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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2018 新加坡华语电影节
Dreaming in Black and White 幻境黑白


Dreaming in Black and White is a portrait of Singapore artist Tang Ling Nah. The film takes us on a journey into Ling Nah’s inner world—her memories, dreams and angels, and her fascination with black-and-white media, drawing charcoal and the city’s transitional spaces. The film explores her practice over the last 15 years and hints at the possible new directions in her art career. It highlights Ling Nah’s courage to pursue her dream to be an artist, the choices and sacrifices she has made, as well as the challenges of being a woman artist in Singapore and her regrets in this journey. The film’s dream-like form mixes documentary, fiction and animation. It blurs the boundaries between us, Ling Nah’s art and her deepest being. Ultimately, it celebrates our dreams—and reassures us that dreams do come true if persevered.

Start Sales Date

12 Apr 2018, 9am

Other Channels:
12 Apr 2018, 10am

  • English英语, Mandarin华语, Teochew潮州话 English and Chinese subtitles 中英字幕

Approximately 102 Minutes
(with no intervals)

Promoter Name
Singapore Film Society

Rating / Age Limit

  • Rating: PG
  • Admission is subject to tickets produced at the entrance

Photography / Video Recording Rules

  • No Photography, Video recording or Audio recording is permitted for this event

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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2018 新加坡华语电影节 Pseudo Secular 风景
入选第19届台北电影节2014年,为响应全球的「占领华尔街」运动,香港出现首次「占领中环」,大学生太初和女友宜参与其中,占领汇丰银行总行的公共空间近一年。其后,宜因袭警罪入狱,太初恋上宜的母亲云,三人命运交缠。二世祖格言在运动中醒觉,回到乡郊复兴酱油祖业,但四周的土地已因发展遭受破坏。他的前女友敏却坚持以采访记即将消失的历史。内地少女李弥与男友彦蜗居于旧区套房,直至遇上网络神秘女子虾米,生活泛起变化。他们凝着,不知方向,身边的风景正在急速变迁…… 2014年,雨伞运动爆发。《风景》是一部以群众集资而成的电影,融合戏剧和纪录,刻划香港人于社会动荡下的命运,重塑已消失的风景和历史。
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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2018 新加坡华语电影节 Inmates 囚
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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2018 新加坡华语电影节 Animation Shorts
LÖSS 八里沟53rd Golden Horse Awards:Nominated for Best Animated Short FilmA Chinese peasant woman's flashback on her life. For the price of a bag of sweet potatoes she was sold into a village on the löss-plateau. The dark-red soil there nourishes the crop and gives body to her dolls, which are both her hope and undoing.Stories About Him 关于他的故事19th Taipei Film Festival: Best Animated Film54th Golden Horse Awards: Nominated for Best Animated Short FilmOne day I asked my aunts and uncles about my grandpa. They said Grandpa was a gold miner, a trainee, a businessman and a hero. The stories they told are so difficult to imagine. I’m trying to find out who my grandpa is. Are these tales real? Who on earth is he?Losing Sight of a Longed Place 暗房夜空54th Golden Horse Awards: Best Animated Short FilmAdam Wan, a homosexual young man who grows up in Hong Kong, tries hard to fight for rights of the LGBT community. He finds difficulties in achieving such a goal including conflicts with his father. He feels frustrated with his surroundings, thinking about what has led to the current situation of society. He begins to re-examine the society he lives in, his family, and himself.Between Us Two 当然2017 Singapore International Film Festival: Best Singapore Short FilmA gay son talks to his dead mother.Fundamental 基石54th Golden Horse Awards: Nominated for Best Animated Short FilmThis is the story of a teenager who discovers the strange and terrifying reality behind fundamentalism. It highlights and describes his mental illness caused by the conservative church and how he frees himself from it.LOOP 回路An animation that is adapted from a story called "Soul of the Sea" by Ai Yu.Even within a bustling and beautiful Singapore, Lin still feels lonely among his peers. He tries his best to rid himself of loneliness, but solitude is just a useless and unescapable loop.Tiger Baby 虎儿Based on a short story by JY Yang, 'Tiger Baby'.Felicity has begun to figure out her unhappiness with her mundane life in modern Singapore. Pressured by various aspects of her life, she secretly longs for freedom, in the form of a tiger.The Giant 巨人*Commissioned by Singapore Writers Festival for Utter 2017A school of fishes is washed up on a barren island. While the other fishes choose to swim back to the sea, one redfish decides to venture deeper into the barren island. This allegorical short animation was inspired by Tan Swie Hian’s Chinese poem and is hand crafted entirely with paper-mache and photographed using stop motion technique.
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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2018 新加坡华语电影节 A Chinese Ghost Story 倩女幽魂
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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2018 新加坡华语电影节 Black Bear Forest 黑熊森林
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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2018 新加坡华语电影节 I've Got the Blues 水底行走的人
入选海外电影节及得奖奖项2017 釜山国际电影节2017 温哥华国际电影节 - 最佳纪录片奖单元2018 香港国际电影节继得奖纪录片《三生三世聂华苓》后,香港导演陈安琪再为艺术家造像,近距离展现画家黄仁逵的创作人生和人格魅力。这位鬼才的创作身份多面,既是本土抽象画家,又是电影美术指导和布景设计,更是蓝调音乐家和摄影师,创作游走天地,风格独特难以归类。在导演与黄仁逵的互动中,火花与争执并行、自我与谦卑角力,猫捉老鼠处处峰回路转,在一追一闪之间窥探艺术家不为人知的一面,洞察人性之复杂。
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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2018 新加坡华语电影节 The Last Painting 自画像
入选2017鹿特丹国际影展第19届台北电影节:提名最佳剧情片台湾总统选举当日,女大三生杨婕(张寗 饰演)被发现陈尸租屋处,她赤裸的身体被涂满油彩,美丽的眼睛则遭利刃刨出,而她的画家室友和闺蜜都涉有重嫌。一桩命案,揭开社会的真实面貌。《自画像》作为社会的自白,并点出台湾当前外患内忧的处境、年轻人梦想遭社会扼杀的现况。
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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2018 新加坡华语电影节 Ocean 海 + The Disappearing Hills 遗失的山丘
Ocean2016 金钟奖 :非戏剧类节目导演奖2017 纽约电视奖: 最佳电视资讯纪录片环境与生态类别 铜奖35段影像诗篇,透过拼贴织串成一个关于「听」与「看」的海洋故事,没有旁白与配乐,仅有渔人对话。环境纪录片大师柯金源,这次挑战极简形式,以最质朴、纯粹的影像铺陈,单纯而直接的凝视,呈现海洋的美丽生命,人类从海洋撷取各种养分的共处方式,以及海洋反扑的残酷力道。The Disappearing Hills2016 吉隆坡生态电影节:特别评审团奖此短片记录了2013巴登威利洪灾事件,也采访了当地的居民,反映了金马仑高原的环境生态发展同时需要达到共识与平衡。
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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2018 新加坡华语电影节 Happy Together 春光乍洩 (Closing Film 闭幕片)
第50届戛纳电影节: 主竞赛单元 最佳导演第34届金马奖: 最佳摄影第17届香港电影金像奖: 最佳男主角黎耀辉(梁朝伟)与何宝荣(张国荣)是一对同性恋人,为了有新的开始,他们怀着美丽的梦想(去看南美洲大瀑布)离开香港来到阿根廷,却在布宜诺斯艾利斯迷了路。黎耀辉想安下心来过日子,无奈何宝荣于夜夜笙歌中放纵着自己的生命,以期找寻更多的刺激,只当黎耀辉是他受伤后的港湾,两人分歧 、争吵越来越多,心的距离越来越远。 黎耀辉明白过去的日子不可能再复返时,决定离开何宝荣,而正是在他离开后,绝望的意味(对黎耀辉的爱)才在何宝荣的脑海中完整地浮现。
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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2018 新加坡华语电影节 Rouge 胭脂扣
第24届金马奖: 最佳女主角、最佳摄影、最佳美术执导第8届香港电影金像奖:最佳电影、最佳导演、最佳女主角、最佳剪接、最佳原创电影配乐、最佳原创电影歌曲报社记者袁永定(万梓良饰)遇到了一位前来登寻人广告的女子如花(梅艳芳饰),无意中才发现了该名冷艳的女子原是鬼魂,早在50年前,她是一名红牌妓女,结识了一名纨绔子弟十二少陈振邦(张国荣饰)。如花深深爱上了这名多情的公子,两人已到了谈婚论嫁的地步,由于身份悬殊,遭到了十二少家人的极力反对。无奈之下,他们以胭脂扣定情,一起吞鸦片殉情。如花未能在地府看到自己的爱人,便到阳间寻找。如花在两名记者的帮助下,得知原来当年十二少被人救活了,如今生活潦倒。面对十二少的懦弱,如花伤心欲绝,把胭脂扣返还,回到阴间投胎转世。
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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2018 新加坡华语电影节 The Phantom Lover 夜半歌声
1996 长春电影节:最佳女主角、最佳男配角第15届香港电影金像奖: 最佳美术指导、最佳服装造型设计1926年的上海,青年演员宋丹平(张国荣)因主演歌剧迷倒成千上万女性,但对她们他均不动心,单与清纯的富家少女杜云嫣(吴倩莲)坠入爱河。然而因为他的戏子身份,两人恋情曝光后遭到杜云嫣父亲的强行阻止,杜云嫣被禁闭在家,许配给某豪门显贵。与该权贵公子的订婚夜宴上,杜云嫣装病离席私会宋丹平,权贵公子发现后妒火中烧,派人毒打过宋丹平后放火焚烧了剧院,杜云嫣自此成为外人眼中的疯妇,而已成废墟的剧院因为每逢月圆之夜会传来虚无缥渺的歌声,被传是宋丹平的鬼魂作祟。十年后,某个小剧团暂住进被传有鬼的剧院,青年演员韦青(黄磊)遇到如幽灵的宋丹平,爱情悲歌随即再次上演。
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Event Date
Sun, 29 Apr 2018


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