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NMS - An Old New World: From the East Indies to the Founding of Singapore, 1600s - 1819

Explore the 200 years leading up to the establishment of an entrepôt in Singapore in 1819, beginning with the bustling world of trade in the East Indies that attracted the Dutch and British East India Companies from the early 17th century. The European entry into the region, for better or worse, was only part of its longer history. This exhibition is a telling of that story, and a reflection of the broader forces at play that culminated in the events of 1819.

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  • Last admission into An Old New World: From the East Indies to the Founding of Singapore, 1600s - 1819 is at 6.30pm
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- Admission is free for visitors 6 years & below regardless of nationality.

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S$13 per ticket for Non-Singaporean Students and Seniors (60 years & above)
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Please note that random checks on concession tickets will be conducted at the point of entry.
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S$13 per ticket for Group Booking with a minimum purchase of 20 Adult tickets. For groups larger than 20, 3-weeks advance booking with the National Museum required.

National Museum of Singapore: Singapore History Gallery and Life in Singapore Galleries and Glass Rotunda
With a history dating back to its inception in 1887, the NATIONAL MUSEUM OF SINGAPORE is the nation's oldest museum with a progressive mind. A cultural and architectural landmark in Singapore, the museum redefines the conventional museum experience by exploring multiple perspectives of history and cutting-edge presentations. The National Museum refreshed and re-opened its permanent galleries on 19 September 2015 for Singapore's Golden Jubilee. With updated stories and content, the galleries recapture the nation's defining moments, challenges and achievements from its earliest beginnings 700 years ago to the independent, modern city-state it is today. Visit the SINGAPORE HISTORY GALLERY, the LIFE IN SINGAPORE: THE PAST 100 YEARS galleries, and the GOH SENG CHOO GALLERY and the GLASS ROTUNDA, and take another look at Singapore's history.SINGAPORE HISTORY GALLERYThe Singapore History Gallery's updated narrative charts the development of the island as it was known through the years as Singapura, Crown Colony, Syonan-To, and finally, Singapore. In celebration of 50 years of independence, this gallery is refreshed with updated stories and content on Singapore's history, capturing the nation's defining moments, challenges and achievements from its earliest beginnings 700 years ago to the independent, modern city-state it is today.LIFE IN SINGAPORE: THE PAST 100 YEARSSpanning the last 100 years, these four galleries present snapshots of everyday life through the different eras in Singapore's history. In the gallery examining the 1920s-1930s, discover how modern and progressive people were in colonial times. Gain a deeper appreciation for the resourcefulness and resilience of those who found hope and love in the gallery covering the years of the Japanese Occupation. See the 1950s-1960s through the eyes of a child growing up alongside the nation, as this gallery captures the dreams and aspirations of a generation. Self-expression andcreativity take the front seat in the 1970s-1980s gallery, which explores how a new, confident, Singaporean identity emerged.GOH SENG CHOO GALLERYDiscover the fine line between Desire and Danger at this stimulating new exhibition at the Goh Seng Choo Gallery. Featuring creatures that arouse appetites and instil fear, and exotic plants sought for their ability to induce pleasure or pain, this selection of drawings from the William Farquhar Collection of Natural History Drawings explores the complex and sometimes uneasy relationship between man and nature.GLASS ROTUNDAThe National Museum of Singapore’s Glass Rotunda offers visitors the option of beginning their experience of the Singapore History Gallery with two permanent art installations. Story of the Forest is a digital art installation inspired by the museum’s prized William Farquhar Collection ofNatural History Drawings. Sixty-nine drawings from the collection are brought to life through a spectacular, larger-than-life digital presentation, transporting visitors to 20th-century Malaya as viewed through the eyes of the artists of that time, and reimagined today by interdisciplinary Japanese art collective teamLab. At the end of this interactive multimedia journey, visitorswill view a photography exhibit titled Singapore, Very Old Tree by Singaporean artist Robert Zhao that explores the discourse of nature through 17 images of trees around Singapore, before they continue to the Singapore History Gallery.
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Sat, 21 Sep 2019-Sun, 29 Mar 2020

Mon - Sun: 10am - 7pm
Last Admission at 6.30pm


National Museum of Singapore

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