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THIS Buddhist Film Festival 2018 Tomorrow Never Knows (M18)

A sensitively rendered documentary looking at the life and death of Shar Jones, a transgender person living with early onset Alzheimer's Disease, and the difficult choice he and his wife Cynthia Vitale faced as the couple struggled to figure out how to proceed amidst his chaotic decline. Instead of letting his memory slip away and burdening Cynthia with years of care, the film highlights the couple's journey as Shar pursues a conscious death. With an intimate visual style, Shar’s tale of gender identity gives his choice in death an especially telling element.

Directed by Adam Sekuler

Start Sales Date

1 Aug 2018, 9am

Other Channels:
1 Aug 2018, 10am


English with no subtitles




Approximately 93 minutes

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  • Rating: M18 MATURE THEME
  • No admission for patron below 18 years old
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  • No Photography, Video recording or Audio recording is permitted for this event

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THIS Buddhist Film Festival 2018 Sacred (PG13)
Shot by more than 40 filmmaking teams around the world, Sacred immerses viewers in the daily use of faith and spiritual practice. At a time when religious hatred dominates the world’s headlines, this film explores faith as a primary human experience, and how people turn to ritual and prayer to navigate the milestones and crises of private life. The film’s director commissioned or sourced footage from top independent filmmakers from more than 25 countries -- and a wide range of religious traditions -- each team contributing a single scene.Directed by Thomas Lennon
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THIS Buddhist Film Festival 2018 Soul on a String (NC16)
After discovering a sacred stone in the mouth of a deer he just killed, Tabei, a young lonesome Tibetan cowboy, embarks on a long and difficult mission: to bring it back to the holy mountain of Buddha’s handprint. His journey turns sour as an obstinate woman, Qiong and a psychic yet dumb elf, Pu, soon decide to join him. This is in addition to the two violent brothers on his tail, who are on a revenge quest.Directed by Zhang Yang
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THIS Buddhist Film Festival 2018 Becoming Who I Was (PG)
Padma Angdu's world turns upside down when the monastery where he belonged to expels him. He is recognised as a ‘Living Buddha’ in Ladakh, and the only thing that holds him together is the unfaltering love of his teacher. High expectations from his community leads the young Rinpoche into rebellion as he enters into adolescence. After having waited years in vain for his disciples from Tibet, the soon-to-be teenage Rinpoche and his aging teacher embark on an epic journey towards Tibet, in search of an answer.Directed by Moon Chang-Yong and Jeon Jin
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THIS Buddhist Film Festival 2018 Honeygiver Among the Dogs (PG)
Detective Kinley is sent to a remote region of Bhutan to investigate the disappearance of a Buddhist nun. He goes undercover and enters a risky alliance with his only suspect, a mysterious and alluring young woman named Choden, known to the villagers as a demoness. As Choden draws Kinley into her world, his supervisor takes him off the case, sending Kinley spiralling into delirium and nightmares. Honeygiver Among the Dogs is the debut feature by Bhutanese director Dechen Roder, one of the Himalayan nation’s few female directors. Her film merges spirituality and tradition with the classic hallmarks of the film noir genre.Directed by Dechen Roder*There will be a post-screening discussion with the film director
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THIS Buddhist Film Festival 2018 Sound of Silence (PG)
Set in a beautiful Himalayan valley, it’s a journey of a neglected and abandoned mute boy, who loses his mother at birth and is furiously neglected by his father. When his father goes behind bars, the boy stares at a lonely and deserted life ahead. His relationship with an elderly Buddhist monk helps him to detach from his voiceless suffering and to explore the bond that each creation shares with nature. With nowhere to go, he joins a Buddhist monastery even as he fights an inner battle of unrequited love.Directed by Bijukumar Damodaran (Dr. Biju)
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THIS Buddhist Film Festival 2018 Suffering of Ninko (R21)
Ninko, a young diligent Buddhist monk, has a serious problem: women (and some men too) are attracted to him. After a series of troubling encounters with infatuated woman, Ninko starts a journey to seek purification and to escape from his troubles.Bizarre and sometimes kitschy, the film follows Ninko as he comes to grip with the anguish of his hyper-sexualised world, mirroring our modern day society where we are constantly bombarded by sexuality and its allure. The Suffering of Ninko turns on sensuality to overload and asks “does the sufferings of Ninko come from external sources or from his internal weaknesses?”Directed by Norhiro Niwatsukino*There will be a post-screening discussion with the film director
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THIS Buddhist Film Festival 2018 Flower and Sword (PG)
Set in the 16th century ‘Age of Civil War’, Flower and Sword follows the tribulations of a monk as he works with flowers to bring peace to the land. Senko Ikenobo is one of the ‘flower monks’ of Rokkakudo Temple.  Due to his exceptional skills in Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, Senko is unwillingly thrusted into the limelight as he attempts to pacify the murderous tendencies of warlords during this strife-filled war torn period of medieval Japan.Spanning decades in its narration, Flower and Sword is a rare film on the art of Ikebana and features famous Kyogen actor Mansai Nomura and many other established Japanese actors. The film expounds on the Buddhist values of non-violence, even amidst tyranny, and mindfulness as Senko digs deep into his heart and wisdom to save himself and his compatriots during these difficult times.Directed by Tetsuo Shinohara
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THIS Buddhist Film Festival 2018 Finding Hygge (PG13)
“Hygge” has exploded in popularity amidst growing division and distrust around the world, but the Danish word and its definition are more complicated than it seems. For those who seek happiness, this exploratory documentary travels around the globe to discover the true meaning of “hygge” and how to find it.Directed by Rocky Walls
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THIS Buddhist Film Festival 2018 Karma (PG13)
Karma portrays 19-year-old Sun, who becomes a fugitive after he ran over a girl in an accident. To escape the law, he unwillingly ordains as a novice in a remote north-eastern forest monastery without real faith. On the night after his ordination, he steps on the offering to the hungry ghost and the act brings him to a confrontation with a hungry ghost who comes to ask for the merit that was lost because of his action. In the meantime, he is also haunted by the ghost of the girl who died in the accident.Directed by Kanitta Kwanyoo
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THIS Buddhist Film Festival 2018 One Mind (PG)
One Mind is a rare cinematic portrait of life inside one of China’s most austere and revered Chan Buddhism communities. The monks at Zhenru Chan Monastery continue to uphold a strict monastic code established over 1,400 years ago by the founding patriarchs of Chan Buddhism in China. In harmony with the land that sustains them, the monks operate an organic farm, grow tea, and harvest bamboo to fuel their kitchen fires. At the heart of this community, a group of cloistered meditators sit in silence for 8 hours every day. One Mind offers an intimate glimpse into a thriving Buddhist monastery in modern China.Directed by Edward Burger
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THIS Buddhist Film Festival 2018 A Thousand Mothers (PG) / 尊玛尊玛: 我和她们在喜马拉雅山的夏天 Tsunma Tsunma: My Summer With The Female Monastics Of The Himalaya (PG)
A Thousand Mothers (PG)Set at an ancient nunnery above the majestic Irrawaddy River, A Thousand Mothers is an unprecedented look into the lives of Buddhist nuns in Sagaing, Myanmar, an ancient religious region with one of the largest concentrations of monasticism in the world.  While the choices available to girls and women in Myanmar are quite limited, the film poetically unfolds to reveal unexpected opportunity and beauty as young orphans find a refuge, an education, and a healthy environment with older nuns who have dedicated their lives to service with the wit and wisdom required to live outside the pull of their rapidly modernising culture.Directed by Kim Shelton尊玛尊玛: 我和她们在喜马拉雅山的夏天 Tsunma Tsunma: My Summer With The Female Monastics Of The Himalaya (PG)为拉达克的第一位安尼藏医。亦有住在山洞十年的老安尼多玛慈仁,讲述她们学习佛法的生活和故事。本片也纪录了小安尼秋田多玛十八岁时即成为小主持的欢乐与眼泪。更有德烈汪莫从西藏家乡一路磕长头花了一年多的时间费尽千辛万苦到印度学习佛法,经过十七年的苦读成为西藏第一批女格西(佛学博士)的故事。Tsunma, an honorific term connoting “noble, delicate, and pure”, refers to the Tibetan Buddhist Nuns of the Himalayan Region who have been largely dismissed or forgotten by the traditions they follow and the societies they’ve served. Taiwanese photographer Lin Li-Fang undertook a solo journey up 4,270 meters into the Himalayan Plateau and lived for an entire summer with some of these nuns and recorded life in the unforgiving environment dubbed “The Roof of the World”. There, Li-Fang captured a life devoted to hope and faith and a people possessing a unique kind of tolerance, humility, and perseverance.Directed by Lin Li-fang 林丽芳*There will be a post-screening discussion with the film director
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Event Date
Tue, 25 Sep 2018


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