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《木兰先生》 青少年戏剧 Mr Magnolia - A Story about Home

War is raging. The military has come to the villages to round up men to fight in the battle. Magnolia, the daughter of an aged herb gatherer, bravely offers to take her father's place by disguising herself as a man. In a dangerous time and in a place where no woman is allowed, how will Magnolia survive? 
Mr. Magnolia retells the classic story of Mulan, a brave woman who disguises as a man to take over her father's role in the military. In this unique rendition, Mr. Magnolia and her home folks are not fighting a usual war against foreign invaders--but against an ambitious emperor's deceptive quest for greatness.
Adapted from a true historical event in China's Northern Wei period (386-581 A.D.), Mr. Magnolia combines political intrigue, history, poetry, and a cast of talented children.
Children and grown-ups are all welcome!
An initial draft of this script was created through an improvisation workshop directed by Chia-Yu Tang in Suzhou, China, with students from Wujiang Taihu International School. The workshop was consulted by Beta Taurus (USA) and supported by Taihu Great Learning Center (China). The draft reading was presented on August 22, 2016 in Wujiang, China with the following team:
Playwright         YiKeTang
Music                Shih-Kuei Yuan
Director             Chia-Yu Tang
Assist Director   Xiao Jun Kow
Set                    Jerry Huang
Sound               Dalong Jiao
Stage Manager Jimmy Zhi
Assistant SM     Tommy Bian
Cast                  Justin Wang     Vivian Gan
                         William Liu        Frank Ji
                         Gilbert Li          Hannah He
                         Danna Li          Jack Zhu
                         Jack Li              Robin Liao
                         Lloyd Zhao       Crystal Ji
                         Angel Li            Coco Ni
                         Penny Cao

此工作坊由Beta Taurus(USA)為顧問、太湖大學堂支持。

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9 Jan 2017, 9am

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9 Jan 2017, 10am




Approximately 1 hour 15 minutes
(No interval)

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  • No Photography, Video recording and Audio recording is permitted for this event .

Event Date
Fri, 31 Mar - Sat, 1 Apr 2017

Fri & Sat: 8pm

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Standard: S$27, S$25

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