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Imaginarium: To the Ends of the Earth Eco-Living Series: Grow and Go Green with Herb in a Cup

Interested to grow your own food? Learn how to make compost, seed bombs, DIY plant and herb kits, herb racks and more – all using eco-friendly methods! You will also pick up tips on recycling daily used materials. All participants will take home a complimentary mushroom-in-a-cup kit along with their own workshop creations.

Topics covered at the workshop include: -

Hands-on activities

  • Sowing and caring for seedlings – an introduction to the propagation of herbs via stem cuttings
  • Working and recycling with plastic bottles
  • Making a self-wicking system, sunlight locator, suspended herb rack and seed bomb


  • Introduction and overview on the types of herbs and leafy vegetables that can be grown in an urban environment
  • Brewing and making your own organic pesticide spray
  • Behaviours of organic and inorganic fertilizer
  • Use of organic matter for growing gourmet oyster mushrooms
  • Aquaponics and the science behind fish and food

Sharing sessions on

  • Soil types and soil mixing recommendations
  • Composting with earthworms and how to make your own compost tub

Each ticket admits a parent-child pair (recommended for children above 4 years), or a single pax age 8 and above. Children under age 8 must be accompanied by an adult.

Each ticket entitles you to one set of workshop materials and one complimentary mushroom-in-a-cup kit. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring two to three 1.5 litre plastic bottles to the workshop (thinner material preferred).

Conducted by Herb in a Cup. Social entrepreneur Balan Gopal founded Herb in a Cup to promote Farming In Built Up Areas (FIBUA) and to act as a cross-platform for organic and recycling initiatives. He believes that education and the application of eco projects provide vital solutions to the challenges in today’s landscape, and his mission is to make Singapore a true ‘green’ food paradise with a focus on healthy and mindful living.

This workshop requires a minimum of 8 parent-child/single pax before commencement.

Imaginarium: To the Ends of the Earth
6 May – 27 August 2017
SAM at 8Q

Explorers of the land! How much do you know about the planet we inhabit? Singapore Art Museum welcomes you back with the 7th edition of our family focused exhibition Imaginarium: To the Ends of the Earth. Taking a closer look at the surroundings and environments we reside in, we see how people, flora and fauna, adapt to their ever-changing surroundings. With the technological progress we have made, we now have better insight into far-flung locations, and are more connected than before, but are we really any closer to appreciating Earth’s many marvels? Through inspiring and engaging artworks, Imaginarium 2017 introduces explorers to new ways of seeing and experiencing the world around us.


Start Sales Date

6 Jul 2017, 9am.

Other Channels :
6 Jul 2017, 10am.




Approximately 2 Hours

Promoter Name

Patrons are advised to arrive early and be seated by 2.30pm. No admission after 2.45pm.

Rating / Age Limit:

  • Each ticket admits a parent-child pair (recommended for children above 4 years), or a single pax age 8 and above.
  • Children under 8 years must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Participants are encouraged to bring 2-3 empty 1.5 litre bottles to the workshop.
  • All patrons require ticket to be admitted.
  • Each ticket can be redeemed for one-time museum admission for the specified duration.

Photography / Video Recording Rules

  • Photography without flash and Video recording is allowed for this event.

Through All SISTIC Channels
20% Discount for BYOF (Bring Your Own Family/Friends) with a min 2 tickets

Singapore Art Museum Contemporary Art Exhibitions
The Singapore Art Museum (SAM) advocates and presents the contemporary art of Singapore and the Southeast Asian region. Opened in January 1996 as a museum under the National Heritage Board of Singapore, SAM is housed in a restored 19th century mission school and has amassed one of the world's largest public collection of modern and contemporary Southeast Asian artworks.  The museum's extension building, SAM at 8Q, was opened in August 2008, expanding the museum's gallery space for fresh, multi-disciplinary, interactive and community-oriented programming.Since 2009, SAM focussed its programming and collections development initiatives around contemporary Southeast Asian art and art practices.  The museum works closely with artists, draws from its collection and collaborates with leading international museums to present shows covering both local and international art practices, as well as cutting edge art expressions. The contemporary art of the region is given international exposure through the museum's travelling exhibitions programme and collection loans.Through its exhibitions, educational and multi-disciplinary programming, audiences experience and understand contemporary Asia at SAM.  The museum facilitates education, exchange, research and development of contemporary art within the region and internationally.By fostering artists, growing new audiences, and creating collaborative opportunities between arts organisations and practitioners, the Museum develops a diverse, thriving art environment that engages with the most urgent social and cultural transformations of our time and of the region.SAM is also the organiser of the Singapore Biennale.
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Imaginarium: To the Ends of the Earth Storytelling Session with Artist Nandita Mukand
Singapore Art MuseumImaginarium: To the Ends of the Earth Storytelling Session with Artist Nandita MukandSaturdays,     15 July 2017, 6.30pm - 7:15pm                      19 August 2017, 6pm - 6.45pm                      26 August 2017, 6pm - 6.45pmSAM at 8Q, Level 3 Gallery$5. Tickets available at SAM at 8Q and SISTIC.BYOF (Bring Your Own Family / Friends). Enjoy 20% off minimum purchase of two standard tickets when you bring your family and friends along.Immerse yourselves into the artwork The Origin: The Tree and Me & The Unborn by Imaginarium artist Nandita Mukand, as she shares her inspiration through storytelling and a hands-on activity. This is a session to remind us how man’s life in an urbanised environment remains inevitably intertwined with nature.Recommended for age 5 and up.Nandita Mukand (b. 1975, India) is a Singapore-based visual artist whose practice draws upon nature and materiality, exploring themes of connection and spirituality. Since graduating from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore, Nandita has been exhibiting regularly in Singapore. She has also held exhibitions internationally and been awarded artist residencies, including the Fundacio L’Olivar in Spain and the Hawkesbury Regional Gallery in Australia.Imaginarium: To the Ends of the Earth 6 May – 27 August 2017SAM at 8QExplorers of the land! How much do you know about the planet we inhabit? The Singapore Art Museum welcomes you back to the 7th edition of our family-focused exhibition Imaginarium: To the Ends of the Earth. Through the eyes of nine contemporary artists, this year’s Imaginarium takes a closer look at our surroundings and the environments we reside in.Over millennia, humankind has made vast progress in charting the lands we inhabit: globalisation and technology have meant that distant locations and far-flung communities are now easier to connect with. Yet, how much do we really know of what constitutes the Earth’s wonderful terrains? Consider as welll how the practices of cultures are inextricably tied to the places they inhabit, and people – either by choice or necessity -- adapt to ever-changing environments. Similarly, a locale’s plants and animals have also evolved unique traits to adapt to their habitats.There remains much more to learn about earth’s magnificent marvels, with the closest adventure a possible stone's throw away! Through inspiring and engaging artworks, we invite the adventurers who visit Imaginarium 2017 to find new ways of discovering the endlessly fascinating world around them.Website: www.singaporeartmuseum.sgFacebook: www.facebook.com/singaporeartmuseumInstagram: www.instagram.com/singaporeartmuseum
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Event Date
Sat, 12 Aug 2017


Ticket Pricing
(Excludes Booking Fee)

Standard: S$50 (General Admission)