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Love and Mercy: Into the World of Bunraku

For the first time ever, there is a chance to watch Bunraku (Japanese puppet theatre) in Singapore! As part of Japan Creative Centre (JCC)’s 10th anniversary, the Singapore Bunraku Steering Committee presents this UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage on the local stage. Appreciate Japan’s history and traditional culture through two Bunraku performances.

  1. Introduction to Bunraku: What are Tayu, Shamisen and Puppets? (40mins)
  2. The Red-Hot Love – The Fire Watchtower (10mins)
  3. Intermission (20mins)
  4. The Miracle at Tsubosaka Temple – The House of Sawaichi and The Mountain (55mins)
  • The Red-Hot Love – The Fire Watchtower

Oshichi is in love with a man named Kichisaburo, but due to circumstances of the families, the two are unable to marry. One day, Kichisaburo loses a sword that was to be offered to the Imperial Palace. If he could not find it by the next morning, he will be ordered to commit suicide. Upon learning that, Oshichi finds the sword and tries to deliver it to Kichisaburo. But the day is turning dark, the wooden door of the town has closed and she cannot reach Kichisaburo. She suddenly remembers the fire watchtower, that when a fire broke out and the bell rang, the wooden doors opened all at once. However, if it is not a fire, it is a crime to ring the bell, and those who sound it will be sentenced to burn in a fire. However, Oshichi makes up her mind and starts to climb…


  • The Miracle at Tsubosaka Temple – The House of Sawaichi and The Mountain

The blind Sawaichi, who lives in Tsubosaka, Yamato Province, is helped by his wife Osato’s side earnings and they struggle to make ends meet. Sawaichi has felt that Osato is not around at home in the evening and begins to suspect that she might not be working. But in fact, Osato heard about a cure for Sawaichi’s blindness and went to Temple Tsubosaka to pray that her husband’s blindness will be cured. After Sawaichi learns of this, he apologises to his faithful wife for suspecting her. Despairing over the thought that his wife will never be happy if he is around, he throws himself into the valley only to have Osato follow him. By the mercy of the Goddess Kannon (Goddess of Mercy), she saves both husband and wife and restores Sawaichi’s sight.


  • About Japan Creative Centre (JCC)

Established in 2009 with the mutual agreement between Japan and Singapore, JCC is a base for disseminating information on Japanese culture and technology in Singapore. The first of its kind outside Japan, it is a culture and information centre that showcases Japan’s “now”, and organises exhibitions and events to share as much about Japanese culture with the people living in Singapore in the areas of Fine Arts & Traditions, Science & Technology, Pop Culture & Lifestyle, Design, Food and Japan’s policies. Through a variety of events, JCC encourages Singaporeans to learn more about Japan through showcases, networking events, information talks and outreach events.


为庆祝日本驻新加坡大使馆所属日本创意中心(Japan Creative Centre 简称JCC)成立十周年,新加坡文乐公演筹备委员会将于今年10月23日(星期三)在戏剧中心(国家图书馆三楼)呈献联合国教科文组织认定为非物质文化遗产的日本传统"文乐"木偶戏演出,题为"挚爱与慈悲:走进文乐的世界"。

一、 浅谈文乐:什么时"太夫","三味线"和"人形"(即木偶)?{40分钟}
二、 文乐表:《伊达娘恋绯鹿子》之"火见橹之段"(即火警钟楼一幕){10分钟}
三、 中场休息{20分钟}
四、 《壶坂观音灵验记》之"泽市内寄山之段"(两幕戏){55分中}

• 《伊达娘恋绯鹿子》之"火见橹之段"(火警钟楼一幕)


• 《壶坂观音灵验记》里的"泽市内寄山之段"(泽市家中和山上的两幕戏)


• 关于日本创意中心

日本创意中心 (JCC) 经由日本与新加坡两国协议下开幕于2009年,是位于新加坡一所日本文化与科技的传播基地,也是首个设立于日本以外的新型文化资讯中心,透过主办各种展览、交流、讲座、对外推展等活动展示日本的「现在」,并与新加坡当地民众分享日本的艺术与传统、科学与技术、流行文化与生活风格、设计、美食以及日本政策等多重领域,提供一个深入了解日本的平台。


Start Sales Date

21 Aug 2019, 9am

Other Channels:
21 Aug 2019, 10am


Performed in Japanese with English and Chinese Subtitle 


Approximately 2 hours 5 minutes
(Inclusvie of 20 minutes interval)

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  • No admission for infants in arms and children below 12 years old
  • Children 12 years and above must purchase ticket for entry
  • Admission is subject to tickets produced at the entrance

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  • No Photography, Video recording and Audio recording is permitted for this event

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Wed, 23 Oct 2019

2pm & 7pm

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Standard: S$90, S$70, S$50, S$30

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