERRIBLE, on Long Weekend by Kenneth Chia, directed by Mitchell FangKenneth Chia is a theatre maker, kidult and model citizen. He believes in creating bold, urgent and accessible experiences. Mitchell Fang is a performer, theatre maker, and bedroom poet. He believes in empowering people through the arts, and in theatre for social change.
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Thu, 25 - Sat, 27 Jan 2018


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