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My Songs 3那些年的歌 3 - 芳华年代演唱会
Zhao Yong Hua 赵咏华 and Wan Fang 万芳 are the best of friends, and this is the first time, they finally managed to be on stage to perform a double bill concert.

Zhao, apart from having sung many hit songs back in the 80s and 90s, she started acting as well in numerous drama serials. Her hits include 最浪漫的事,请你放心,求婚,散心,在沙漠的第七天,相见太晚,早餐 and many others.

Wan, her signature song 新不了请, heightened her singing career. Apart from this song, Wan has got many other classic songs like 就值得了爱,猜心,我记得你眼里的依恋,割爱,爱情限时批 and many others.

Apart from belting out their own hits, they will also show their duet prowess on stage. This show is accompanied Taiwan famous musical director Tu Ying and his other Taiwan band members.
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15 Jul 2017, 8pm

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15 Jul 2017, 8pm
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  • No admission for infant in arms and children aged below 6 years old.
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  • No Photography, Video recording and Audio recording is permitted for this event.
Taiwan 4 Divas Concert 台湾四大天后演唱会
Taiwan 4 Divas concert台湾四大天后 brings together Taiwan most popular Hokkien singers Fang Rui Er 方瑞娥, Zhang Xiu Qing 张秀卿, Chen Ying Jie 陈盈洁 and Cai Qiu Feng蔡秋凤 as they belt out their hit songs for a one night only show at Resorts World Theatre Sentosa. Fang Rui Er, the undisputed Hokkien songs veteran had released countless albums since her days in the entertainment industry. Having hit songs like 水车姑娘, 最后的火车站, 黑玫瑰, 世间人 and more. Zhang Xiu Qing, singer-host, gain popularity in Taiwan music industry with her signature Hokkien song, 车站and the album sold more than one million copies. She was awarded Best Hokkien Female singer in the Taiwan Golden Melody award ceremony in the year 1993. Her many hit songs are 痴情胆, 醉醉醉, 爱人仔恰恰, 辣妹驾到and more. Chen Ying Jie, singer-actress, well-known for her signature Hokkien song 风飞沙. She have released many albums since the 1980s with hit songs such as 海海人生, 破浪人生, 乎我醉, 期待再相会 and more. She had acted in several movies and drama series. Cai Qiu Feng, started her singing career at the age of 13 taking part in a singing competition in Taiwan singing the songs of her idol Feng Fei Fei 凤飞飞. She is known to many as the Taiwan Hokkien songbird with a unique singing vocal and her hit songs are 雨水我问你, 醉英雄, 算命, 酒落喉 and more. Circle the date in your calendar and be ready to get up close and personal with these singers.
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Event Date
Sat, 16 Sep 2017
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Standard: S$158, S$128, S$108, S$88, S$68, S$48
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