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Heart to Heart Talk - A Seminar on understanding heart and related diseases

Gain insights from heart specialists on cardiac preventions, advanced treatment options, and a special session on women’s heart health in this health seminar.

Dr Jeremy Chow : Sudden Cardiac Death: Can it be prevented? Most people will associate sudden cardiac death to heart attack. Sudden cardiac death is usually due to a sudden ventricular arrhythmia whereas heart attack is due to acute blockage of the coronary artery. Prevention of heart attack lies in the identification and control of risk factors. Can sudden cardiac death be prevented? Early identification of risk markers by screening may be able to identify those at risk and preventive actions can be taken.

Dr Goh Ping Ping - Heart Disease in Women - Preventing through Screening. Heart disease is a leading cause of death but is often under-recognized in women. Learn how symptoms of heart disease in women differ from men. Women need to know their risk level and how to effectively detect and prevent heart disease.

Dr Tan Chong Hiok - Preventing a broken heart. Heart attack breaks heart. There are many common questions patients ask us cardiologists on how to prevent a heart attack. Questions such as: How does a heart attack happen. Is a By-pass operation the only way to treat this? This talk will try to answer some the most commonly asked questions.

Dr Chuang Hsuan Hung - Living With Wounded Heart You or your love ones might be suddenly struck by heart attack or viral infection attacking heart muscle. Even if you survive the initial event, you may not feel the same again. It is like asking you to carry out your routine, but yet you can only perform at only half your previous capacity. It is a slow and torturous process that might slowly suffocates you and cause you to retain fluid in your body. This is heart failure. While the outlook for heart failure might not be promising, medical advances through a combination of better medications, heart failure surgeries and devices have added both years to life and life to years.

Early bird ticket prices end 2 March.

Presented by Channel NewsAsia and Asian Heart and Vascular Centre.

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22 Feb 2019, 9am

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22 Feb 2019, 10am




Approximately 4 hours
(with 10 mins interval)

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Sat, 23 Mar 2019


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