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The Nature Museum: Performance [Creation]
By: Institute of Critical Zoologists (ICZ)

The Nature Museum is a fascinating exploration of Singapore's natural history through historical and fantastical narratives created by the Institute of Critical Zoologists (ICZ).

An immersive Museological setting by Robert Zhao of ICZ, The Nature Museum takes you on a journey through photographs, artworks and historical documents both found and fabricated. Get lost in another time as you wander around the artful arrangements of books, posters and images captivatingly displayed on Victorian shelves and vitrines, accompanied by antiquated caption texts.

Artist and photographer Zhao has become known for his layered narratives blending historical documentation and imaginative storytelling that provide thought-provoking commentary on natural as well as social issues. The installation is fleshed out by a guided tour and lecture performance, created in collaboration with playwright Joel Tan, weaving together myriad stories of our island's rich flora and fauna, its little-known agriculture and aggressive landscaping, fully revealing the extent of Singapore's 'Garden City' moniker.

Underneath bubbles a deeper story of violence and control, hidden in much of Singapore's encounters with nature: forests recede while manicured greenery emerges. Rediscover the meaning behind images of the plantations and jungles of our past and ponder the implications of the clash between Nature and urban development on our tiny island.

In ICZ's inimitable style, The Nature Museum meshes past and future in an arresting work that will astonish all who are curious about the world around us.

Commissioned by Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA).
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SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ARTS 2017 Henrico's Farm (Ang Saka Ni Henrico) [Creation]
By: LAV DIAZ Film is commonly perceived as the most enchanting medium of expression today, casting its spell on audiences from all walks of life. For the very first time, Lav Diaz, the prolific 2016 Golden Lion award winner (Venice Film Festival) and the 2016 Silver Bear winner (Berlinale) for different films, chooses Singapore as the location for his new screenplay, Henrico's Farm. In doing so, SIFA audiences are offered a rare opportunity to be on a film set and witness one of Southeast Asia's greatest contemporary film auteurs at work. With Henrico's Farm, Diaz once again hews issues close to his heart, inspired by a real-life encounter with a Filipino migrant worker at Frankfurt airport. His new film is about the irony of domestics as "lifers”, women who serve life sentences away from home and loved ones, embracing alternative homes in alien lands. The film begins in Frankfurt, where Lailani, now 65, awaits a plane to Manila. She is returning home to the Philippines for the first time in 30 years, to bury an adult son she left behind soon after his birth. En route home, she delays her return by stopping over in Singapore. Her interactions with her fellow Filipinos help her reflect on the nature of her loss, the cycle of sacrifice and longing that marks them all. Gripped by the fear of returning home to a life she has left behind but is still intricately connected to, she finds moments of enchantment among other lost souls who have created their ways of living with disenchantment through a Dreamtime that shelters them from the storms of trauma. Henrico's Farm tells an individual and a collective story of sacrifice, struggle, displacement and torment in the world at large. In Tagalog, with translation into English. - Please visit https://www.sifa.sg/sifa/programme/shows/henricos-farm-ang-saka-ni-henrico for more information. Commissioned by Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA).
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By: National Theater of Korea, Ong Keng Sen Trojan Women is a contemporary Asian musical created from K-pop and pansori, the 400-year-old Korean genre of musical storytelling anointed as a UNESCO Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Directed by SIFA Founding Festival Director, Ong Keng Sen, in a collaboration with the National Theater Of Korea, this production took Seoul by storm at the close of 2016 and is being staged for the first time outside Korea. From the essence of a tale said to have happened around 1200BC that intrigued Homer, Trojan Women has been reinvented. Composed by celebrated master-artist, pansori singer and National Treasure, Ms Anh Sook-san, in collaboration with K-pop composer extraordinaire, Jung Jae-Il, Trojan Women tells the story of women in war in a showcase of emotional power and cross-cultural beauty. The women of Troy, including their queen Hecuba, are about to be deported as war slaves to Greece, the victorious country. Hecuba has lost her husband and all her sons in the 10-year Trojan War. She receives news that her daughter, Cassandra, is to be taken as a slave (concubine) to Agamemnon, chief king of Greece, and her daughter-in-law, crown princess Andromache, to a Greek general. The war erupted when Helen, queen of Sparta-Greece, fell in love with Hecuba's son Paris and escaped to Troy with him. Helen's cuckolded husband Menelaus, King of Sparta, vengefully pursued his runaway wife and her paramour. The Trojans were ultimately surprised by a gigantic wooden horse, which they embraced as a gift from the gods. In the dark night, Greek soldiers emerged from the horse and slaughtered the people of the entire city. As history has proven, Troy is defeated but never forgotten, her women endure not as victims but as survivors. The Korean artists give a whole new meaning to this legend, making it their very own. Performed in Korean with English surtitles. Commissioned by Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) and National Theater of Korea.
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SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ARTS 2017 Guilty Landscapes III [Asia-Pacific Premiere]
By: Dries Verhoeven In an interactive video installation, the protagonist on the evening news looks directly at the viewer, providing a framework for each viewer to scrutinise his or her own feelings of discomfort. Dutch theatre-maker and visual artist Dries Verhoeven asks us: What if the people we watch on the news can look back at us? What if the gaze is reversed? The 24-hour news cycle, continuously available on laptops, TVs and smartphones, makes us perpetual witnesses to complex situations across the globe. We feel uneasy with the confrontation of presumed poverty and desperation. Guilty Landscapes III transports images of uncomfortable responsibility into the white cube of the gallery. In the otherwise empty space, a disconcerting landscape is projected on a large wall. As soon as a viewer steps into the room, he or she becomes an integral part of the installation. Every viewer experiences a truly individualised connection to the situation on screen. Suddenly, feelings of distance and proximity seem to merge. Guilty Landscapes III challenges feelings of guilt and shame. The project investigates psychological complexes, such as the guilt of privilege and social hyper-awareness, all the while asking whether it is possible to reverse such relative social positions. Is it possible to meet the presumed victims without assumptions and pity? In 2016, Verhoeven created a series of four episodes of Guilty Landscapes, commissioned by and for various European cities. Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) will show the third episode from this series. An event for one audience member at one time. Please visit Please visit www.sifa.sg/programme/shows/guilty-landscapes-iii to register for your performance time and for more information. An Asia-Pacific Premiere.
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SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ARTS 2017 And so you can see ... our honourable blue sky and ever enduring sun ... can only be consumed slice by slice... [Asia-Pacific Premiere]
By: Robyn Orlin South African iconoclastic choreographer Robyn Orlin, acclaimed in Europe and Africa, has built up a repertoire of multi-layered performances that veer out of conventional dance into complex creations that incorporate diverse media like text, video and plastic art. Her absurdist, humourous yet provocative takes on dance and performance art have resulted in shocked reactions from unamused audiences. Yet, the same body of work has won her awards around the world, most notably the French National Order of Merit in 2009. Where Orlin truly pushes the envelope is how she continually questions and challenges the myths and truths of her apartheid-scarred homeland, weighted as it is with its complex social and political history. And So You See ... continues in that vein as Orlin enlists the help of South African dancer Albert Ibokwe Khoza, a fascinating new-generation performer who also happens to be an inyanga, a traditional herbalist in South Africa. In an enchantment of pure presence, he portrays the excesses of the seven deadly sins in a "requiem to humanity" on one level. On another level, he crystallises issues playfully and ironically like Why is it not possible to reconcile individuality with traditional culture? "Why is not possible to be a university graduate and practice traditional religion and medicine?" Watch as he morphs from traditional healer to flamboyant performer to meditative divinity to cocooned insect. Whether bedecked in feathers or wrapped in cellophane, Khoza is a revelation, effectively embodying all the extremes that Orlin evokes in her work. The graceful and the grotesque, the refined and the vulgar, the sublime and the sad - you will be brought to the extremes and back again. Asia-Pacific Premiere.
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By: Jeffrey Tan You walk around your estate and catch a glimpse of your neighbours in their homes eating, laughing, quarrelling, playing mahjong. What are the stories that play out behind those doors, the dramas unfolding behind those drapes? Your curiosity is about to be satisfied with Open Homes, one of the most unique theatre experiences of the SIFA 2017. Returning after a successful run in 2015, the theatre concept this time will enter HDB public housing estates, as well as private condominiums and landed residences. The doors of 30 homes will be flung open over three weekends and their residents will invite us into their private spaces to enchant us with the stories they wish to share. Mentored by theatre-makers, this intimate experience promises to take audiences around Singapore and into the warmth of open homes. In each short, snappy 30-minute show, you will get an up close-and-personal view of the heartbreak and humour, comedy and chaos, domestic dramas and dreams that rule in our apartment buildings, estates and neighbourhoods across the country. What is to discover? Maybe it's that no matter whether rich or poor, single or married, young or old, we still share the capacity to care for one another and to dream big. Performed in the multiple languages of Singapore. Pre-booking is essential as spaces are limited in these living-room theatres.Please visit www.sifa.sg/sifa/programme/shows/open-homes for more information and registration. Commissioned by Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA).
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By: Halory Goerger, Antoine Defoort If you had the chance to start from scratch, in a space of 8 metres by 10 metres, how would you do it? On an empty stage, four adventurers begin to construct the world from the very beginning. With ingenious theatre magic, using the greatest care and good grace, they gleefully invent laws of physics, music, language and social interaction. And with nothing more than the use of the most minimalist of tools onstage - guitars, pickaxes and microphones. One of the most talked-about, amusing performances in recent years, Germinal uses the theatre as a whimsical metaphor for human civilisation. A deconstructionist performance if ever there was one, Germinal peels away the smoke and mirrors that accompany the usual theatre-going experience. By stripping away and breaking down, then building anew and crafting afresh, Germinal lightly encourages us to rethink all the things we thought we knew and relook at them with a fresh eye. Goerger and Defoort are musicians, actors, philosophers, pranksters, artists and inventors who meld genres and upend codes. Their fun mix of visual art, theatre, music and sociology marked them as rising stars at the 2013 Avignon Festival. SIFA, in line with its tradition of introducing innovation from the international arts scene, is proud to present Germinal. Performed in French with English surtitles. Produced by l'amicale de production. Asia-Pacific Premiere.
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By: Lav Diaz Intimate groups of audiences will get up close to Lav Diaz and some of the great actresses of Filipino film in The Making Of Enchanted Moments. Join Diaz in a review of his magnificent opus as he offers insights into his heart and soul, giving us a unique Director's Cut through a retrospective of his favourite scenes. Diaz's organic, improvisatory approach, including the insistent use of real time, is stunning. He waits for his shot with the actors. The extended duration of his films enables the viewer to enter deeply into the experiences and emotions depicted, resulting in an immersion that cannot occur in the usual 90-minute formula. When he won the Prince Claus Award in 2014, his citation read: "Lav Diaz is honoured for his uniquely moving portrayals of the complexities of Filipino reality; for expanding and intensifying cinematic experience through his innovative approach to the art of film-making; for expressing truth and building a powerful cultural legacy for national healing and international understanding of the Philippines; for challenging the dominant commercially and politically driven uses of cinema; and for remaining true to his art and his intentions, providing inspiration for others working outside the mainstream." Learn about this trailblazer's creative process as he reveals his vision (24 August), the art of performance (25 August, with actresses from his films) and his sense of time and space (9 September, with a screening of selected scenes from Henrico's Farm that he just filmed in Singapore). These three enchanted moments frame Diaz's film-making process here: two sessions occur before he begins shooting and the final session follows the wrap. Commissioned by Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA)
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SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ARTS 2017 Vegetative State [Asia-Pacific Premiere]
By: Manuela Infante Vegetative State is a polyphonic, ramified and exuberant performance. Its main character is a woman, who is not an individual, but a crowd, a swarm. This is not animal work; it is fascinating vegetable work created by the dynamic Chilean star director Manuela Infante, with the amazingly expressive actress Marcela Salinas. Based on the revolutionary thinking of plant philosopher Michael Marder and plant neurobiologists like Stefano Mancuso, Vegetative State probes the ways in which new concepts of the plant kingdom - from plant intelligence to vegetative soul to plant communication - can transform us. If we accept that plants have other ways of thinking, feeling, communicating, being intelligent and conscious, having another sense of time, perhaps we might see anew our own sense of thinking, feeling, communicating, awareness and being. Marder argues that "to recognise the other in plants, is also to recognise the vegetal other in us". With the versatile Infante at the helm steering her way through vibrant matter, Vegetative State tirelessly dances an impossible dialogue, that of humans and plants. An unexpected dialogue with nature that begins coincidentally reminiscent of Kuo Pao Kun's Singapore classic, "The Silly Little Girl and The Funny Old Tree". Performed in Spanish with English surtitles. An Asia-Pacific premiere.
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By: Kronos Quartet For more than 40 years, San Francisco's Kronos Quartet - David Harrington and John Sherba (violins), Hank Dutt (viola) and Sunny Yang (cello) - has combined a spirit of fearless exploration with a commitment to continually reimagine the string quartet experience. As one of the world's most celebrated, influential ensembles, Kronos has performed thousands of concerts, released more than 60 recordings, and collaborated with many of the globe's most intriguing, accomplished composers and performers. Kronos has commissioned more than 900 works and arrangements for string quartet. A Grammy winner, Kronos is also the only recipient of both the Polar Music Prize and the Avery Fisher Prize. Integral to Kronos's work is a series of long-running collaborations with many of the world's foremost composers, including Americans Terry Riley, Philip Glass, and Steve Reich; Azerbaijan's Franghiz Ali-Zadeh; Poland's Henryk Górecki; and Serbia's Aleksandra Vrebalov. Perhaps its most ambitious and generous commissioning platform is the eclectic "Fifty For The Future" The Kronos Learning Repertoire - ten works a year, five by women and five by men, for five years - devoted to the truly globe-spanning state of the art of the string quartet in the 21st century, designed expressly for the training of students and emerging professionals. On tour for five months a year, Kronos appears in the world's most prestigious concert halls, clubs, and festivals. Kronos is equally prolific and wide-ranging on recordings, including "Nuevo" (2002), a Grammy- and Latin Grammy-nominated celebration of Mexican culture; and the 2004 Grammy-winner, Alban Berg's "Lyric Suite". For one night only, catch the special edition of Kronos's favourites for its Singapore fans in an exclusive showcase by the virtuoso ensemble. Discard your expectations of the typical string quartet; Kronos is a revolutionary and furiously dynamic ensemble that is not to be missed.
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Performed by: Kronos Quartet, Rinde Eckert, Vân- Ánh Vanessa Võ Composed by: Jonathan Berger Libretto by: Harriet Scott Chessman On the eve of the 50th anniversary of the horrific 1968 massacre of more than 500 Vietnamese villagers by American soldiers in My Lai, Vietnam, comes a commemorative music performance. My Lai reminds us all of the horrors of the battlefield and the blight of the Vietnam War on the American soul. Jonathan Berger, composer of this opera, and librettist Harriet Scott Chessman are inspired by the story of Hugh C. Thompson Jr., the American helicopter pilot who intervened with his crew to stop the tragedy. The resultant 90-minute performance is divided into three movements to reflect the three landings they made in an effort to end the violence. Together, the eminent American string ensemble Kronos Quartet, tenor Rinde Eckert and Vietnamese multi-instrumental artist Vân- Ánh Vanessa Võ create an all-encompassing sound world as a backdrop to one of history's most horrific tales. The haunting sounds of traditional Vietnamese percussion instruments blend with the digitally processed whir of helicopter blades and set against video projections and compelling images of poignant simplicity. They are all particularly effective at conjuring up and pulling the audience into the psychological world of the man who tried to prevent the carnage that occurred. Enchantment is the antidote to cynicism, to forgetting, for we need to stay connected to justice, to still believe, to continually respond as human individuals in a sea of violence, conflict and suppression of information. Told from the perspective of pilot Thompson, who was persecuted for reporting the massacre, My Lai is a reminder of ethical generosity in turbulent times. My Lai opens in Singapore before touring in several US cities in the autumn of 2017 and spring of 2018. Asia-Pacific premiere. "My Lai opens in Singapore before touring in several US cities in the autumn of 2017 and spring of 2018."
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SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ARTS 2017 Red Carpet Gala: Lizard on the Wall,The Film
By: K. Rajagopal (Inspired by Balli Kaur Jaswal's "Inheritance") Lizard On The Wall is the much-awaited, completed film of a new, exciting mode of moviemaking pioneered by SIFA with the audiences of The O.P.E.N., our pre-festival of ideas. Edited (the hallmark of cinema) into a full film, this is a risky undertaking that harnesses the spontaneity of live performance and introduces unknown stars drawn directly from our audiences! Hot out of the editing suite, Lizard On The Wall,the latest Singapore film from prolific filmmaker K. Rajagopal and Fran Borgia of Akanga Film Asia, shot in July 2017. The film presents the wedding banquet of Amrit in the family house, beginning with a festive celebration of song and dance. The events of the day then take a turn when embarrassing secrets come to light, and guests are made to confront the shameful truths of a double life. High drama set against a colourful backdrop, Lizard On The Wall is also an inventive take on interactive performance, showing the SIFA audience vividly in a new Singapore film. This red-carpet gala of Lizard On The Wall is, for once, intended for the film's supernumeraries. Come in the same costume that you wore during the shoot and see yourself on film - be recognised! For those who missed starring in the film, enjoy the fruits of labour of hundreds of artists from the film set. As the closing event for SIFA 2017, the red-carpet gala of Lizard On The Wall is a fitting closure to the tenure of Founding Festival Director Ong Keng Sen and his amazing team, who have brought you innovation as well as artistic risks in the last four years. Come bid them farewell over a glass of bubbly! Commissioned by Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA).
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SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ARTS 2017 Le Syndrome Ian [Asia-Pacific Premiere]
By: Christian Rizzo If you have ever enjoyed joyous, heady nights at a club - and especially if you remember the first time you did so - this production will bring it all back for you, complete with thumping beats. Le Syndrome Ian is the conclusion to Christian Rizzo's trilogy around ‘found’ anonymous dances; the first chapter (d’après une histoire vraie) studied community dances, while the second (ad noctum) explored partner dances. Le Syndrome Ian takes this concept a step further and puts the focus on nightclub dances. This time, Rizzo - director of the well-known Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier - takes a more personal stance, by remembering his own story and exploring the foundations of this anonymous choreography happening spontaneously every night on the dance floor. The year is 1979. England is captivated by the intriguing sounds of Manchester band Joy Division and, especially, its lead singer, Ian Curtis. Le Syndrome Ian sets the stage at a club in London; its premise is to evoke the memory of your first night out at a club. Rizzo recaptures this sense of intoxication as he transports the audience to a world where the grooves and the moves were all that mattered. This is the emergence of a sound taking over disco; a dark yet poetic melody and set to the rhythm of electrified, jerking bodies. Curtis’ haunting voice echoes the feverish mood of clubbers, with the post-punk music matching the frenzied dancing. Le Syndrome Ian sees nine dancers taking the stage and while the tempo switches back and forth, a collective vibration will captivate you from start to finish. Winner of the prestigious Fedora - Van Cleef & Arpels Prize for Ballet 2016. The prize is awarded to the next generation of innovation by talented artists who will ensure the future of dance. Asia-Pacific Premiere
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Art Studio By: Nine Years Theatre, Nelson Chia, Yeng Pway Ngon Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) is proud to open its 2017 edition with Art Studio, a Singapore-Mandarin theatre commission performed with English surtitles. Set against the backdrop of Singapore's changing landscape from the 1960s to the new millennium, Art Studio begins with the story of a young school drop-out, Ji Zong, who is coerced by his friend to become a model for life drawing by a group of artists. From that point on, the narrative branches out, weaving the lives of these wildly disparate artists into a web of intriguing stories during the tumultuous years of Singapore from the 1950s to the 1980s: An aspiring singer gives up everything she has to travel alone to India and pursue her love for Indian classical singing; a communist fighter disappears into the thick Malayan jungle for the rest of his life; an middle-aged woman returns to her old flat, which has remained unchanged after 30 years of self-exile, only to find the man she loved dying. Epic in terms of time that spans across decades, deeply intricate in its portrayal of the characters' sentiments and of the heart's innermost desires, Art Studio is a moving rendition of the poetic beauty and sorrow of ordinary human relationships. The performance is directed by Nelson Chia and adapted from the Mandarin novel of the same name written by 2003 Cultural Medallion recipient and Singaporean novelist Yeng Pway Ngon. Yeng won the Singapore Literature Prize no fewer than three times – most recently in 2012 for Art Studio. His books have been translated into many languages, including Italian, though this will be his first major translation onto stage.
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By: Sonny Liew, Edith Podesta Hot on the heels of the New York Times Bestseller and Singapore Literature Prize-winning "The Art of Charlie Lee Hock Chye", cartoonist Sonny Liew creates an all-new graphic novel for the stage. Using the superhero genre as a springboard to tell a story about ageing and mortality, the book for the stage looks to examine the limits of even superhuman abilities when confronted with the complex issues of greying societies, or when faced with the pain of losing loved ones to the ravages of time. While Liew embarks on the creation of his new narrative, theatre-maker Edith Podesta brings her incredible, creative sensibilities to collaborate with him - bringing to life the art of the graphic novel in a unique production that melds the languages of comics and theatre, of two-dimensional drawings and live performance, of word balloons and spoken words. Central to Becoming Graphic will be the concept of the 'voicer', who animates and breathes life into the characters of Liew's imagination as his pen draws a nuanced and layered story of the complex issues we face with ageing and mortality. Commissioned by Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA).
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By: Pangdemonium, Tracie Pang, Adrian Pang, Stephanie Street The year is 2021. Climate change is wreaking havoc across the globe, "Brexit" is causing chaos all over Europe and Donald Trump has been re-elected United States president for a second term. In the wake of escalating wars in the Middle East, famine in West Africa and relentless terrorist attacks by radical extremists, the United Kingdom - and many nations around the world - has enforced a ban on all immigration. With the coastline around him and life as he knows it crumbling to dust, Leslie Chen is forced to abandon his home in England and move his family back to his birthplace, Singapore. Confronting a country that is a world apart from the one he knew as a child, Chen is now made to question the meaning of home. As the crises and conflicts escalate, one thing is certain - come hell or high water, and possibly both, he must protect his family at all costs. While dragonflies migrate halfway across the world, we, the human race, struggle to embrace our nomadic heritage, our need to move to greener pastures in order to survive. And as global warming, the resurgence of far-right politics and worldwide paranoia force us to burn bridges and build walls among communities, families and individuals, we have to ask ourselves: Where do we go from here? Performed in English (some Mandarin dialogue with English surtitles). Commissioned by Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA).
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Event Date
31 Aug, 1,2,5,6,7 Sep 2017 ,8pm
Ticket Pricing
(Excludes Booking Fee)
Standard: S$35 (General Admission)