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《寸草灵煦》 The Greatest Good

The Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre (SCDT) will be putting up its sixth core production “The Greatest Good” on 20 and 21 July 2018 at 8pm at Drama Centre Theatre.

Adapted from a Chinese mythology, “The Greatest Good” tells a story of a wise man who reincarnated as a filial son, Zhen Zi, to a kind old village couple.  Zhen Zi took good care of his parents, especially his father who was blind.  One day, the young Zhen Zi was accidentally shot by the King who was out hunting.  Filled with remorse and touched by Zhen Zi’s filial love, the King brought Zhen Zi's body back to the old couple to seek their forgiveness, and promised to fulfil their son's duty to take care of them.  The old couple were devastated upon learning about their son's death, and their loud cries were heard by the Heaven.  Deeply moved by the couple’s plight, the Heaven revived Zhen Zi and even restored his father’s sight, and the family was eventually reunited.

“The Greatest Good” has been put together by our creative team led by Artistic Director Madam Lim Moi Kim.  Interweaving the magic of Chinese folktale and refreshing dance choreography to tell an inspiring story of filial piety, the dance drama aims to reinforce in the younger generation positive character traits such as showing gratitude and respect to our elders, and having love and compassion for the people and things around us.


由新加坡华族舞蹈剧场呈现的大型原创神话舞剧《寸草灵煦》,将于 2018年7月20至21日,晚上8时,在新加坡戏剧中心剧场上演。


75分钟的舞剧《寸草灵煦》,讲述这样一个神话故事:眹子是个十足的孝子,一心一意照顾失明行动不便的父亲,没有半点怨言。因国王打猎时不小心射死眹子,他的双亲悲痛不已的断肠哭声惊动天神,眹子因此得以复活,并且失明的父亲眼睛一亮也恢复光明。国王为眹子的纯孝行为而深受感动, 认眹子为兄弟, 也视眹子的双亲为父母,一同奉养高堂椿萱。



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20 June 2018, 10am


(with English Subtitles)


Approximately 1 hour 15 minutes

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Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre

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Event Date
Fri, 20 - Sat, 21 Jul 2018


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