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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2017
海报师 Posterist

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14 Apr 2017, 9am

Other Channels:
14 Apr 2017, 10am


海报师 Posterist
In Cantonese 广东话 with English and Chinese subtitles 中英字幕

风 Wind
In English, Mandarin 英语,华语 with English subtitles 英文字幕


海报师 Posterist
Approximately 71 minutes

风 Wind
Approximately 33 minutes

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Rating / Age Limit
海报师 Posterist

  • PG13 - Brief Nudity 少许裸露画面
  • No admission for infants in arms and person below 13 years old
  • Patron 13 years and above must purchase a ticket for entry
  • Admission is subject to tickets produced at the entrance

风 Wind

  • Rating: PG
  • No admission for infants in arms and person below 7 years old
  • Patron 7 years and above must purchase a ticket for entry
  • Admission is subject to tickets produced at the entrance

Photography / Video Recording Rules

  • No Photography, Video recording or Audio recording is permitted for this event

Through SISTIC Authorised Agents Only
S$10 Ticket Price for Singapore Film Society members and Singapore University of Social Sciences staff, students, alumni
[Valid from 14 Apr 2017 onwards]
[Verification: Please present valid member card upon purchase]

香港Hong Kong / 2016
导演Director:许思维Hui See-wai

马来西亚、香港Malaysia, Hong Kong / 2016
导演Director:苏忠源Saw Tiong Guan
纪录短片《风》将在《海报师》之前放映 The short documentary 'Wind" will be screened prior to "Posterist" as a double bill presentation.


Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2017 Ode To Time 四十年
本片由导演侯季然执导,重温当年民歌风华,走访各地贴身­纪录这些前辈歌手、创作者的点滴,带来40年的沧海桑田,那些成就你我宝贵的青春歌曲与回忆。1970年代,一个风起云涌的变幻时代。一群战后第一批出生于台湾的年轻人,决定要自己写歌自己唱,这一波汹涌澎湃的青春热情,我们叫它做“民歌”热潮。40年后,熟悉的旋律依然悠扬传唱,但是那唱歌和听歌的人呢?现在变成了什么样子?40年的光阴倏忽而过,走进了人生的下半场之后,曾经的热情与美好想像,是否依然存在? 22015年6月,一场宛如降灵夜的“民歌四十”演唱会,把当年抱着吉他唱歌的男孩女孩们都找了回来,久违的齐聚一堂,召唤久违的青春记忆,与当下的生命对照、对话。在音符的流泻之中,轻轻地彼此问一句,这些年,你好吗?本片以民歌四十周年为轴心,往外辐射民歌时代的代表人物们:杨弦、胡德夫、陶晓清、吴楚楚、杨祖珺、李建复、侯德健、李宗盛、邰肇玫……,此时此刻的生活实貌,以及对创作、对国族认同、对人生起落的所思所想。这是歌的故事,也是时间的故事。Legendary musicians of the 1970s Taiwanese folk-rock scene reunite after 40 years for a big anniversary concert. Ode to Time captures the past and current lives of the musicians, intermingling social themes like the China-Taiwan relationship and the influence of American culture. One sings about the aboriginal soul, another goes on stage despite being ill. The songs they wrote when they were young had once changed the face of pop music culture on the island. Can the innocent songs they sang back in the old days still be relevant in the new era?
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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2017 一句顶一万句 Someone to Talk to
内心小剧场变作绿帽子下的史诗。一对姐弟,一个要离婚,一个要结婚。弟弟和妻子结婚十年,日日相处,偏是没话说。姊姊还没婚,为了嫁,只好在电视上登广告,不是菜,哪能什么都挟来配?姐姐的爱还没着落,弟弟却发现自己被戴了绿帽,妻子跟人跑,是杀?是放?弟弟忍不得,却难撤手,姐姐要不到,又放不下,看姐弟俩为爱走遍半个中国,恨得坦荡荡,爱得白痴痴,看尽世间乱象,原来爱啊,嗳啊,一个人想找另一个人说句话都不容易。刘雨霖初执导筒选择拍摄由父亲刘震云小说改编题材,父女携手,直要揭开婚姻和爱情里重重迷雾。明里云淡风轻,暗中波涛汹涌,打翻平淡如水的日常,台词句句顶心,桥段棒棒打点,一句话生出又一句话,一个人都在找另一个人。The brother is a shoemaker and the sister sells flatbreads. Having been married for ten years, the brother almost stops talking to his wife. 39-year-old and single, the sister goes to a TV dating show. The brother finds his wife cheating on him. The sister gets married but soon regrets it. All they want is to find someone to talk to. The screenplay is adapted from the popular novel of acclaimed writer Liu Zhenyun, and this is the feature film directorial debut of his daughter Liu Yulin as both father and daughter team up to offer a social commentary on communication breakdown of married couples in modern China.*第五十三届金马奖:女配角提名53rd Golden Horse Award: Nominated for Best Supporting Actress*第六十七届柏林电影节:亚洲璀璨之星最佳编剧奖67th Berlin Film Festival: Asian Brilliant Stars Best Screenwriter Award
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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2017 A Foley Artist 拟音
要认识、理解电影声音,本片只是一个微小的开始。从拍摄现场到后期录音室,从配音、配乐、音效到最终混音,本片以台湾资深音效师胡定一的创作生涯,追索台湾电影历史发展中的声音制作。杂沓的脚步声由远而近,倾盆的大雨逐渐停歇,声音不仅打开了影像的耳朵,赋予更立体的存在感。从胡师父的个人故事出发,影片也将视野延伸至华语电影声音世界,前往香港、北京、上海,一窥声音制作历史、技术发展,以及当前的产业动态,为看不见的声音,也为华语电影的声音发展,留下重要记录。曾参与《他们在岛屿写作》纪录片系列拍摄的导演王婉柔,以细腻优雅的叙事,带领观众凝神聆听属于声音世界的幽微声响。电影声音之幽灵,不只逡巡游走于戏院之中,它或许从未凝结。一如影史上第一句自电影中发出的人声所言:“你根本什么都还没听到呢。”A Foley Artist follows Hu Ding-yi, one of very few practising Foley artistes in Taiwan who had learnt as an apprentice from the masters in the 1950's to 1960's, and traces the history of sound-making in Taiwanese films. Starting out as a biography of Hu, the film extends further to a broader view of the Chinese film industries, and becomes an attempt to document the history and discover the future developments of film sound and the art of Foley.*2016年东京影展“亚洲未来”:入围竞赛单元2016 Tokyo International Film Festival: Finalist for the Best Asian Future Film
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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2017 我们唱着的歌 The Songs We Sang
新加坡第一部以校园民谣为題材的独立纪录片,娓娓敘述了新加坡关闭华校之后,海外华侨在失语的处境中创作出自己的歌。纪录片搜集珍贵的档案资料,以一首首悅耳的歌曲,追溯七八十年代的诗乐与新谣(新加坡年轻人自创歌谣),重溫了这短暫但亮丽的音乐篇章,以及从边缘迈向主流并走入历史的过程。《我们唱着的歌》轻轻吟唱却深深感动了观众,是新加坡国际电影节门票最快售罄的国产片,被当地媒体誉为年度最佳电影之一。它对新加坡人文纪录片的制作具有里程碑意义,并破天荒上了商业院线,甚至吸引了新加坡总理、副总理与多名政要特地前往电影院购票观赏此片。The Songs We Sang is a vivid and in-depth look into the journey of Xinyao (literally "songs composed by Singapore Youths") since its birth. Steeped in history and authenticity, this documentary captures the spirit of a Singapore culture that has since become a significant part of a nation's collective cultural heritage.
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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2017 调查父亲Investigating My Father
我父亲,一个地主的儿子,前国民党空军飞机驾驶员,1949年后留在大陆,为了保住自己的肉体,他努力从一个“旧社会的人”变为“新社会的人”。我作为儿子,进入父亲对我一直隐瞒的“1949年前历史”的调查,其中伴随我和他之间的故事回忆。This film is made by a son who attempts to investigate his father’s history of how he changes from a man of the "old society" to a man of the "new society" after 1949. This son is myself. So the film is about a story between me and my father.
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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2017 短片惊叹号 Chinese Shortcuts!
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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2017 新加坡短打 Singapore Shorts
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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2017 不成问题的问题 Mr No Problem
有关系就没关系,要进树华农场工作,能力不用好,要靠交情好,主事的丁主任办事不强,只有交际手腕强,他把干部换成自家人,纵容员工怠工,随着资产下跌,股东决定更换主任,新上任的尤大兴肯吃苦,耐操劳,一把火烧起新气象,谁知员工吃不消了,一场革命蓄势待发......。瞄准人性弱点,微缩职场权利关系,刻画人治社会里光怪陆离现状,走后门、奉承阿谀、脐带关系、损人不利己......。幽默带刺,越荒谬,越现实,没问题,就有问题。改编自老舍名作。《春风沉醉的夜晚》编剧梅峰首执导演筒,魅力依旧,更炮火四射,人物处处冲突,情理之中,意料之外,由此暴露人际关系运作环节,揪紧人情痛处猛打,让你上一秒咬牙叫痛,下一秒拍手叫好。Shuhua Farm is productive and yet fails to turn a profit. To bring in more income, farm director Ding rents a room to Qin. The shareholders decide to hire a new director, but Qin not only opposes it but urges the workers to do the same. Ding returns, and the farm still operates at a loss, under a facade of not having any problem. Acclaimed screenplay writer Mei Feng has chosen to adapt the novel of Lao She for his feature film directorial debut churning out a deliciously wicked and biting satire.*第五十三届金马奖:最佳男主角、最佳改编剧本53rd Golden Horse Award: Best Actor and Best Adapted Screenplay
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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2017 大路朝天 The Road
中国湖南省的一个普通而平静的村镇,一条等待动工的省级高速公路即将穿过这里。因为这条造价高昂的道路,许许多多以修路为业的外地人和各种施工机械潮水般涌向这里,在接下来三年多的寒来暑往里,他们将扎根于这个陌生的地方获取利益,同时也洒下汗水与血水,甚至可能一不留神失去宝贵的生命。随着他们的到来,当地的村庄和百姓也面临被影响被改变的命运:田地征收,房屋拆迁,庙宇重建,而人心和道德也一再经受微妙而持久的冲击。修路者和当地人,两个不同群体的生活和命运与这条道路紧紧联系在一起,彼此交织,偶尔冲撞,或喜或悲,或苦或乐。某种意义上,这条历经艰辛的道路是国家发展之路的一个象征。“中国奇迹”与“中国速度”再次为世界所瞩目,然后这些道路究竟是如何修成的?在这些发展奇迹的背后,有些什么不为人知的故事?This film documents, from the perspectives of the local population, the construction company and the workers, the abuses surrounding the construction of a highway through Hunan Province. The project is being run by corrupt Party members, bad employers and local gangsters. It would seem that building a highway is like fighting a war.*第五十三届金马奖:纪录片提名The 53rd Golden Horse Awards: Nominated for Best Documentary
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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2017 日常對話 Small Talk (R21 - Homosexual Theme 主题涉及同性恋)
几个简单的提问,开启的将是我们必须做好准备才能面对的对话。身为纪录片导演,拍摄看似平常的日常对话,缓缓述说跟着法师母亲牵亡魂的童年、家暴的父亲,及对于母爱缺席的疑惑,并诘问情感疏离的母亲,相对母亲从不掩饰的同性性向,女儿最终道出心中隐埋许久的羞愧秘密。在那张暗喻传统女性价值的餐桌上,一个欲挣脱家庭的女人必须面对自己的女儿,而摄影机也犹如手中法器,超渡了不愿面对的过去。约莫十年前开始,导演黄惠侦开始拍摄家人,在家庭影片的表面欢乐下,越想遗忘关于父亲的灰暗记忆,却越挥之不去……“这部作品不仅只于同志议题,更多的是家庭与母女关系。该庆幸这样的故事发生在自己而非别人的生命中,唯有如此,故事才有机会被记录下来。” — 黄惠侦My mother and I have lived like strangers under one roof for decades. The only exchanges between us are the meals she cooks for me, since we never talk to each other. One day, I finally summon up the courage to sit her down and make her talk. But am I ready to hear what she has to say?*第五十三届金马奖:纪录片、剪輯提名  The 53rd Golden Horse Awards: nominated for Best Documentary, Best Film Editing* 第六十七届柏林国际电影展泰迪熊奖最佳纪录片The 67th Berlin International Film Festival —  Comrade Documentary Teddy Bear Award
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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2017 海上花 Immortal Story
由澳门的一宗命案开始,名妓张美玲(张艾嘉)被发现在酒店房中刺杀了前度男友中村(鹤见辰吾)。在审判的过程中,发现了中村与美玲十年前的一段不可告人的往事,更发现美玲与夜总会经理白兰(姚炜)之间暧昧的关系,而白兰中村亦为了美玲而造成终身遗憾的错误。《海上花》是杨凡导演的影片中戏剧原素最丰富的一部,其中有刻骨铭心的异性恋,有暧昧缠绵的女同性恋,有贩毒与吸毒者的矛盾,有妓女与鸨母之间的冲突。女主角张艾嘉在本片中的表现被誉为当年最优雅的演出,日籍男主角鹤见辰吾以极其浪漫的姿态风靡不少女性观众,而姚炜则成为中国电影史上女同性恋的经典人物。主题曲《海上花》则囊括几乎当年所有港台音乐大奖,并成为词曲罗大佑、主唱甄妮音乐事业上的新里程。Celebrated photographer and filmmaker Yon Fan (Bishonen, Peony Pavilion, Bugis Street) directs the sumptuous drama Immortal Story. Mei Ling (Sylvia Chang) is a Shanghai-born woman who lives her life dependant on others. Unrealistic and romantic, she refuses to face reality even when it is thrust in front of her. Mei Ling meets Chung Cheun (Tsurami Shingo), and the two fall in love, but their love ends when Chung Cheun leaves the country. Ultimately, Mei Ling enters into a dominated relationship with a woman named Pak Lan (Yao Wei), who makes every decision for her. As the years pass, the relationship becomes one of ill fortune, and possibly even tragedy. Immortal Story, one of Yon Fan's most beautiful and acclaimed films, was digitally restored in 2016 in celebration of its tenth year anniversary.*第三十五届金马奖:评审团大奖35th Golden Horse Awards: Jury Grand Prize*第一届台北电影节:最佳艺术指导、最佳导演1st Taipei Film Festival: Best Art Direction, Best Director
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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2017 八月 The Summer Is Gone
静到忽然。90年代西部小城,结束了升学考试的晓雷终于迎来一个没有作业的暑假。夏天太老,孩子太年轻,一切只是百无聊赖。可大时代的变动就要来,面对国有单位转型与裁撤,小镇里大人丢了工作,小一辈无知无觉,只是专心在玩。午后的蝉鸣,阴影缓移,太阳底下有事正生,绝妙真空状态,不要惊扰,就要惊动,凝视一切以为坚固的就要烟消云散的瞬间。那个长长又短短的夏天,什么都没有发生,什么都发生了。白日梦爱做梦,恬静影像扩散出一股糜味,氛围掌握妙至颠毫,拍无事之事,举重若轻,若有似无,悠然如小津安二郎,时现侯孝贤《童年往事》神采。所有的八月,都将只是过去了,过去了。In Inner Mongolia in the early 1990s, 12-year-old Xiaolei enjoys summer with his father, who works at a film studio, and his education-minded mother. After finishing primary school, Xiaolei looks forward to his long-awaited summer vacation, free of homework. However, this hot summer is not the usual leisurely summer he imagines, as it coincides with the transformation of state-owned companies and the loss of job security. While Xiaolei and his friends idle away the days, the shock of the reformation of state-owned enterprises sees his parents, seemingly calm in the blazing sunshine, seething with inner anxiety. As time passes, Xiaolei has a feeling that a revolution has quietly taken place. His father has to become a migrant worker to make a living, with the mother and son relying on each other. Xiaolei feels that life has changed completely.*第五十三届金马奖:最佳剧情片、最佳新演员、国际影评人费比西奖  53rd Golden Horse Awards: Best Feature Film, Best New Actor, FIPRESCI Prize
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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2017 老石Old Stone
一场车祸彻底改变了两个陌路人的命运,一人陷入昏迷,而另一人,小镇出租车司机老石,则不得不持续支付伤者高昂的医疗账单。在道德和现实的困境中,一个危险的念头在这个老实人脑中慢慢成型,命运却再次以荒诞的方式,和他开了一个玩笑......After a car accident that puts a man into a coma, an honest small-town taxi driver becomes overburdened with paying the injured man's hospital costs to the point of considering murder as a possible way out. In China, life is cheap but compassion is expensive. That is the social commentary that is at the centre of the film's message as it critiques the infuriating red tape and flawed logic of China's system regarding criminal responsibility and insurance policies.*2016多伦多电影节:最佳新人导演奖2016 Toronto International Film Festival: Best Canadian First Feature Film*第五届加拿大屏幕奖:最佳剧情片5th Canadian Screen Awards: Canadian Screen Award for Best First Feature
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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2017 少年滋味 The Taste Of Youth
上一代看下一代,总是看得不顺眼。从破世界纪录的万人音乐会同唱《欢乐颂》开始,跟拍九位新生代,他们爱音乐或写作,来自不同家庭背景,却都乏人聆听他们的心底话。成人说要读大学、找安稳的工作,年轻人却拒绝盲从主流,要活出自我。活在香港,你说衣食无忧就是快乐,但他们连梦想也说不出来。这到底是少年愁绪想太多,还是香港变得太狭小?金马奖导演张经纬继《音乐人生》后,再度倾听少年说,透视今天,预示未来,透过年轻人的手,写一封给香港的家书。Generation gap always exists. Adults ask teenagers to go to university and find a stable job while teenagers reject blindly following mainstream mentality. The X-generation is mostly concerned about material things while the Y-generation and Z-generation are more concerned about spirituality and liberty. Such fundamental differences create misunderstandings and conflicts. Golden Horse Award winner Cheung King Wai (director of KJ: Music and Life) depicts the stories of teenagers which reflect the youth of today and the future of Hong Kong. The Taste of Youth is a letter to the youth, to those who were once young and to those who care.
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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2017 春寒 Love in Chilly Spring
林秀兰是太平山林场的千金,父亲林景源向日本政府承租林场并担任保正。某日秀兰外出打猎,邂逅了帮佣徐大婶的儿子徐长荣,喜欢唱歌的秀兰与会作词谱曲的长荣一见钟情,然而,负责前来监督林场的横山少佐也爱上了美丽的秀兰。战事胶着,横山强势接收林场,硬逼林景源交出经营权,派出所部长铃木建议林景源将秀兰嫁给横山,借此维系彼此的关系,秀兰只好向父亲坦承已有心上人,没想到,横山知情后以职务之便横刀夺爱,将长荣发配南洋担任军伕,秀兰面对家国环境的阻碍,在人生的转捩点,该如何履行和长荣的诺言呢?本片不仅为台湾“帽子歌后”凤飞飞银幕处女作,是陈俊良导演少数的文艺类型之作,更是台湾首部全由民众集资修复的影片。文艺爱情的糖衣背后充满了抗日的热血情怀,片中脍炙人口的曲目包括《春寒》《没有泥土哪有花》。太平山翠峰湖畔雾雨朦胧,深情约定一辈子,凤迷为偶像立下爱的约定,台湾国家电影中心让《春寒》得以重生,重现凤飞飞的银幕风采。One of Taiwan's legendary singers, the late songstress Feng Fei-fei made her silver-screen debut in 1979 in this wartime romantic melodrama set in the mountains of Yilan during the final days of World War II. Young and free-spirited Shiow-lan (Feng) falls in love at first sight with Charng-rong, a worker at her father’s lumber mill. She likes to sing, he likes to write music. With their parents’ approval, the two decide to get married but their plans are thwarted by Japanese lieutenant Yokoyama who has set his eyes on Shiow-lan. Yokoyama drafts Charng-rong and sends him to war in Southeast Asia where almost certain death awaits. The movie was one of the few literary and artistic films by Chen Chun-liang. It was also the first movie that was restored by the Taiwan Film Institute via public fundraising in Taiwan. Although the movie had the icing of a melodramatic story on the outside, its core was full of patriotic passion against Taiwan’s colonial master Japan. Popular songs in the movie sung by Feng Fei-fei include the title song Love in Chilly Spring and How Can There Be Flowers Without Soil.*第十六届金马奖:优等剧情片  16thGolden Horse Award Ceremony:  Best Feature Film* 第十六届金马奖:入围最佳男主角、最佳女配角、最佳摄影、最佳美术设计、最佳电影插曲16thGolden Horse Award Ceremony:  Nominated for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Cinematography, Best Art Design, Best Movie Interlude
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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2017 牯岭街少年杀人事件 A Brighter Summer Day
1960年,日光普照的白昼掩匿着空气中的抑郁。那年夏末,小四遇见了小明,撩开了初恋的萌动,也意外卷入少年帮派“小公园”与“两么拐”的争斗,出身循规蹈矩公务家庭的小四,从此窥见潜流在暗夜里的狂躁,却也过早地见识纯真凋谢的世故面容。在经过80年代对于当代都会情感匮乏的探崛之后,杨德昌首次溯及个人历史记忆的作品,取材自1961 年震惊社会的建中少年情杀案。以近四小时的片长,动员近百名角色,重构政治戒严与国际冷战局势下,台湾外省社群步步为营、进退无据的集体焦虑。年仅14岁、初登银幕的张震,精准诠释逐步走向毁灭的年少处境,架构起全片的灵魂,令人难忘。Set in the early sixties in Taiwan, A Brighter Summer Day is based on the true story of a crime that rocked the nation. This epic centres on the gradual, inexorable fall of a young teenager from innocence to juvenile delinquency, and is set against a simmering backdrop of restless youth, rock and roll and political turmoil. Coinciding with the tenth year anniversary since director Edward Yang's passing, the film was digitally restored and released in Taiwan cinemas in 2016.*第二十八届金马奖:最佳剧情片、原著剧本28th Golden Horse Award: Best Feature Film, Best Original Script* 1991 南特影展:最佳导演1991 Film Festival of the 3 Continents: Best Director*1991 东京影展:评审团特别奖、影评人费比西奖1991 Tokyo Film Festival: Special Jury Prize, FIPRESCI Prize* 1991 亚太影展:最佳影片1991 Asia Pacific Film Festival: Best Picture
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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2017 超级大国民 Super Citizen Ko
坐牢多年的政治犯许毅生,出狱后又因内疚而闭居养老院,与当代的台湾社会脱节约30年。他年轻时参加读书会被捕,严刑拷打下招供出一位朋友,因而使其被判处极刑,长年深埋内心的愧疚,致使许毅生结束隐居生活,希望在临终前,找到朋友的荒坟,向其郑重致歉。整个寻访的旅程中,他看见的不只是“白色恐怖”年代的昔日足跡,还有解严后台湾的种种社会、政治景况。浓烈悲情的《超级大国民》以迄今仍充满误解与曲解的“白色恐怖”为主题,刻画一位老政治犯重返现实、回到台北的旅程;他在时间与空间、历史与城市、记忆与现实之间,恍惚来回。万仁不但针对国内政治团体长久刻意忽略、迴避、曲解的“白色恐怖”,以上世纪50年代理想主义的政治犯,尖锐对比了90年代选举政治里的黑金政客,更以沉而厚的笔触,将“内省”与“赎罪”的母题推上诗意的高峰,获得最高的艺术成就。As a student, Ko was caught by the police for attending a clandestine political study group. He unintentionally betrayed his good friend, causing his friend's execution. 30 years later, Ko wants to find this friend's grave and apologise. This quest for forgiveness leads him on an exploration of the new, modernised Taiwan, where traces of its traumatic past known as the 'White Terror' are disappearing. Director Wan Jen is an influential figure of the Taiwan New Cinema Movement and Super Citizen Ko is one of his most significant works. The film was restored digitally by the Taiwan Film Institute and released in theatres in 2016.*第二十二届金马奖:最佳男主角、电影音乐22nd Golden Horse Awards: Best Actor, Best Film Music
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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2017 疯劫 The Secret (M18 - Nudity and Violence 裸露及暴力画面)
许鞍华银幕上的第一击,改编自龙虎山双尸案,却另辟蹊径,拍出了悬疑惊栗的爱情悲剧。三角恋的角力,都市男女因爱成恨,疯子旁观着的这场爱杀,既是缘亦是劫,分不清谁是加害者和受害人。编剧陈韵文以敏感纤细的女性触觉写两个女人的命运,一个开放一个压抑,欲海浮沉的梅小姬敢爱敢恨,传统小家碧玉李纨却因未婚怀孕而遁入阴暗,两人如镜像般一起踏上不归路。时空虚实交错的叙事结构,适时的倒叙和闪回,突破性的节奏为爱情命题罩上诡秘氛围,慢慢拼凑出局中人的失陷和无助。钟志文凌厉的影机运动,游走于西环唐楼和荒野、澳门和香港、日与夜、明和暗、新与旧,视觉上的强烈对比扣连着人物的不安心理。新修复版清楚见到李纨的镜中倒影,明示并非鬼魅;外衣和血花的艳红,夺目震撼。女人的爱和恨,占有和毁灭,只是一念之间。It is abundantly clear watching The Secret, Ann Hui's debut feature, that the director had mastered the film medium from day one. Hui, who went on to become a monumental figure of Hong Kong cinema, skilfully utilises the dynamics of the Hollywood suspense genre to tell a decidedly local tale. The story takes off from a horrific crime inspired by a real-life incident, turning sensational headlines into a mapping of social and psychological currents. The script by Joyce Chan, who had penned some of the most noteworthy projects by Hong Kong New Wavers dating back to their television years, is informed perceptively by a woman's sensibility at once intelligent and compassionate. It also site-specifically sets the story in Hong Kong Island's Western District, effectively using neighbourhood landscapes for dramatic ends. After the premiere of this restored version in Hong Kong in March 2017, the film will be screened at SCFF for the first time since the film's initial theatrical run thirty-eight years ago.
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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2017 清水里的刀子Knife In The Clear Water
在宁夏的农村,穆斯林老人马子善的老伴去世了,老人要在老伴祭日那天宰掉陪伴老人十多年的老牛来祭祀老伴,在接下来的日子里,老人和儿子对牛细心照料,并且也流露出对牛的不舍和对老伴的思念。然而,在祭日的前三天,这头牛在饮用水里看到了将要宰它的那把刀子,从此开始不吃不喝,为了以一个清洁的内里来结束自己的生命,老人从牛的身 上陷入了对生命和死亡的思考,他觉得自己不如牛,自己也想知道自己什么时候死,可是不知道。Following the death and funeral of his beloved wife, elderly farmer Ma Zishan is in favour of a simple, and practical ceremony to mark the end of the 40-day mourning period. However, his son, IyerGubai, proposes something much more lavish — sacrificing the family's bull. Ma Zishan thinks long and hard over the decision, especially as he has developed a kind of crusty companionship with the animal over the years. The family is also struggling to make ends meet. Ma Zishan then learns IyerGubai plans to spend more than RMB500 on food for the ceremony, excluding the fee for the imam. The day of the sacrifice gradually comes closer. But then the animal suddenly stops eating and drinking, making Ma Zishan wonder whether it has had a premonition of its own death and has decided to purify itself.* 第十六届马拉喀什国际电影节:最佳导演奖   Marrakech IFF 2016: Best Director* 2016釜山电影节: 新浪潮奖   Busan IFF 2016: New Currents Award* 第三十六届夏威夷国际电影节:评委会最佳摄影特别奖、亚洲电影促进奖Hawaii IFF 2016: Spotlight on China, Special Jury Mention - Cinematography and the NETPAC Award
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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2017 恋爱与义务 Love and Duty
封建家庭闺秀杨乃凡,爱上了大学生李祖义。在旧礼教下,她没有反抗的勇气,于是奉父命嫁给了世家子弟黄大任。后偶遇旧情人,杨乃凡决定与他私奔,但因不容于旧社会眼光,在颠沛的生活下,男抛下妻和女儿平儿潦倒而死。平儿长大后与富家子相恋,但母亲不光彩的过去被对方得知为了女儿的幸褔留下遗书投河自杀。Raised in a strict family, Yang Nai-fan (played by Ruan Lingyu) falls in love with a college student, Li Zu-yi, but she yields to her parents' marital arrangement. Several years later, she encounters Li again. This time she chooses to pursue her true love, but a harsh reality awaits her. The final blow comes when a young man proposes marriage to her daughter, Ping'er, but has second thoughts upon learning their family history. This is a 1930's black and white classic melodrama starring silent film screen goddess Ruan Lingyu in her first collaboration with Lianhua Film Company and director Bu Wancang. For many years the film was believed to have been lost, until a complete print was discovered in Uruguay in the 1990s. The rediscovered print was shipped to Taiwan and housed at the Taipei Film Archive until it underwent a 2K restoration in 2014. It was screened at The Grand Theater in Shanghai the same year as part of the Shanghai International Film Festival.
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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2017 乱世备忘 Yellowing (M18 - Mature Content 内容只宜十八岁及以上)
2014年香港发生了一场雨伞运动,由青年带动整个运动的起伏,万人占领街道,以公民抗命的方式争取民主普选,除了各组织的青年领袖之外,还有更多无名的青年深入其中。没有知名人士和权威,《乱世备忘》不是运动发展的流水账,它备忘的是当中最“贴地”的情感:以幽默抵抗悲伤、以愤怒掩饰不安、胆怯但又步步前行。二十段备忘,备的是一群青年以“我们”为出发点的抗争,他们处理物资分配,搭建帐幕,亦开办补习教室和在前线流动占领,当中经历团结与分歧,从希望走到失落。在正面冲突的背后,他们在貌似琐碎的事务里,找寻自己参与抗争的方法;在摄影机背后,导演陈梓桓用影像写下一份备忘,不要忘记在2014年末那个找寻着自己理想和勇气的自己When the Umbrella Movement happened two years ago, where tens of thousands took to the streets of Hong Kong in a fight for democracy, student leaders had become the heart of the civil disobedient movement. But Yellowing is not a documentary that celebrates stars and leaders, nor does it give a journalistic account of the movement. Rather it sheds light on the nameless, ordinary young people and their most heartfelt emotions. Their frustration, timidity and sadness are all but channelled away in wits and determination. The film is composed of 20 memoranda, each recording a different aspect of the movement. Where there is discord, may we bring harmony; and where there is despair, may we bring hope. With his camera, director Chan Tze-woon has recorded a reminder for 2014 - the year when he was full of dreams and courage.*第五十三届金马奖:纪录片提名The 53rd Golden Horse Awards : Nominated for Best Documentary
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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2017 自画像和三个女人Self-Portrait with Three Women
我23岁,这是每个女人怀梦的年龄。女孩在孕育自己梦想的同时又要背负着另外两个女人的愿望。这个片子从自我寻找开始,涉及母亲、外婆三个血液相传、成长于不同时代的女人。作为婚姻牺牲品的外婆把追求美好婚姻的愿望传递给了母亲,而母亲再次牺牲后又把同样的愿望传递给我。婚姻成为女人的梦想,也是梦想的杀手。This year I turned 23, the age when women become pregnant with dreams. Yet, even while nursing our own dreams, we must carry the burdens of two other women's dreams as well. This film began with my own search, then delving into my mother and her mother, where blood has flowed through three generations, in these women who grew up in such different times. As a victim of an oppressive marriage, my grandmother held hopes for my mother to enter a beautiful, perfect marriage. When my mother became a victim herself, she turned those hopes to me. Marriage may be every girl's dream, but it is also the murderer of those dreams.
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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2017 河北台北Hebei Taipei (M18 - Coarse Language and Nudity)
出生中国河北的老李因为战争来到台湾,一待60年,再也没回去故乡。但是在梦里,他早已踏上故乡千百回,每回都是血流成河的景象。对老李来说,从军不是为了政治,是为了吃饭;在谁家吃饭,就说谁家好。韩战爆发,老李在南北韩交界被俘虏,来到台湾。老李结婚,有了家庭。但一颗心总是悬着,怕别人知道他当过共产党。每每照镜子,都无法忍受已是白发苍苍的自己,于是他戴上假发,穿上女装,想弥补错过的所有年华。Old Li was born in Hebei Province of China, and the war brought him to Taiwan where he has spent the past six decades. Old Li never returns to his hometown again, but has revisited it countless times in his dreams. However, whenever he dreams of it, he sees blood flowing all over the place. Seeing himself in the mirror, he cannot bear his hair turning grey. Therefore, he puts on a wig and a dress, trying to make up for all those years wasted when he was young.Li Nien-hsiu, the director, is the daughter of the protagonist in the film. She began a fifteen-year journey of making this documentary after making a promise to tell her father's story.*2016年台北电影节:最佳纪录片2016 Taipei Film Festival: Best Documentary
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Event Date
Sat, 6 May 2017

(Q&A with filmmaker 影人映后交流)

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