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da:ns festival 2017
Sixteen da:ns Masterclass
by Poppin J and Popkun (Popping)

Push your boundaries and turn your dance routines up a notch, by joining in these masterclasses with the choreographers of Sixteen da:ns Challenge!

Follow them at www.instagram.com/world.fame.us

Constantly pushing the boundaries of popping, Poppin J and Popkun are veterans of the Korean dance scene. Part of the newly-formed popping super crew, World Fame Us, both have many international competition titles under their belt.

Start Sales Date

Internet : 10 Aug 2017, 9am
Other Channels : 10 Aug 2017, 10am


Approximately 2 hours with breaks in-between

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Admission Rules of Esplanade:
Rating/Age Limit

  • Advisory: This masterclass is recommended for participants at intermediate to advanced levels.
  • Admission is subject to tickets produced at the entrance.
  • Infants in arms or children below the age of 16 shall not be admitted.
  • Children above 16 years must purchase ticket for admission.

Photography/Video Recording Rules

  • No Photography, Video recording and Audio recording is allowed for this event.
  • Please note that photographs and videos of patrons may be taken at this event for use in our archival and publicity material.

Corporate / Group Bookings
For Group Booking of 20 tickets and above, please contact Esplanade Box Office at (65) 68288389 or email at boxoffice@esplanade.com

Through all SISTIC Channels
Package of 4: 10% Saving
[Minimum purchase of 4 tickets across any of the Sixteen da:ns Masterclasses 2017 shows]

Flash your ticket to enjoy up to 15% savings at Esplanade Mall.


Alter Ego | #01-13D, Annexe
Gajalee Indian Seafood Restaurant | #02-12 (valid for a la carte only)
The GAB Cafe | #03-02

Retail & Services

Csar Luxe | #02-11
Kenko Wellness Spa | #02-21 (valid for a la carte services only)


Co+Nut+ink | #01-K7, Waterfront
Chef Wan’s Kitchen | #02-14 (valid for a la carte only)
Harry’s | #01-05/07 (valid for a la carte only)
Mischief American Street Food | #01-10/12
Orgo | #04-01, Roof Terrace
Restaurant Labyrinth | #02-23 (valid for Pre-Theatre menu only)
Supply & Demand | #01-13, Annexe
Suzette | #01-13E, Annexe
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf | #01-02/04
Tomo Izakaya | #01-09 (valid for a la carte only)


Poster Hub | #02-15/17
The Band World | #02-08 (valid for accessories only + 5% off for instruments)
Tong Ming Xi Gallery | #02-06 (valid for accessories only)


Retail & Services
Souvenirs From Singapore | #01-18
Studio Haroobee | #02-20 (For first time trial lesson and/or courses)
Supermama | #02-04
The Analog Vault By Vinylicious | #02-13


Chef Wan’s Kitchen | #02-14
Pre-show lunch or dinner set from $15.90+. Choice of four signature main courses: Chef Wan’s Beef Rendang/ Ikan Belado/ Ayam Percik/ Javanese Fried Chicken, which will be served with signature Achar, Balinese vegetable and chicken salad, brinjal and rice.

Gajalee Indian Seafood Restaurant | #02-12

Available 6pm – 8pm daily.
Pre-show lunch or dinner set from $19.90. Choice of chicken, fish or vegetable, which will be served with tomato soup, pappad, mix vegetable masala, biryani, raita, salad, dessert, masala tea and soft drink.

Enjoy 10% discount off the lunch or dinner set when you pre-order one day in advance. Please note approximately 15 mins waiting time from time of placing order.

Orgo | #04-01, Roof Terrace

Available 6pm – 8pm daily
A selection of two tapas and two drinks (beer, wine, soft drinks or special cocktails) $40++
Available 9.30pm – 12am daily
Choose from Esplanade Tasting Menu at $120++ per person with wine/cocktail pairing available at additional $80++ or
Esplanade Dessert Menu at $30++ per person with cocktail pairing available at additional $20++

Restaurant Labyrinth | #02-23

Available 6pm-8pm from Thursdays to Saturdays. Last order at 6.30pm.
Four-course set menu at $48++


Terms and conditions: Valid till 31 Mar 2018. Not applicable with other promotions, discounts, vouchers and offers by credit or privilege cards. Ticket stubs presented must be for shows in Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay and used on the day of the performance except for Studio Haroobee and Restaurant Labyrinth (Valid 7 days from the date of performance). Prices indicated may be subject to service charge and prevailing government taxes. Management reserves the right to amend any promotional terms and conditions without prior notice. Merchants’ terms and conditions apply.

Visit www.esplanade.com/ticketholder for more details.

Octoburst! 2017 Dance Appreciation Series: Introduction to The Nutcracker Presented by Singapore Dance Theatre In Collaboration with Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay
It’s Christmas and Clara Nightingale receives a beautifully-crafted nutcracker from Dr Drosselmeyer, a guest at her parent’s annual Christmas party.That night, she lies in bed with her new doll by her side. Suddenly, magic unfolds and her house is invaded by an army of mice. The nutcracker springs to life to defend the house and a fierce battle ensues.In this hour-long special for young audiences, find out what happens next and discover the world of ballet. Come dressed in your favourite costumes and meet the cast after the performance for a photo-taking session.
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da:ns festival 2017 The Next Generation by LASALLE College of the Arts & Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Meet the next generation of dance talents in Singapore from LASALLE College of the Arts and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), as they present an array of short dance pieces by local and international choreographers.LASALLE presents three vastly different choreographic voices – a moving excerpt of Silences We Are Familiar With (da:ns festival 2012 commission) by Kuik Swee Boon, a stark and intense choreography by Lee Jae-young (Korea), as well as a commissioned work-in-progress showcase of a two-week residency with Martin Schick (Switzerland/Germany). This Programme reflects LASALLE's cosmopolitan and cutting-edge approach to art that produces performers who expand and challenge the boundaries of dance both physically and conceptually.NAFA presents two new premieres by its very own Ezekiel Oliveira (adjunct lecturer), Jereh Leong (alumnus) and a reprise by Lee Wan Yu (2017 graduate). Their work showcases the edge and versatility of NAFA’s dancers produced through the distinctive conservatory-style training and contemporary outlook that NAFA is known for.
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da:ns festival 2017 Benjamin Millepied's L.A. Dance Project
Experience the power and grace of dance in an evening of four diverse works performed by L.A. Dance Project, featuring some of the best dancers from America led by renowned artist Benjamin Millepied. A former artistic director of the Paris Opera Ballet and principal dancer of New York City Ballet, Millepied has created works for leading ballet companies around the world, and his accolades include choreographing and starring in the Oscar-winning film Black Swan.The evening begins with a tribute to the American icon of modern dance, Martha Graham, in three rarely seen duets - White, Star and Moon – which draw from her 1957 film A Dancer’s World. The first duet is inspired by the “White Duet” from Diversion of Angels, a Graham classic that is still performed around the world. The second and third duet are the only recorded sections of Canticle for Innocent Comedians, a Graham work created in 1952 and considered to be lost. Upping the pace is Murder Ballades by Justin Peck, resident choreographer at the New York City Ballet, a vivacious work “loosely inspired by the tradition of American murder ballads, which infuses its athletic, often cheery movement with a sinister undercurrent”, according to The New York Times.Two works by Millepied, both set to music by Philip Glass, will display his complex craftsmanship at its best. The first is Closer. an exquisite duet of crystalline beauty and delicacy set to Glass’s rhapsodic piano score Mad Rush.The second piece is Hearts & Arrows, commissioned by Van Cleef & Arpels (a long-standing supporter of Millepied) and set to Glass’s sublime String Quartet No. 3 (Mishima). In a “propulsive, kinetic stream of movement”, eight dancers “move through asymmetrical and contrapuntal patterns, surging in and out of groups, separating into solos and pairs. Tiny narratives, emotion, histories, memories are evoked in the way the dancers coalesce and part, the surprise of formations and their dissolution.” (The New York TimesAbout L.A. Dance Project and Benjamin Millepied Formed in 2012, L.A. Dance Project aims to create new work and to revive seminal collaborations by influential dance makers. Its programmes have a cross-disciplinary focus, and can range from evenings in traditional venues to site-specific performances in unconventional environments. They often work with visual artists, musicians, designers, film directors and composers. The company also creates various innovative platforms to expand the experience of dance and dance education to audiences of all ages.The dance company was founded by Benjamin Millepied, a Bordeaux-born dancer-choreographer now based in Los Angeles. A principal dancer for New York City Ballet for 10 years, he left in 2011 and was appointed Director of Dance at Paris Opera Ballet in 2014. He also worked on the Darren Aronofsky film Black Swan (2010), for which he created choreography and starred as a dancer.
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Moonfest 艺满中秋 2017 Peking Opera Classic Excerpts “京剧风采”经典折子戏专场 By Hubei Provincial Peking Opera Theatre (China) 湖北省京剧院(中国)
The highly-feted Hubei Provincial Peking Opera Theatre performs five signature works from the troupe’s repertoire, shining the spotlight on key Peking Opera characterisations, including the rarely seen Justice Bao. The troupe’s award-winning top notch performers, including Plum Blossom Award-winners Pei Yongjie, Wang Xiaochan and Wan Xiaohui, are set to delight all with their dazzling artistry, immaculate singing and spectacular acrobatic displays.Xu Ce Running to the City Wall (Cast: Pei Yongjie)An extract from the Peking Opera classic Xue Gang Rebels Against the Court, it relates how the aged Xu Ce helps avenge the Xue Clan’s sufferings at the hands of an evil official. Performed by Plum Blossom Award-winner Pei Yongjie, whose exuberant singing and impeccable operatic techniques bring out the swelling emotions of the lead character.Meeting the Queen (Cast: Jiang Feng, Chen Xiaoxia)Justice Bao is the legendary incorruptible judge who upholds justice and protects the weak. One day, as he is out distributing relief to the poor, he comes across a blind beggar at a temple. The beggar turns out to be the Emperor’s birth mother, and has an imperial yellow handkerchief as proof. Bao then helps her to seek redress. This excerpt showcases the actors’ polished dramatic singing ability.Monkey King Battles the Water Demon (Cast: Yang Fan, Lu Meng)A water demon wreaks havoc at Sizhou, causing harm to the people. Monkey King leads an army of heavenly guards to fight her, and the people regain their peaceful lives again. This excerpt is an energetic martial arts display where the dazzling array of acrobatic movements is bound to have audience members on the edge of their seats.Wu Jia Slope (Cast: Wan Xiaohui, Wang Xiaochan)For 18 years, Wang Baochuan has waited faithfully for her husband, Xue Pinggui, who was drafted into the army. One day, Xue receives a letter from Wang and decides to return home. When Xue meets Wang at Wu Jia Slope, he does not immediately acknowledge her, but feigns asking for directions to test her feelings. Performed by two Plum Blossom Award winners, this excerpt showcases their abilities to perform lilting, poignant melodies and a gripping story.Farewell My Concubine (Cast: Pei Yongjie, Pan Xin)This classic describes the final moments of the legendary King of Western Chu, Xiang Yu. Suspecting that his army has surrendered to the King of Han, Xiang Yu drinks a fond farewell with his beloved concubine Yu Ji, who performs a sword dance as she sings to comfort the distraught King. Xiang Yu’s domineering aura and Yu Ji’s tenderness, unwavering loyalty and feminine virtues are immortalised in this hugely popular and unforgettable showpiece.------------------------------------------------------------Hubei Provincial Peking Opera TheatreFounded in 1970, the Hubei Provincial Peking Opera Theatre has developed rapidly and become one of the leading Peking Opera troupes, having been conferred the National Key Peking Opera Troupe honour by China’s Ministry of Culture in 2005, and honoured as a protector of Intangible Cultural Heritage (Peking Opera) by China’s State Council in 2008. The troupe boasts many award-winning performers, including four Plum Blossom Award winners: Zhu Shihui, Pei Yongjie, Wang Xiaochan and Wan Xiaohui. The troupe has also won numerous awards such as the highly coveted National Wenhua Award, and has toured overseas to the US, Russia, Canada, Australia, Italy, Japan and more.
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da:ns festival 2017 Rocío Molina's Bosque Ardora
“She's the nuclear force at the centre of an atom.” – The Evening Standard“One of the art form’s young renegades…. (She) goes where many have tried to go but failed: She pushes boundaries without sacrificing the art form’s purity.” – The New York Times“With arms scrolling and torso snaking, she can be sensuous and curvaceous, but she can also be sharp, funky and funny, and her crystal-clear footwork is not the incessant hammering of the flamenco show-off – these rhythms speak.” – The Evening Standard“She is passion personified, urgent, almost red hot, taking over the body and moving it, spasm by spasm, filling it of rage and beauty.” – La VanguardiaCreated by one of the most fearless artists in dance today, Rocío Molina’s Bosque Ardora (Forest Worship) transports you into a forested glade where dangerous games of seduction and survival unfold amongst the light and shadows of rustling live trees; a setting that would not look out of place in a Pina Bausch production.The laws of nature and desire decree hunt or be hunted. From forest dawn to dusk, Molina shape-shifts gorgeously between Artemis, a Greek goddess of the hunt, a mythological vixen in a fox mask, and a sex kitten in a boyfriend’s shirt and stilettos, all the while rhythmically sparring with two male dancers and a band of musicians. The production unfolds like a dream where the past intermingles with the present, and reality and fantasy become blurred.Spanish choreographer-dancer Molina has no time for rules. Her works transcend her classical flamenco roots and combine technical virtuosity, contemporary research and conceptual risk. Unafraid to forge alliances with other disciplines and artists, her choreographies are unique scenic events drawn from cinema, literature, philosophy and painting.Her power as a choreographer is matched by her skills as a performer. Winning countless awards and dubbed as “a performer capable of handling the most diverse registers with freedom and courage” by the Ministry of Culture in Spain, come watch the artist who brought the legendary ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov to his knees in homage. About Rocío Molina: Born in Malaga in 1984, Molina is a restless dancer who started choreographing as early as the age of seven. After graduating with honours from the Royal Dance Conservatory in Madrid at the age of 17, she began her professional career with well-known Spanish dance companies. At age 22 Molina broke out as a solo artist where she created experimental works which transcended beyond the language of her classical flamenco roots. In 2010, she was awarded the National Dance Prize by the Ministry of Culture. Since then, she has toured internationally and performed in renowned venues such as National Theatre de Chaillot in Paris, Sadler’s Wells in London and the Lincoln Centre in New York.
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Octoburst! 2017 Parent - Child Workshop: The Imaginative World of Paper and Moving Paper Puppets by The Key Theatre (Israel)
How can a plain piece of paper show emotions?How does an object become a puppet – is it only about movement?Explore the endless imaginative world of paper and learn the basics of puppet manipulation in this workshop.Using only paper, participants will create their own paper characters with moving joints, build its identity, story, and also create other objects to complement the story.Complete your puppetry experience by watching When All Was Green, an award-winning puppetry play without words about mankind, nature and greed.
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Sri Warisan Som Said Performing Arts Presents 9 Rangkaian Tari Melayu In Collaboration with Esplanade - Theatres On the Bay as part of Pentas
Sri Warisan presents 9 Rangkaian Tari Melayu, a collection of nine choreographic works that develops on Serampang 12, a North Sumatran couple dance about young love.Created by Guru Sauti, a dance pioneer from North Sumatra in the 1940s, these nine choreographic works with their own philosophical narrative and refined techniques represent the customs and standards of elegance and sophistication in Malay culture.Serampang 12 is a dance performed in pairs and includes 12 steps that characterise a man and woman finding love.Co-Collaborators:Lembaga Studi Tari Patria (Indonesia)Artiste Seni Budaya (ASB)Artis Tari GentariAttrians SingaporeInesTariKres DancersAyunda Lestari GroupSri MahligaiSpecial Thanks to:Shahril Wahid (Narrator)
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da:ns festival 2017 Condanced Histories by Neopost Foofwa
"This is, first of all, very informative, and secondly, hilarious." -KulturStattBern“A speaker, a dancer, an entertainer…” -Berner Zeitung"I feel a great respect and admirations for all these flagship artists but I do not want to mystify them. They are normal people like us. Yes, we can mime them, we can even mock them. We need to undo their sacredness for those of us who are still alive. I am for a respectful desecration.” Artist interview in Edelweiss, May 2012Experience the history of 20th century Western dance in this condensed and humorous one-man performance lecture by Swiss dance artist Foofwa d’Imobilité. Within two hours, this self-described “respectful desecration” will cycle through the iconic styles of legends ranging from Rudolf Laban, Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, Pina Bausch and more.Armed with just a suitcase of costumes, Foofwa will introduce and perform the key techniques and philosophies of these famous choreographers. Besides providing an engaging crash course in modern and contemporary dance, he will also share backstage stories of choreographers in rehearsals, as well as anecdotes of their idiosyncrasies and successes.As evidenced from the word play in his name, humour is a big part of Foofwa’s work. (His name plays on the French words “fou” –meaning crazy— and “immobilité” – meaning immobility”). But he also happens to be one of the most technically accomplished dancers in Switzerland, having danced in Stuttgart Ballet and the Merce Cunningham Dance Company. With a superb command of different dance languages from ballet to contemporary forms, Foofwa provides a light hearted but expert look at the various currents and practices that will delight anyone interested in dance and its heritage. Condanced Histories is supported by the Corodis, and the Loterie Romande.Neopost Foofwa (2015-2017) receives also joint support from the City of Geneva, the Republic and Canton of Geneva and Pro Helvetia - the Swiss Arts Council.About Foofwa d’Imobilité:Born Frédéric Gafner in 1969, Foofwa d’Imobilité trained at the Ecole de Danse de Genève. From 1987 to 1990, he danced with the Stuttgart Ballet in Germany, and then with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company in New York from 1991 to 1998, where Cunningham called him a "risk-taker". His work crosses international, artistic, and pedagogic borders.Since 1998 he’s embarked on a solo career, and along the way has won several awards, including a 1998 New York Bessie and a 2006 Swiss Prize for Dance and Choreography. Foofwa has performed as a dancer around the world, notably at the Paris Opera, the Fenice Theater in Venice, Italy, and at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York.
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Octoburst! 2017 Cloud Man by Ailie Cohen and Lewis Hetherington (UK)
Cloudia has always believed in the existence of Cloud Man - extremely rare creatures who live a quiet life high up in the sky. She has dreamt all her life to see one of them.Follow Cloudia on her journey to the very top of Cloud Mountain, a place where the views always bring surprises – and if you’re lucky, you might see something very special.From the team that brought you the delightful sold-out run of The Secret Life of Suitcases in Octoburst! 2016, Cloud Man is a 45-minute visual and theatrical treat featuring a blend of puppetry and storytelling in an intimate setting.Review quotes:…a beautifully realised and delicately performed piece of puppetry.” Edinburgh Spotlight "has the capacity to touch adults on an emotional level as well as delight the wee ones" - Edinburgh Guide
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Coffee Morning & Afternoon Tea Love Duets with Donnie & Vanessa 咖啡早晨与下午茶:为情而唱
Love duets from the ’70s and ’80s are too good to be forgotten. Let Donnie & Vanessa walk you down memory lane and reminisce with good old classic love duets, including a selection from Hong Kong TV serials.(Performed in Mandarin and Cantonese)Vouchers for coffee/tea will be provided at each performance. Limited to one voucher per ticket.
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da:ns festival 2017 Dance Clinic by Choy Ka Fai (R18)
How does the brain synthesise data to generate movement? Can we examine a dancer’s consciousness as they create dance? Can neuroscience and technology fix their problems? These are the questions that homegrown artist Choy Ka Fai explores in this research-based performance Dance Clinic. A da:ns festival co-commission, this new work imagines a future where dance meets technology, where choreography can be hypothesised with artificial intelligence, and where dance clinics improve your act of choreography and eliminate undesirable symptoms of dance.Choy takes on the role of a self-proclaimed Doctor to diagnose and “rehabilitate” two distinctly different dance artists in a series of live consultations, case studies and dance experiments with the assistance from an artificial intelligent dance system Ember Jello. "Patient Z" is Florentina Holzinger, who has been labelled an enfant terrible in Europe for her highly physical and provocative performances in which she flirts with camp and kitsch. While "Patient X" is West Papuan Darlane Litaay who draws from Papuan folk traditions, contemporary dance concepts and the magical phenomena of life.An ironic reference to the world's current obsession with technology as the solution to all our problems, Dance Clinic is at once fascinating, humorous and disturbing!Based in Berlin, homegrown artist Choy Ka Fai’s work crosses disciplines freely, having worked in theatre, dance and visual art. His conceptually rigorous research explores the conditioning of the human body, its intangible memories and the forces shaping its expressions. These factors converge into complex articulations at the intersection of art, design and technology. Co-Commissioned by tanzhaus nrw and Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay.For tanzhaus nrw this commission is part of MOCCA – Motion Capturing Creative Area, a project by Hochschule Düsseldorf, Fachbereich Medien, LAVAlabs, Velamed GmbH and tanzhaus nrw, supported by EFRE.For Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, this commission is part of da:ns festival.Further support through the Residency Programme by NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore. About Choy Ka Fai: Based in Berlin, Choy Ka Fai is a Singaporean artist who crosses disciplines freely, having worked in theatre, dance, visual art and new media. His conceptually rigorous research explores the conditioning of the human body, often focusing on the intersection between technology, memory, and movement.Conferred the Young Artist Award by the National Arts Council (Singapore) in 2010, he graduated from the Royal College of Art, London, with MA in Design Interaction a year later. He is currently a resident artist (Factory Artist) at tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf (2017 – 2019). His projects have been presented in major festival worldwide, including Sadler’s Wells London (2016), ImPulsTanz Festival, Vienna (2015) and Tanz Im August, Berlin (2013 and 2015). Choy's SoftMachine was commissioned in 2015 by Esplanade and successfully travelled to more than 25 festivals around the world.
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da:ns festival 2017 Dada Masilo's Swan Lake
“Masilo has achieved something rare with her Swan Lake; it’s an entertainment that is full of heart and art, a poetic experience that seems to cleanse and cure us, at least for a few precious moments after the house lights come up.” – artsfuse.org“…this Swan Queen is barefoot and bald; and as Tchaikovsky’s plaintive violin melody begins, her movements incorporate balletic sweep and the grounded, hip-shaking, stamping notes of African dance.” – The New York Times“Her dance idiom, performed by an excellent cast, feels both natural and expressive – feet pointed and stamped; arms graciously curved; buttocks flourished like tail feathers…” – The Guardian Noisy, humorous, earthy – this is Swan Lake as you have never seen before. The best-known work of South African dancer-choreographer Dada Masilo, Swan Lake overturns the traditional love story and hijacks the codes of classical ballet. Here, African dance styles rub shoulders with ballet and contemporary moves, and both men and women are swans. In between arabesques, there are stomping bare feet, swaying hips and energetic hoots against a score by Tchaikovsky, Steve Reich and Arvo Pärt. Masilo herself plays a fiery and kinetic version of Odette.Masilo breathes new life into this classic story with a powerful reflection on prejudice and freedom. Against their wishes, Odette and Siegfried are forced into an arranged marriage. But Siegfried struggles to speak the truth that he longs for the male swan Odile. Trapped within the conventions their society has enforced, the trio search to reconcile their hopeless situation expressed through poetic choreography. An alumnus of the renowned P.A.R.T.S institution in Brussels, Masilo is renowned for her reinterpretations of classics of the Western dance canon, which fuse ballet, contemporary and African dance seamlessly. Her arresting physical vocabulary emerged from the desire to enable dancers of diverse bodies to perform the great stories in dance. Performed with spirited dancing, by turns generously funny and poignant, Swan Lake will invoke laughter and tears.About Dada Masilo: Born in 1985, Masilo grew up in the impoverished township of Soweto, South Africa. In her teenage years, she and her street dance troupe performed at the Dance Factory school in Johannesburg, which subsequently became her training ground. She studied classical and contemporary dance in South Africa, followed by two years in Brussels at the renowned school Performing Arts Research and Training Studios (P.A.R.T.S), where she was one of 30 candidates chosen from 250 applicants. There, Masilo created a solo The Dying Swan as a tribute to her aunt, who had died of AIDS—this starting point would lead her to later create her reimagined Swan Lake.Masilo fuses ballet and contemporary dance with African dance steps to create her unique high-speed style. Working in South Africa late 2006, she began to create full-length works based on her love of great stories from ballet such as Carmen and Romeo & Juliet. Swan Lake was the first ballet she had seen as a child. “Like many young dancers, (Masilo) dreamed of one day dancing in such a Swan Lake, though it became clear to her that, as a dancer, she wasn’t going to attain that position in a classical ballet company.” (artsfuse.org) Today, Masilo’s Swan Lake has toured South Africa and Europe extensively to standing ovations.
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Moonfest 艺满中秋 2017 The Magic Paintbrush 神笔马良 By Paper Monkey Theatre 猴纸剧坊
Winner of M1-The Straits Times Life Theatre Awards 2017 for Best Production for the Young, Paper Monkey Theatre returns to Moonfest with The Magic Paintbrush!Once upon a time, there lived a poor orphan boy named Ma Liang. He loved to draw, but was too poor to buy a paintbrush, so he used coal and a stick to draw instead. His dedication moved the gods and they gave him a magic paintbrush that brought all the things he drew magically to life! He used the magic paintbrush to help the poor villagers, but an evil landlord and the greedy Emperor captured Ma Liang, and forced him to paint gold and silver for them.Will Ma Liang be able to escape and continue to do good and help the villagers? Find out in The Magic Paintbrush!An exciting performance based on a classic Chinese folktale, this engaging puppetry adaptation lets children learn about determination and kindness. Featuring exquisite traditional hand puppets, lively action and melodious music that will enthral and entertain all, from the young to the young at heart!A Moonfest 2017 commission.Performed in Mandarin with English surtitles.Advisory: Recommended for children aged 5 and up. Admission only for children aged 4 and up.
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Moonfest 艺满中秋 2017 Lantern-Making Workshop 灯笼制作工作坊 Conducted by Yong Kah Kin 杨家健
Complete your Mid-Autumn Festival experience and make your very own rocking rooster lantern!Conducted in English & Mandarin.Advisory: Recommended for children aged 6 to 9 years old. Admission only for children aged 5 and up.
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Moonfest 艺满中秋 2017 Promotion of Judge Xu 徐九经升官记 By Hubei Provincial Peking Opera Theatre (China) 湖北省京剧院(中国)
A classic Peking Opera comedy starring the top comedic actor in Peking Opera and two-time Plum Blossom Award-winner Zhu Shihui. Zhu portrays his signature male clown role of Xu Jiujing in a presentation that is bound to entertain from start to finish.Scholar Xu Jiujing tops the official examinations but is not conferred the Top Scholar title as the Marquis dislikes his looks. Years later, the Royal Duke promotes Xu and orders him to preside as a judge over a difficult case, where the Duke and the Marquis are on opposite sides. As Xu uncovers the truth, he is caught in a moral dilemma. Does he repay the Duke’s kindness even as he suspects the Duke to be in the wrong? Or does he remain objective and risk his career by ruling in favour of the Marquis?See how Xu turns situations around with wit and cunning in this courtroom comedy that entertains with one humorous episode after another, and has been staged over 700 times in the past three decades!Zhu Shihui will be joined by his protégé and national first grade performer Tan Yuan, who shares the lead role with Zhu, as well as many fellow award-winning performers.Hubei Provincial Peking Opera TheatreFounded in 1970, the Hubei Provincial Peking Opera Theatre has developed rapidly and become one of the leading Peking Opera troupes, having been conferred the National Key Peking Opera Troupe honour by China’s Ministry of Culture in 2005, and honoured as a protector of Intangible Cultural Heritage (Peking Opera) by China’s State Council in 2008. The troupe boasts many award-winning performers, including four Plum Blossom Award winners: Zhu Shihui, Pei Yongjie, Wang Xiaochan and Wan Xiaohui. The troupe has also won numerous awards such as the highly coveted National Wenhua Award, and has toured overseas to the US, Russia, Canada, Australia, Italy, Japan and more.
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In Collaboration with Esplanade 9 Rangkaian Tari Melayu Workshop Tari Melayu
A rare opportunity to learn and better understand the nine distinct Malay choreographies and techniques. The dances covered in this session include Tari Saputangan – Cik Minah Sayang, Anak Kala, Mak Inang Pak Malau and Hitam Manis.This class is recommended for dancers of all levels keen to learn or refresh their understanding and appreciation of Malay dance.
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da:ns festival 2017 An Introduction to Balinese Wayang Wong by Satria Lalena
Rarely performed even in Bali, wayang wong is a traditional dance-theatre form that is most notable for the elaborate masks and highly stylised movements that it uses to tell the stories of the Hindu epic, the Ramayana. In this workshop, learn more about this elusive art form and try some of the basic movements that distinguish it from the other dance forms of Bali.
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in::music - Meiting & NEKO Highway 好in::乐 – 黃美婷与猫速公路
It’s a double-bill of Singapore Mandarin originals with singer-songwriter Meiting and four-piece NEKO Highway! Join them on a whimsical journey as they tell love stories and the weird and quirky side of their everyday lives. Look forward to an evening of unforgettable tunes in the first-ever in::music concert at the Esplanade Annexe Studio.Meiting Singapore singer-songwriter Ng Meiting does not settle for the ordinary love song. Largely influenced by the music of Cheer Chen and Crowd Lu, her songs speak about the weird and quirky side of life in a small city, and how to deal with dreaming about the impossible. Meiting’s first digital single Blue Moon was released in September 2016, landing a top 20 place on the iTunes Singapore Mandopop charts. Her second digital single Will It...?, released just over a month later, topped the YES 93.3FM original music charts on their new originals segment for four consecutive weeks.NEKO Highway         NEKO Highway is a Mandarin originals band that plays a blend of different musical styles, creating a sound that is uniquely theirs. The four members - Kaye (vocals), Sandy (keyboards), Claire (bass) and Glenn (drums) decided to form a band to write and play original music when they discovered their musical chemistry when playing together at a gig. Inspired by their mutual love for cats and where they were at the point in time, they decided to call themselves NEKO Highway.in::musicin::music showcases some of the most inspiring Chinese singer-songwriters and bands performing their original compositions.Standing room only. Tickets are also available at the door, cash only.
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da:ns festival 2017 Footwork: Twinkle Toes
Discover the joy of movement and fall in love with dance at da:ns festival’s Footwork workshops. Specially for little ones aged 3–6 years old, and their mummies or daddies. In these dance-play workshops, little tots and their parents can have fun together as they whirl and twirl!There's no better way to fall in love with dance than to try dancing yourself. Footwork gives you the opportunity to learn popular dances from the experts and pick up some moves in the months leading up to the da:ns festival, held from 20 - 29 Oct 2017. Save the dates and come celebrate dance with us! Click here for the schedules of the respective shows.Click here for more synopsis of the respective shows.
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In Collaboration with Esplanade 9 Rangkaian Tari Melayu Workshop Serampang 12
In this three-hour workshop, be introduced to the history and techniques of Serampang 12. Participants will learn how to perform a couple dance that tells the story of young love. Led by Sri Warisan, this workshop will look at basic head, hand and leg movements. This class is recommended for dancers of all levels who are keen to learn or refresh their understanding and appreciation of Serampang 12.
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da:ns festival 2017 Macho Dancer and Corponomy by Eisa Jocson
“As a woman portraying a seductive male dancer, she is hauntingly accurate. Ms Jocson’s androgynous beauty, paired with the control she uses to undulate her torso or to spin forward on a knee, is stunning; even while grinding on the floor, she never forsakes her taut, calculated tension.”– New York Times“Jocson is transformed by her macho dance. With heavy-boned, thickened limbs, she crunches biceps braided by veins and tilts a meaty shoulder, sleeks her hair and slowly spreads bare thighs with menace, twists and rises as if to a taunt… It is electrifying.” – The Saturday Newspaper One of Philippines' most provocative dance artists, Eisa Jocson explores gender, politics and power relations as seen through the unique socioeconomic lens of her native country. In this doublebill, audiences can experience one of her most iconic works, a transgressive gender-bending performance called Macho Dancer, followed by a performance lecture titled Corponomy, which reflects on Jocson’s conceptual and socially-informed practice.Macho Dancer is inspired by a seductive dance form performed by young men in Manila nightclubs. In this internationally toured piece, Jocson embodies the exaggeratedly masculine and sexual vocabulary – slow gyrations, body undulations, bicep flexing – set to the tenor of power ballads. Here, she enacts what she calls a “gender loop”, where notions of desire and objectification play out back and forth between gender roles without easy resolution. Her strikingly androgynous dance was featured in electronic musician Peaches’ iconic music video for How Do You Like My Cut? (2016).Corponomy, a new commission by the da:ns festival, is a performance lecture that reflects on all her works produced from 2009 to 2017, which are concerned with the representations of the dancing body and the production of fantasy in the service industry. Drawn from the artist’s personal archive of research material, they include investigations into the politics of pole dancing (Death of The Pole Dancer, 2011), Filipino hostess culture in Japan (Host, 2015) and Filipino entertainers working in Disneyland (Princess, 2017; Your Highness, 2017).About the Eisa Jocson: Born in the Philipines, Eisa Jocson was trained as a visual artist, with a background in ballet and pole dancing. Her first public art interventions started when she would climb up and 'tag' public flagpoles. Later, she expanded to investigating the social economics, mobility, and the gendered body in the entertainment industry. Her artistic practice involves embodying personae such as a pole dancer, a macho dancer, a Japanese hostess and a Disney princess. Poised between observing popular culture and subversive power relations, these works confront our perceptions of sexuality, gender formation and seduction politics.Her solo triptych of Death of the Pole Dancer (2011), Macho Dancer (2013) and Host (2015) were all commissioned and presented extensively in major contemporary dance festivals worldwide. The trilogy has been fully exhibited at LIVEWORKS festival in Sydney (2016) and Counterpulse festival & SF MOMA in San Francisco (2016).  Right after its premiere, Macho Dancer won the prestigious Zürcher Kantonalbank Acknowledgement Prize at the Zurich Theaterspektakel Festival in 2013.Corponomy is commissioned by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay for da:ns festival
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da:ns festival 2017 An Introduction to Thai Khon by Pichet Klunchun Dance Company
Fusing dance, drama, pantomime and music, Thai khon is the classical dance-drama form of Thailand, best known for bringing to life the Ramakien, the Thai version of the Hindu epic the Ramayana. In this workshop, led by renowned dancer and choreographer Pichet Klunchun, learn more about this refined art form and try out some of its basic postures and gestures.About Pichet KlunchunA recipient of the John D. Rockefeller 3rd Award (2014), Pichet Klunchun is known for creating movement vocabularies and methodologies that expand boundaries of traditional and contemporary dance in Bangkok. He trained in khon at the age of 16 under Chaiyot Khummanee, one of the most regarded khon masters in Thailand. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in fine and applied arts at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, he pursued theatre both as a dancer and choreographer. He has participated in intercultural performances and collaborated in a work with French artist Jerome Bel, which has toured the world to critical acclaim. Klunchun's many world-class awards include Routes ECF Princess Margriet Award for Cultural Diversity (2008) and the Chevalier of the French Arts and Literature Order (2012).Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay previously commissioned Pichet Klunchun Dance Company’s Black and White in 2011 and Dancing with Death in 2016.
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da:ns festival 2017 Sixteen da:ns Masterclass by Khan and Moon (Locking)
Push your boundaries and turn your dance routines up a notch, by joining in these masterclasses with the choreographers of Sixteen da:ns Challenge!Follow Locking Khan at www.instagram.com/lockingkhanFollow Moon at www.instagram.com/lockingmoonNo stranger to our shores, Locking Khan teams up with Moon to form the dance duo, Originality, one of the most formidable and established locking partnerships to come out of Korea. The runners-up in Season 2 of Korea’s Got Talent, they have been featured in commercials for Jill Stuart New York and SK Telecom (Korea), and have travelled the world as competitors, judges and performers.
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Moonfest 艺满中秋 2017 Parent-Child Workshop: DIY Dough Figurine 亲子同欢: 捏面人 Conducted by Catherine Loo 黎燕琼
Learn the vanishing art of dough figurine making with your child. Create a mooncake-tea set and a cute jade rabbit companion!Conducted in English & Mandarin.Advisory: Recommended for children aged 6 to 12 years old with an accompanying parent/guardian. Accompanying adults must be above 16. Admission only for children aged 5 and up.
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M1 CHINESE THEATRE FESTIVAL “M1 华文小剧场节” The Little Child《男孩》
男孩的心情故事,偶戏的奇妙世界  第一个男孩追着天空中一朵发光的云,想要找回自己的父亲  第二个男孩生病了,常常一个人呆在病房里  两个男孩的故事,因为一朵发光的云,起了意想不到的变化……由台湾三缺一剧团艺术总监魏隽展编导的《男孩》是一部游走在现实与幻想之间的偶戏作品。随着两段平行故事的交错,剧中的云朵也幻化成不同的形状和物件,带领观众进入一个充满奇思妙想的世界。此剧曾获2011年台新艺术奖提名,并于2012年远赴法国外亚维侬艺术节演出。The story of a boy in the fantastical world of puppetsThe first boy chases after an illuminated cloud, looking for his father.The second boy stays in the hospital ward, passing the time by himself.Their stories take a surprising turn as an illuminated cloud floats by…
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da:ns festival 2017 Sixteen da:ns Masterclass by Vio and Dorocy (Hip Hop)
Push your boundaries and turn your dance routines up a notch, by joining in these masterclasses with the choreographers of Sixteen da:ns Challenge!Follow Vio at www.instagram.com/vio_kim_ Follow Dorocy at www.instagram.com/dorocyyyyyy Follow Team Magnolia at www.instagram.com/teammagnolia Part of the renowned Team Magnolia which took the dance world by storm, Vio and Dorocy bring to the table a unique musicality and technical proficiency. Growing from strength to strength, the award-winning crew recently won the championship titles of Feedback Korea 2016 and Arena 2017 (China).
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Moonfest 艺满中秋 2017 Parent-Child Workshop: DIY Snowskin Mooncakes 亲子同欢: 冰皮月饼制作 Conducted by Bloop Desserts Studio | Bloop甜点工作室
Back by popular demand! Learn to make snowskin mooncakes with your child, and bring home your tasty creations to savour!Conducted in English & Mandarin.Advisory: Recommended for children aged 6 to 12 years old with an accompanying parent/guardian. Accompanying adults must be above 16. Admission only for children aged 5 and up.
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Octoburst! 2017 When All Was Green by The Key Theatre (Israel)
Inspired by the picture book “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein, When All Was Green is an award-winning puppetry play without words about mankind, nature and greed.  Taking place on a set made of old books and recycled bindings, the story tells of the changing relationship between a boy and a tree as he grows up.In this non-verbal puppetry performance, The Key Theatre delivers a poignant reflection on nature’s generosity of spirit in spite of man’s greed. This inspires the audience to realise not just the loss of the green fields amidst grey concrete, but also a green bud of hope that can still be present between us and the world.Review quotes:"A rare opportunity to see such a magnificent, well-balanced, heart-warming, meaningful and professionally rendered performance for little children." (Mr. Janos Novak, President of AssiteJ Hungary)"When All Was Green is a play without words but with a lot of sensitivity and soul that succeeds in touching the hearts of the young ones and adults as well."(Shai Bar-Ya'akov, Yediot Akhronot Newspaper)***Awards***BEST MUSIC AWARD - in children's theatre by Assitej Israel 2013AWARD OF EXCELLENCE "Peace and Intercultural Dialogue Festival" Armenia 2015CHILDREN'S JURY AWARD -The 12th Int' Puppet Theatre's Festival Katowice, Poland 2015!CHILDREN'S JURY AWARD VIRVAR International Puppet Festival, Kosice, Slovakia 2016
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Octoburst! 2017 Afternoon of a Foehn Version 1 by Compagnie Non Nova (France)
Ever wondered what the life of a discarded plastic bag is like?Afternoon of a Foehn uses simple, found objects to create a stunning imaginative visual theatre piece.See how these long-forgotten plastic bags are cleverly animated into a troupe of ballerinas, all dancing to the music of L’Après-midi d’un Faune by Debussy.
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Octoburst! 2017 Parent - Child Workshop: Bento - Making by Naturel (Singapore)
In this fun and educational bento workshop, our experienced instructor guides the little ones in food preparation while explaining the wonders of science in our food!Our instructor Angelia Lau is a food art enthusiast who has had more than 10 years of experiences in the kitchen.
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Moonfest 艺满中秋 2017 Soulful Steps – An Ethnic Dance & Music Recital “寻心之路”少数民族舞蹈音乐专场
Dancers: Gauhar Bahet, Hao Na, Tan Junyuan and Zha Xi La BaMusicians: Chen Xibo, Erbol Orazkhan, La Zhong, Mural BimuratTravel across China and take in the mystic beauty of Dai, Kazakh, Mongol and Tibetan dances, performed by award-winning folk dance graduates from the Minzu University of China, one of the top universities in China specialising in ethnic studies and the arts.Paired with live music played on instruments like the dombra (long-necked lute) from the Kazakhs, morin khuur (horsehead fiddle) from the Mongols and eagle-bone flute from Tibet, the dancers portray stories and beliefs such as the Tibetan beliefs towards life and death, the celebration of nature for nomadic Mongols, a Kazakh girl’s mixed emotions as a bride-to-be, and the pattra-leaf culture of the Dai, that fuses seamlessly with modern interpretations.This performance, produced by Orgin Culture and Arts, features Professor Meng Xiaoyan, Dean of Minzu University of China College of Dance, who opens the programme and shed light on the unique characteristics, histories and evolution of these ethnic dances, allowing the audience to have a deeper understanding of the essences of Chinese folk dances.A Moonfest 2017 commission.
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Event Date
Sat, 21 Oct 2017


Meeting Point:
Theatre Studio Entrance, Level 4.
15 Minutes before workshop starts.

Ticket Pricing
(Excludes Booking Fee)

Standard: S$25