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SUGIZO and INORAN are two legendary guitarists from LUNA SEA. Although they have been teammates for many years, the two have very different musical styles – SUGIZO likes a flirty yet elegant strumming of strings and has a great speed and momentum of playing. It is said that his personal works are made up of a large number of electronic elements, variation of the avant-garde psychedelic and extraordinary atmosphere. INORAN, on the other hand, has always had a crisp and unique sound, meticulously weaving his known, personal works into the strong taste of Western Rock and Roll, successfully creating a tension full of alternative Rock. The two have fought side by side for more than twenty-five years, and the finally, for the first time performing together in the field, their performance was dubbed historic.

Crowded with fans at Zepp DiverCity, SUGIZO and INORAN were welcomed with loud applause. Deep in the depths of the stage, a faint yellow light seeped through the thin layer of the curtain. On the right side appeared the huge figure of SUGIZO, a violin high-pitched sound hissed through the silence of the air as he stepped out, a sad melody that resounded through the venue. The shadow of INORAN fell on the left side of the stage, as his guitar outlined the composition of the tune. With the tune of the violin and guitar in combination with the drums, the silhouettes of the two fell onto the curtain, framing the background. As the lights suddenly brightened, the curtains fell simultaneously, revealing the two. The representation of the show as a sign of the dragon and dead bird wrapped around each other reveals the meeting of the two. The performance continues until the last note of the song falls.

After the successful collaboration, “SUGIZO vs INORAN PRESENTS BEST BOUT ~L2/5 “, last year. The two star guitarists from LUNA SEA, SUGIZO and INORAN are proudly expanding their highly-anticipated tour! Apart from performing two shows in their home country, Japan, they will also be touring other cities in Asia!

17/6 Hong Kong
24/6 Singapore

Start Sales Date

26 May 2017, 9am.

Other Channels:
26 May 2017, 10am.

  • English
  • Japanese

Approximately 2 hours 30 minutes
(30 minutes interval)

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  • No admission for infants in arms and person below 6 years old.
  • Patron 6 years and above must purchase a ticket for entry.
  • Admission is subject to tickets produced at the entrance.

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  • No Photography, Video recording and Audio recording is permitted for this event .

Immediately after a break of playful music, the stage covered with bright light. On the ground lay a scarlet retro carpet – signalling INORAN’s start of the opening song. The opening song by INORAN made use of delicate string sounds as the backbone. As the tune spread over the warm and open background, suddenly full of light over the audience, INORAN opened his eyes. The song slowly transitioned to at once, as a blue sky and white clouds were projected. The two songs and followed after, with fans clapping their fists in a warm beat, so much so that the floor of the venue was shaking. This changed from excitement to fanaticism when INORAN, laughing and smiling, said, "I looked forward to this day for a long time. Thanks to all the staff who assisted the performance, and then the next play that hateful guy (laughs) Although we are very good, but the platter of the words to make every effort, we have fun (Though) I did not say that LIVE was fun? " He continued to warm up the scene with as the audience jumped along to the cheerful melody under the orange light. The colourful projection and bright lights made a very interesting performance of <2Lime s>. Next, INORAN revealed that the planning of the show started four years ago, and elaborated on SUGIZO’s idea, “Not long before the start of LUNA SEA, he did not have technology, had no sense, character and had a lot less than we have now. There were a lot of shortcomings, especially with the small SUGIZO. Although we had guitarists and technology, and even a good sense and character, he was not punctual (laughs). But with him, I can try to stick around. Sometimes I feel that I do not want to lose to him. It makes me very angry, because the goal is on his side. Fortunately, because of a small SUGIZO, I am able to stand here today”, leading to an enthusiastic applause from the fans. For the introduction of SUGIZO, SUGIZO stepped out, and the two immediately get into a boxing battle posture, filling the heart with intimate feelings of the play and the relationship between the two. As the roar of SUGIZO’s guitar unfolded, INORAN joins in the flow of his guitar theme line. The song is bright, but yet is without prejudice to the original senses, as the individual characteristics of the two can be seen to seamlessly combine. After some time of guitar battle, SUGIZO leaves the stage, but not before an amused INORAN brilliantly smiled and said, “DiverCity go together!” After a round of excitement, the song was revealed with a blue and red flash. Fans furiously shouted as INORAN got closer to the stage, clapping along. With the hot song , fans were the most hyped up. “Get Laid! Get Laid! Oh Yeah!”, everyone sang along loudly with INORAN, jumping up and down excitedly. They were then greeted with INORAN’s last song , with a road being projected by the stage background projection. With Bai Kai Kai’s sky, road signs, buildings and an electric pole silhouette that much resembled a road film, INORAN sang this song along with the fans, leaving each heart filled with a warm presence as the last note fell. Before leaving the stage, INORAN did not fail to introduce his band members – guitarist Yukio Murata, bassist u:zo, drummer Ryo Yamagata together with the curtain call.

After the scattered psychedelic sound, SUGIZO and his members stepped out onto the stage after putting out a huge drum, percussion and sound group. “Thank you very much for your heart, thank you, the lovely and hateful senior INORAN, and today it will be rushed to the end.”

As smoke, lightning-like white light and large blue light hit, SUGIZO opened the phantom world. Placed in the centre, the stringed sound in the beat could be heard, high-pitched yet sometimes husky, beginning
Suddenly, the seven-color back light shone, and opened . This brought back memories of SUGIZO’s Taiwan performance, and excited the fans even further. With the stage projecting and yin and yang symbol, the floor jittered slightly when the theme to played again, echoing the opening song. The audience followed SUGIZO’s raised signs gestures, and ushered in the end of the night.
SUGIZO then introduced his members one by one - mixer MaZDA, percussionist Kenji Yoshiura, drummer Komaki He then left the stage after thanking the fans. As the fans warmly called out to them, SUGIZO and INORAN reappeared, making a single bow to each other. SUGIZO first thanked the fans, and then INORAN went on to say: "Thank you, thank you, really grateful! If you want, then the next time you do it! Very happy and happy time." The staff and the band then applauded. SUGIZO suddenly took the initiative to kiss the back of the INORAN, causing INORAN to giggle. The two and the members of the band then stood side by side and gave a deep bow, marking the end of SUGIZO vs INORAN PRESENTS "BEST BOUT ~ LF / 5 ~.  Although SUGIZO’s and INORAN’s music style differs, they are able to freely integrate into each other’s styles. The division of its position shows the roots of the two music fetters, and their respective areas of the division. As two people of the same band with more than twenty-five years of cooperation come together to create the music world of LUNA SEA, this evening performance on the same stage bloomed with their own color, creating a night story.
Event Date
Sat, 24 Jun 2017


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Standard: S$188 (VIP), S$98
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