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2019 Ding Yi Special Season Pass 2019 鼎艺团乐季特惠票

Enjoy up to 30% discount over our regular concert ticket pricing, the Season Pass entitles you to watch three different Ding Yi presented ticketed concerts of your choice!

DING YI 2019 SPECIAL SEASON PASS is a special limited package, grab yours today! Promotion lasts for three months and ends on 13 May 2019.

Other perks

- First 50 sign ups of the season pass will get a special Ding Yi freebies!

- Priority booking of Ding Yi concerts and shows

For more information, visit https://www.dingyimusic.com/seasonpass2019







Start Sales Date

On sales till 13 May 2019

Promoter Name

Masterpieces by Peng Xiuwen

21 Apr 2019 (Sun)
Singapore Conference Hall

Peng Xiuwen, one of the prominent and notable figures in the development of the Chinese music scene. This concert revisits some of his masterworks and showcases the artistic prowess of renowned Chinese music husband and wife duo, yangqin virtuoso Zhang Gao Xiang and huqin doyenne Jiang Ke Mei.


Musical Frontiers

11 Aug 2019 (Sun)
Esplanade Recital Studio

Music is a universal language! Musical Frontiers challenges the very notion of this belief, bridging two distinct genres of music entities, from different background, together on the same stage. The third edition of Musical Frontiers presents a cross cultural showcase featuring the award-winning Vietnamese Bamboo Ensemble, Suc Song Moi (The New Vitality) with Ding Yi Music Company. Led by young conductor Dong Quang Vinh, Suc Song Moi is the only bamboo ensemble in Vietnam and known for their unique presentation and music compositions.

音乐无国界!《乐无垠》勇于挑战这个信念,将两种不同流派背景的音乐实体相连,呈现于同一个舞台。 第三季《乐无垠》携手屡获殊荣的越南新活力竹乐团与鼎艺团,展现一场跨文化的交流。越南新活力竹乐团由青年指挥家童光荣带领,是越南唯一的竹乐团,以其独特的演绎和音乐创作而闻名。

Ding Yi Chinese Chamber Music Festival 2019

13 – 15 Sep 2019 (Fri to Sun)
Esplanade Recital Studio

Ding Yi Chinese Chamber Music Festival focuses on advocating the unique Chinese chamber music to the mass audiences, through a series of masterclasses, workshops and concerts, showcases a spectrum of international Chinese chamber music groups to the local audiences, indulging your music experience with different presentation and styles of Chinese chamber music. The biennial music festival features three other distinct chamber music groups of different music styles and compositions – Chinese music veterans Tang Family Music Ensemble (China), young and music innovators 3peoplemusic (Taiwan), and the bold and exotic music elites Sound of Dragon Ensemble (Canada).

鼎艺团华乐室内乐节致力于通过一系列的大师班、工作坊和音乐会提倡独特的华乐室内乐,向本地观众展示一系列的国际华乐室内乐团体,让您沉浸在不同的华乐室内乐演奏和风格中,丰富音乐体验! 两年一度的音乐节迎来了三组具有不同音乐风格和作曲的室内乐团体,资深华乐家族乐团汤家班(中国)、年轻创作型室内乐团体三个人(台湾)、大胆且充满异国情调的音乐精英龙吟沧海乐团(加拿大)。


3 Oct 2019 (Thu)
Stamford Arts Centre Black Box

A new series by Ding Yi, DY-logue showcases an enthralling music dialogue between two musicians of very different music background, yet use very similar ethnic instruments in an intimate musical salon, connecting audiences to their music aspiration.


Of Music and Theatre: River of Life

15 Dec 2019 (Sun)
Esplanade Recital Studio

Inspired by the late senior reporter and historian Han Shan Yuan’s famous literature about the stories of our Singapore River. Through music, storytelling and multimedia, this multi-disciplinary concert sheds light upon the great historic river which once was the very heart and lifeblood of our island’s economy.

受本地已故资深报人、文史学家韩山元先生著名文学作品《新加坡河:讲不完的故事》启发而编创的叙事音乐会,结合华乐室内乐与说书艺术,由新加坡河流出的音符,连串幕幕情景,唤醒段段历史,奏响首首心曲,激起颗颗心灵。鼎艺团2019年度重头戏:乐。叙 - 《生命之河》,精彩可期!

Q1. Where can I buy the pass?

You can purchase the season pass at SISTIC (Internet or Hotline channels only).


Q2. How does it work?

Step 1. Purchase the season pass through SISTIC

Step 2. Ding Yi will send an confirmation email within 5 to 7 days

Step 3. Reply the email and let us know the three concerts you would like to watch.

Step 4. Ding Yi will arrange for priority booking of the concerts for you.

Step 5. Show up during the concert day and collect your tickets at the Front of House (Reception).


For more information, please contact ticketing@dingyimusic.com




1. 乐季优惠套票在哪里购买?



2. 乐季优惠套票如何使用?

a. 在SISTIC购买乐季优惠套票

b. 购买后的5至7天内,鼎艺团会发送电邮给您

c. 回复电邮并告诉我们您选择观看的三场音乐会

d. 鼎艺团将会帮您优先购买音乐会门票

e. 音乐会当天在音乐厅入口处的接待处索取您的门票


预知更多详情,请电邮至ticketing@dingyimusic.com 询问。


Event Date
Mon, 13 May 2019
Ticket Pricing
(Excludes Booking Fee)

Standard: S$62 per Season Pass
(Each season pass is entitled to 3 Ding Yi 2019 Concerts)