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The Best Gift - Cross Talk Play <<最棒的礼物>> 青少年相声剧

Inspired by and adapted from Jean-Jacques Sempé and René Goscinny's "Le petit Nicolas", Young People's Performing Arts Ensemble (YPPAE) will be presenting Youth Cross Talk Play "The Best Gift" in April 2018.

What is a gift?
Have you received one? Have you given one?
Will the gift you give be the best gift someone has ever received?

Through the structure and elements of Cross Talk and Theatre Play, "The Best Gift" depicts the details of Nicolas' everyday life with his parents and friends. Peering through the world through the young and innocent eyes of Nicolas, not only are the stories heartwarming, they are also full of humour.

Every one of us was once 'Nicolas'. Let us bring you back to your childhood memories through "The Best Gift"~

取材自法国作者赫内·葛西尼和尚·贾克·桑贝一同创作的系列漫画故事《小淘气尼古拉》, 由青少儿广播演艺组呈献 – 青少年相声剧《最棒的礼物》。

你收过它吗? 你送过它吗?

《最棒的礼物》通过相声以及戏剧的形式描述主人翁 - 尼古拉 - 日常生活里中与家人和朋友相处的点点滴滴。天真烂漫的尼古拉透过他的视角看世界, 不但温馨可爱、又十分幽默。


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1 Jan 2018, 12pm


Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes
(Inclusive of 15 minutes interval)

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Fri, 6 - Sat, 7 Apr 2018


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Standard: S$27, S$25

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