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From Singapore to Singaporean: The Bicentennial Experience

From Singapore to Singaporean: The Bicentennial Experience brings you back in time to discover key moments and watch defining events unfold in Singapore’s transformation from as far back as 1299. As the centrepiece of the Singapore Bicentennial in 2019, this event comprises 2 parts:

The Time Traveller is a 60-minute immersive multimedia show within the Fort Canning Centre that presents a powerful experience of Singapore’s history across more than 700 years. Visitors will go through five acts played out in the galleries.

The Pathfinder is an outdoor experience comprising a set of pavilions with interactive elements that are situated within the Fort Gate area to allow for free and easy exploration. Visitors may spend another 30 minutes or longer here.  

This event is free, however tickets need to be booked for the Time Traveller.
For more information on The Bicentennial Experience, visit www.bicentennial.sg/the-bicentennial-experience/.

Visitors with 9:00pm and 9:10pm tickets should visit the outdoor Pathfinder before the ticket time to enter the Time Traveller.



Approximately 1 hour
(With no interval)

Promoter Name
Singapore Bicentennial Office

The Bicentennial Experience

  • Rating: Parental Guidance (PG)
  • The Bicentennial Experience is recommended for children aged 5 years and above.
  • Each visitor is required to obtain a ticket for entry to the Time Traveller. For the Pathfinder, no ticket is required.
  • The Time Traveller is an indoor multi-sensory experience with flashing strobe lights, loud sounds, smoke and water effects. As this may pose some level of discomfort to those who are hypersensitive to light and noise, visitors are advised to enter the Time Traveller at their discretion.
  • Visitors are to arrive on time for their ticket time to go through registration and view the Visitors’ Gallery before the show commence. 


Late Entry Advisory

  • Late arrival may result in non-admittance. Visitors who arrive after the ticket time are unlikely to be able to enter the Time Traveller, and there is no guarantee of entry into the next show. 


Admission Terms and Conditions

  • Each show can accommodate between 50 to 60 pax for the Time Traveller.
  • Tickets are only valid for the stipulated date and time.
  • Please note that all tickets must be presented at the point of entry; each ticket admits one visitor.
  • Admission tickets are required for all ages, including infants in arms.
  • Visitors who are unable to present their tickets will be denied entry. Visitors may book new tickets at the on-site ticket counter, subject to availability.
  • Ticket duplicates that are unauthorised will be denied entry. Visitors will need to obtain a new ticket if an existing ticket or a copy of it has already been used by another person.
  • Entry to the Time Traveller is strictly based on the ticket time.
  • Visitors are advised to retain their tickets throughout the show.
  • Tickets are not for sale or exchange.
  • Tickets are void if altered.
  • Event Organisers may postpone, cancel, interrupt or stop the show due to unforeseen situations, or any other causes beyond their reasonable control.
  • Visitors must comply with all relevant safety announcements and regulations whilst attending the Time Traveller.
  • Visitors must agree to submit to any search of prohibited items including, but not limited to, weapons and dangerous or illegal substances.
  • Event Organisers retain full discretion to grant or deny visitors entry into the Time Traveller.
  • As a courtesy to other visitors, Event Organisers reserve the right to ask any person(s) to leave the premises due to unruly or objectionable conduct and behaviour.
  • Visitors voluntarily assume all risk and danger incidental to the event whether occurring prior to, during or subsequent to the actual event.
  • Event Organisers are not responsible for any loss, damage or personal injury sustained by visitors.
  • For enquiries, please contact hello.ticketing@kingsmen-int.com
  • For group bookings (above 20 pax), please contact groupbookings@kingsmen-int.com 

Photography / Video Recording Rules

  • Flash photography is prohibited during the show.
  • Use of selfie-sticks and tripods is not permitted during the show.



  • The Time Traveller is housed within the Fort Canning Centre and is sheltered.
  • The Pathfinder is a free-and-easy experience within the greenery of Fort Gate. While the individual pavilions are covered, the entire area is open air. There are partially sheltered areas and tentage nearby.
  • Wheelchair access is provided at the Fort Canning Centre. All lifts within the centre are wheelchair accessible. There are wheelchair-accessible toilets on all levels of the centre.
  • Due to space and loading restrictions indoor, there is a limit of up to four wheelchair users for each show.
  • If the maximum wheelchair capacity for a show is reached, we seek your understanding that subsequent wheelchair users will be rescheduled to the next available slot.
  • Wheelchair users and persons with special needs: Visitors who require special access may contact hello.ticketing@kingsmen-int.com.
  • Strollers/prams are not allowed into the Fort Canning Centre. There is a designated parking area outside. However, as the area is not monitored, please ensure that all valuables and personal items are removed from your strollers/prams.
  • Motorised or Wheeled Mobility equipment are not allowed into the Fort Canning Centre. These include, but are not limited to, skate-scooters, in-line skates, roller-blades, unicycles, Segway, bicycles, tricycles and pull-trolleys.
  • Luggage in all sizes and/or bulky items are not allowed into the Fort Canning Centre. Please refrain from bringing your luggage as there is no storage area available.



  • Please do not touch any object on display, or rest on display panel showcases and gallery walls.
  • Parents with infants in arms and young children should ensure their behaviour does not affect the show experience for other visitors, such as crying, running around or talking loudly. In such instances, parents and their children may be escorted out of the show.
  • During some segments of the show there will be complete darkness and loud sounds. Parents are advised to reassure their young children. 
  • Please set your mobile phones to silent or vibrate mode, and keep your voice down during the show.


Additional Information

  • There is narration in English within the Time Traveller. Audio guides offering narration in Mandarin, Malay and Tamil will be provided upon request (subject to availability).
  • Food and beverages are not allowed within the Fort Canning Centre.
  • Smoking is prohibited anywhere within the Fort Canning Centre and the Fort Gate area.
  • Photographs, videos and audio records may be taken of visitors to The Bicentennial Experience. By visiting the show, visitors grant the Event Organisers full rights to use the resulting images and recordings without claims for payment or royalties. This may include (but is not limited to) printed and online publicity, social media, and press releases.
Event Date
Tue, 1 Oct – Tue, 31 Dec 2019

Tue, 1 Oct – Sun, 17 Nov 2019
Mon-Thu: 8.50am to 4.00pm (last show)
Fri-Sun:  8.50am to 8.50pm (last show)
Public Holidays: 8.50am to 8.50pm (last show)
Mon, 18 Nov – Tue, 31 Dec 2019
Mon: 8.50am to 4.00pm (last show)
Tue-Sun:  8.50am to 8.50pm (last show)
Public Holidays: 8.50am to 8.50pm (last show)

Tickets will be released twice monthly, on the 7th and 21st of the preceding month at 8am.

Ticket Pricing