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大狗民 Citizen Dog

一位不得志的独居老作家,饱受一位滥用职权的官员的欺凌与威胁。一位来历 不明的外地女郎要求租赁房间,作为提供可疑的推拿按摩服务的场所…… 一位年轻貌美的补习老师,接受了一位中年丧妻的官员的殷勤,替官员年过三 十仍在求学的傻儿补习……

在一处地契期满、无偿归还的住所里,一条爱说脏话的白狗和 一尊造型性感的狐仙像,共同见证了这一切。


《大狗民》灵感取自《聊斋志异》,描绘了一场荒诞的情欲噩梦,书写了一个 魔幻的现实困境。钟达成与刘晓义继5 年前备受好评的《大猪民》之后,再度 携手联合编剧。《大狗民》由钟达成执导, 李邪、刘晓义、詹辉朕、郭沛珊领 衔主演,为您构建一个笑里藏泪、喜中带悲的“新都市聊斋”。

A literary hermit with unfulfilled ambitions is abused by a corrupt official. A shady foreign lady seeks to rent a room to run an equally shady massage parlor. A middle-aged widower hires an alluring tutor to help his dim-witted son, who has yet to graduate after more than 20 years.

In a house with an expired lease,
A profanity-spewing dog
And a racy fox spirit idol
Bear witness to all that transpires

Man or ghost? Fox or demon?
Was it all real or false? Truth or illusion?

Inspired by Liaozhai, Citizen Dog is an absurd tale of desires in their nightmarish glory, a surreal dreamscape that reflects real world problems. With their critically acclaimed creation Citizen Pig (2013), the creative duo, Oliver Chong and Liu Xiaoyi, returns with an all-new Citizen Dog. Directed by Oliver Chong, and starring Li Xie, Liu Xiaoyi, Alvin Chiam and Jo Kwek, Citizen Dog infuses an urban twist into the classic Liaozhai, which will make your heart ache even as it soars, and lift even as it sinks.

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30 Mar 2018, 9am

Other Channels:
30 Mar 2018, 10am

  • Mandarin with English surtitles

Approximately 2 hours
(with no interval)

Promoter Name
The Finger Players Ltd

Rating / Age Limit

  • Advisory: Advisory 16 (Some Mature Content and Coarse Language)
  • No admission for infants in arms and children below 16 years old
  • Children 16 years and above must purchase ticket for entry
  • Admission is subject to tickets produced at the entrance

Photography / Video Recording Rules

  • No Photography, Video recording and Audio recording is permitted for this event

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Framed, by Adolf
A seller peddles a great and undiscovered artwork allegedly painted by Adolf Hitler himself. The controversial but artistically groundbreaking work could potentially shock the art world and rewrite history. Behind this art work lies a greater and incredible story about the seller’s Grandfather -a Jewish simpleton who was mistakenly tried as a Nazi war criminal for owning this Hitler painting.Hoping to authenticate the work, raise its value and restore her grandfather’s good name, the seller hawks this newly-discovered painting to a calculative billionaire, a cynical auctioneer, and a cautious professor.However, none of them believe that her grandfather had bought the painting from Hitler himself, much less that he had concealed his true identity by adopting a new name and persona as a Aryan-German, and subsequently a Nazi soldier, just to prevent this great art work by Hitler from falling into the wrong hands.As the auctioneer, professor and billionaire seek to uncover the truth behind the seller’s story about her grandfather and his Hitler painting, a deeper truth about falsehoods, injustice and historical whitewashing emerges.The Finger Players presents a thrilling new work by award-winning director/playwright Chong Tze Chien.Framed, by Adolf promises to intrigue and stir your imagination, provoke and tickle your senses, and haunt your consciousness and conscience.The play features a powerhouse cast comprising Serene Chen, Joshua Lim, Tan Shou Chen, Tim Nga, Darius Tan, Zee Wong, as well as puppeteers, Ang Hui Bin and Myra Loke.
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Event Date
8 Jun (Fri) - 10 Jun (Sun) 2018

Fri : 8pm
Sat : 3pm & 8pm
Sun: 3pm

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(Excludes Booking Fee)

Standard : S$55, S$45, S$35