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Loo by Imaginique Children's Festival

Loo is a hot, dry wind from Asia that comes alive on summer afternoons. The show is a poetic exploration of the changes this wind can cause: moving the desert sand dunes, drying up wetlands and jungles, leaving ships buried in sandy oceans, unable to sail.

Set around the bow of a sunken boat in a sea of sand, the show uses evocative music, buried objects and stunning visual effects, to give its audience a first-hand experience of the destructive effect of this wind… and a chance to understand how and why the Loo blows

Quote: ‘A spectacle without words, minimalist, poetic and of extraordinary beauty.’ by Reccomana.cat on Artica

Click here to find out more about the programme.

Start Sales Date

26 Aug 2019, 2pm

Other Channels:
26 Aug 2019, 2pm




Approximately 30 minutes
(No interval)

Promoter Name
Organised by Singapore Street Festival

Rating/Age Limit/Advisory

  • Suitable for 2-7 years old (must be accompanied by adults)
  • Each transaction must be accompanied by one child, adult/s n child/ren must have their own ticket for entry.
  • Ticket applies per entry
  • Admission is subject to tickets produced at the entrance.
  • Sock are compulsory for this performance
  • Floor sitting and bench
  • Strictly no food and drinks in the premise
  • Stroller to be parked at the back of Black Box
  • Advisory: Kindly reach the venue 10-15 minutes earlier, no admission is allowed for latecomers.

Photography/Video Recording Rules

  • No Photography, Video recording and Audio recording is allowed for this event.
  • Please note that photographs and videos of patrons may be taken at this event for use in our archival and publicity material.

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Nearest MRT Station:

  • Redhill MRT Station – 11 min walk from Redhill MRT or Bus 132 from Redhill Station (Stop ID: 10209) to Bukit Merah Interchange (Stop ID: 10009)
  • Orchard MRT Station – Bus 14 from Opposite Orchard Station (Stop ID: 09022) to Bukit Merah Town Center (Stop ID: 10091)
  • Outram Park MRT Station – Bus 147 from Opp Outram Park (Stop ID: 06011) to Bukit Merah Town Center (Stop ID: 10091)
  • From Tiong Bahru MRT Station – Bus 5, 16, 851 from Opp Tiong Bahru Plaza (Stop ID: 10161) to Bukit Merah Bus Interchange (Stop ID: 10009)
  • From Buona Vista MRT Station – Bus 196 from Buona Vista Station (Stop ID: 11361) to Opp Bukit Merah Town Centre (Stop ID: 10099)

Buses to Gateway Theatre:

  • To Bukit Merah Town Centre (Stop ID: 10091) and Opposite Bukit Merah Town Centre (Stop ID: 10099)
    14, 147, 196, 197, 855, 961
  • To Bukit Merah Bus Interchange (Stop ID: 10009)
    5, 16, 57, 123, 131, 131M, 132, 139, 153, 167, 176, 198, 272, 273, 851


Parking available:

Multi-storey carpark
3621 Bukit Merah Central
Singapore 159845

165 Bukit Merah Central
Singapore 150165

163 Bukit Merah Central
Singapore 150163

117 Bukit Merah Central
Singapore 150117

School bookings are eligible for NAC-AEP Tote Board Grant. For more information, kindly contact Ms Annie Pek @ 9862 8033 / annpek2011@gmail.com.

This event is eligible for the Tote Board Arts Grants subsidy. Attached is the Letter of Eligibility.

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Event Date
Fri, 13 - Mon, 16 Dec 2019

Fri & Sat: 9.30am, 11.30am, 1.30pm
Sun & Mon: 11.30am, 1.30pm 

Ticket Pricing
(Excludes Booking Fee)

Standard: S$40