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Asia Fighting Championship 2017
Singapore's Inaugural Asia Fighting Championship (AFC): Top Asian Muay Thai Fighters to Step into the Ring for an Action-Filled Evening!

AFC 2017
- For the first time in Singapore, a new brand and concept aim to unite different nations through the provision of a professional platform to showcase the talent in the sport worldwide. Meet top champion fighters from Korea, Macau, Malaysia and many more... making their first appearance and fight against Singapore's very own.

Special Highlights - CELEBRITY FIGHT-OFF: Sylvester Sim Vs Steven Lim

Adding a touch of entertainment and glitz, catch our Singapore Idol, Sylvester Sim VS Steven Lim Kor Kor – An Official LIVE Match that will absolutely complete a thrilling night to remember.

Don't miss the exciting and promising action-packed September evening!

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17 Jul 2017, 10am

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17 Jul 2017, 10am

Public Sales
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1 Aug 2017, 12am

Other Channels :
1 Aug 2017, 10am
Approximately 4 hours 30 minutes
(including 5 intervals at 15 minutes each)
Rating / Age Limit
  • No admission for patrons below 18 years old.
  • Patrons 18 years and above must purchase a ticket for admission.
Photography / Video Recording Rules
  • Photography, Video Recording and Audio Recording are strictly prohibited during the performance except for Media. This is subject to management's approval.
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Bishal Music Festival, Singapore
Classical music has been often regarded as the divine form of expressive art. Blues Communications and Perfect Harmony Global have been committed to create a platform for this form of classical art, to excel beyond imagination. As part of our vision to spread classical music beyond borders, we are now set to host a 4 day fest to be presented by Index Group, "Bishal Classical Music Festival" at the MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore from 21st September to 24th September 2017, showcasing the greatest stars of the fraternity. The 4 day festival will host around 4 artists each day,including both sets of unique Bangladeshi icons as well as Indian classical legends. Bangladeshi artists will represented by the likes of Shama Rahman (Rabindra sangeet vocals), Luva Nahid Choudhury ( Pancha Kabir Gaan / Songs of the 5 poets - vocals ), Rezwana Choudhury Bannya ( Rabindra sangeet vocals ) and Laisa Ahmed Lisa ( Rabindra sangeet vocals ). On the other hand, the Indian classical artists lineup will include legends like Pt Hariprasad Chaurasia( Bansuri, Indian bamboo flute), Pt. Shivkumar Sharma(Santoor, a prototype of Zither from Kashmir) Pt. Birju Maharaj ( Kathak, a dance form unique for its intricate rhythmic patterns and expressive gestures), Dr L Subramaniam( Violin in pure Carnatic style) , Bombay Jayashri ( Carnatic vocals), Shujaat Khan( Indian sitar), and a host of young talents like Kaushiki Chakraborty( Hindustani classical vocals), Niladri Kumar ( Indian sitar), Houmayun Sakhi, (rubab, a lute-like instrument from Afghanistan) Shubhendra and Saskia Rao (sitar and cello duet), Sawani Shende (Hindustani Classical music), Deepak Pandit (violin). They will be ably accompanied by Vijay Ghate, Ojas Adhiya and Amit Choubey on tabla ,the Indian drums, Ajay Joglekar on the harmonium, a reed organ besides musicians on the morsing (a jaw harp), mridangam (double headed drum), khanjira(of the tambourine family) and Ghatam (a clay pot that is one of the most ancient percussive instruments). Click Here For Theatre Conditions of Entry
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The Legend of Zelda - Symphony of the Goddesses
The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses is bringing an updated orchestral adventure to Singapore on Saturday, 26th August, 2017. The show will feature an all new movement from Skyward Sword, a much-anticipated Breath of the Wild arrangement, and the return of a classic that might just make some wishes come true! Brought to life as never before, witness as 30 years of video game history unfolds, complete with a stirring cinematic video presentation, synced with the game's sensational, thematic and action-packed soundtracks played live by a full orchestra and choir. "If you love The Legend of Zelda, or appreciate top video game tunes, there's nothing like a Symphony of the Goddesses performance. The live, orchestral concert series has dazzled fans of Link and Hyrule for the past five years, with epic renditions of classic tracks from A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time and more.... We can think of few better ways to celebrate the series." - Engadget "Since its previous tours were such hits with The Legend of Zelda community – and, well, with Breath of the Wild being incredible and all - it's only fair that the Symphony of the Goddesses makes a comeback for its biggest tour to date." - WWG "With The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in the hands of gamers everywhere, Zelda fever is in the air - thankfully, the live tour of Symphony of the Goddesses will once again bring the music of Zelda on the road across the world." - DualShockers "If you're wondering what this symphony tour thing is, well, imagine a large orchestra and choir jamming out on some of your favorite videogame music, while a custom collage of Zelda footage plays in the background... It's the power of music marshaled in full force to create something heavily steeped in nostalgia but not merely limited to it. It's also probably just a good time, if you dig this kind of stuff, and if you dig good times." - Paste Click Here For Theatre Conditions of Entry
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The Sichuan Orchestra of China
The Sichuan Orchestra of China will perform in Singapore for the first time, helmed by Singaporean music maestro Darrell Ang. Its inaugural season presents a repertoire of popular symphonic spectaculars such as Nicolai's "The Merry Wives of Windsor" Overture, Frederic Chopin's Piano Concerto no. 1 and Beethoven's Symphony no. 5. Making his debut is 23-year-old Seong-Jin Cho, the recent winner of the Warsaw International Chopin Competition in Poland. The internationally renowned South Korean pianist will make a special appearance with his interpretation of Chopin's First Concerto. The fundraising concert is organised as part of Sands for Singapore Charity Festival 2017, Marina Bay Sands' annual signature event that raises funds and awareness for local charities. Proceeds from the concert's ticket sales will go towards Art Outreach's IMPART Awards Scholarship Fund. Find out more about the IMPART Awards here. Click Here For Theatre Conditions of Entry
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Epicurean Market 2017
Epicurean Market is back for its fifth year, and it's going to be an overload of sensory experiences! Come pique more than just your taste buds at Marina Bay Sands' annual food & wine extravaganza. Look out for these highlights: Award-Winning Restaurants Savour signature dishes and exciting treats by award-winning restaurants such as Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay, CUT by Wolfgang Puck, Waku Ghin by Tetsuya Wakuda, and more! New this year, get a special preview of Lavo's Italian cuisine and taste the best of Singapore’s local favourites presented by Rise Restaurant. Masterclasses Book your seats for exclusive private tastings at our Connoisseur Series and learn more about world-class wines and spirits by the connoisseurs. Plus, choose from over 20 complimentary sessions to discover culinary trade secrets by the chefs and industry experts. Farmer's Market With an extended market this year, shop for fresh produce and gourmet items sourced from markets around the world - many of which are used in our signature restaurants as well! Look out for charcuterie and desserts by Épicerie Boulud, and unique cheeses by The Cheese Artisans. Wine Walk Sample hundreds of lables from wineries from all over the world and get the best deals on bottles! Click Here For MICE Convention Centre Conditions of Entry
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De Yun She devote themselves to developing the traditional Chinese comedic performing art of Crosstalk - typically a form of comedic banter or dialogue between two performers on stage. Guo Degang and Yu Qian will be performing in an exclusive crosstalk show at the Mastercard Theatres in Singapore on 1st October; along with Hou Zhen, Gao Feng, Luan Yunpin, Shao Bing, Cao Heyang, Zhang Yunlei, Yang Jiulang. De Yun She aims to uphold all the traditional values of this over 100-year-old Chinese performing art form, and spread joy to Singapore audiences through its humorous shows and crosstalk artists. Guo Degang is currently hailed as the most famous crosstalk artist in China for not only reinventing the art of traditional crosstalk, but also adding fresh, new and memorable elements to the show format and presentation style. Guo Degang manages to retain the 'heart' of traditional crosstalk, while relate it to modern material in a way that audiences connect with more. With its new crosstalk duos, De Yun She enjoys sell-out performances in numerous cities around the world, for the humour and happiness they bring to people. This October, Guo Degang and De Yun She will present traditional crosstalk in a brand-new theme and different format, for greater interaction with the crowd. The focus on this show is to liven up the crosstalk experience for audiences, while not deviating greatly from the cultural aspects of the show and audience expectations. Click Here For Theatre Conditions of Entry
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Hi-5 Supers
Hi-5 Supers will showcase the talents of our new cast - Joe, Shay, Bailey, Lachie & Courtney -as they explore what it is to be 'super' in this dynamic, action-packed show. Little do Hi-5 know that their wishes to become superheroes might just come true... thanks to a little cheeky magic from Super Fairy Chats! The cast suddenly wake up with super powers, and a series of funny superhero adventures, rescues and missions ensues. There's Super Strong, with his 'Belt of Power'. Super Vision can see to the other side of the universe & beyond with her Super Vision Goggles! Super Sound can even hear what people are thinking with his Super Headphones. Super Fly is super fast and hopes that one day she'll be able to fly... with lots of practice. Finally, there's Super Sneaker, who's great at camouflaging and thinks she can be invisible! Even the Jupsters make a special appearance to test out their own super powers! Most exciting of all, the Hi-5 Supers have been invited to the Superhero Awards Night. However, each superhero faces different challenges on their journey to the Awards. Amidst all the fun and super comedy, the show reminds us that being a hero means so much more than being able to fly or jump tall buildings. Everyday heroes are all around us and each child has unique strengths that make them super, brave & strong. Hi-5 Supers will feature some of our most energetic, exciting and upbeat Hi-5 songs, such as Action Heroes, Dance-Off and lots more. The vibrant show design will include colourful projections and effects that will enhance the visual appeal of the action and reinforce the bright, comic book superhero style - Super Fun, Super Active, Super Cool! Click Here For Theatre Conditions of Entry
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Langgalamu - ''I only care about you'' - Tour Concert 朗嘎拉姆, ''我只在乎你'' - 演唱会
A young girl from humble beginnings. She was blessed with a golden voice and sang her way to popularity on Voice Of China. She also made a name in Hong Kong and China, not forgetting her homeland, Thailand. She has performed in more than 10 countries, with standing ovations. She will be here to 'wow' the audience with her voice and renditions of the late Great Teresa Teng, and bring back wonderful memories of years gone by. Click Here For Theatre Conditions of Entry
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The 7th 100 Million Ami Dewa Recitation Retreat
All beings experience suffering and difficulty in their own lives at some point in time. The duration for experiencing happiness is just too short and never enough. It seems like hardly any others can really understand what we are going through in our very own life journey, sometimes struggles and fear. Let alone peaceful moments with the dismay of earthquakes, epidemics, fights, and inequality that arose in different parts of the world from time to time. Though familiar, the impact may appear too far for us to comprehend or help to the victims. There just isn’t seem to be any effective prescription to everlasting joy. Then, there is this modest Tibetan monk at the age of 81 years old, His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche who taught on the resolution to all negativity. He carries and extends loving kindness and compassion to wherever and whoever he meets. On 9-13 August 2017 in Marina Bay Sands Exhibition Hall E, H.E.Garchen Rinpoche is going to lead the public to chant the name of Buddha Amitabha that can transcend hearts and minds to purity. The beautiful chants invoked and united by many voices from within convey love and compassion, well wishes, peace and harmony for all living beings, matters and elements throughout the world. He will also speak from his vast experiences, imparting precious insights to the brighter side of life. Your participation will be the impetus for the good sake and harmony for yourself and others. For more information, please visit www.amidewa-retreat.com or follow 100 Million Ami Dewa Recitation Retreat on Facebook. Click Here For MICE Convention Centre Conditions of Entry
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Advisory16 Direct from sell out tours of the UK & Europe The Simon & Garfunkel Story tells the fascinating tale of how two young boys from Queens, New York went on to become the world's most successful music duo of all time. Starting from their humble beginnings as 50's Rock n Roll duo Tom & Jerry, The Simon & Garfunkel Story takes you through all the songs and stories that shaped them, the dramatic split, their individual solo careers and ending with a stunning recreation of the legendary 1981 Central Park reunion concert. The Simon & Garfunkel Story features UK performers Sam O’Hanlon as Paul Simon and Charles Blyth as Art Garfunkel. Using a projection screen, the show features 1960s photographs and film footage accompanied by a full band performing all their hits including Mrs Robinson', Bridge Over Troubled Water, Homeward Bound, Scarborough Fair, The Boxer, The Sound Of Silence and many more. "Simply incredible" BBC Scotland "Spine tingling harmonies" The Daily Record "The standing ovation at the end of this impressive show was a given as soon as the final note faded from the very first song" Burnley Express "The Simon & Garfunkel Story is a must see for anyone who is a fan of the musical masters" Salisbury Journal Click Here For Theatre Conditions of Entry
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B.A.P is a South Korean Boy Group formed in 2012 under TS Entertainment. The group's six members are Yongguk, Youngjae, Daehyun, Himchan, Jongup and Zelo. B.A.P made their musical debut with the single "Warrior" on January 27, 2012, followed by the release of their debut EP Warrior in February 2012. The show will feature not only B.A.P's hit songs, but a very special opening session from Renowned DJ's that will lead to a party-esque atmosphere. Click Here For Theatre Conditions of Entry
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Nat Geo Live: Celebrating The End of Food Waste
Many say we need to double food production to stave off famine. But we already grow enough food. We waste a third, and in affluent countries eat more than is good for us. By exposing the most shocking and obviously insane instances of food waste, Feedback and a host of partner organisations globally have revealed that we can change the world for the better, and much of the time this simply means eating and enjoying food together rather than throwing it away. Author, campaigner, and National Geographic Emerging Explorer Tristram Stuart is on a mission to eliminate food waste through innovative grassroots campaigns and initiatives. Click Here For Theatre Conditions of Entry
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ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands®
The world's first ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands is the Museum of Creativity, where the creative processes at the heart of art and science and their role in shaping society are explored. Featuring 21 gallery spaces totaling 50,000 square feet, the boldly iconic lotus-inspired ArtScience Museum is also the premier venue for major international touring exhibitions from the most renowned collections in the world. Click Here For Full Synopsis Click Here For ArtScience Museum Conditions of Entry
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Sands SkyPark Observation Deck
The Sands SkyPark is an architectural masterpiece sitting on top of the three hotel towers at Marina Bay Sands. This 1.2 hectare tropical oasis is longer than the Eiffel Tower is tall and large enough to park four-and-a-half A380 jumbo jets. It extends to form one of the world's largest public cantilevers. The ticketed public observation deck can host hundreds of people. Apart from taking in the stunning views, visitors will learn about the construction of the SkyPark through a complimentary audio guide, which allows visitors to hear commentaries on key commercial and historic parts of Singapore, all of which can be appreciated from this unique vantage point. Souvenirs can be purchased from the SkyPark gift shops. The SkyPark's lush, landscaped gardens are home to 250 trees and 650 plants and is a total of total of 12,400 square meters of space - big enough to fit three football fields! To entice you further, The Club at Marina Bay Sands, the executive club lounge on top of Tower 2 transforms into an indulgent Chocolate Bar at 8 pm every night and is open to the public. Acclaimed restaurants include Sky on 57, which serve Modern Asian cuisine and other signature dishes by Singapore's celebrity chef Justin Quek. Sky on 57 is located at Tower 1 - offering a stunning dining venue. At the other end of Tower 3 sits CeLaVi, the uber-cool lounge/restaurant that is hailed as the leading lifestyle destination in Asia. Guided tours will no longer be available as of 1st September 2013. *Please take note Observation Deck guests will not have access to the Pool and Gardens. Stanchions will restrict the Observation deck guests at the CeLaVi restaurant. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.* Click Here For SkyPark Conditions of Entry
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Downton Abbey : The Exhibition
Your Invitation Has Arrived Be transported to a post-Edwardian England as you step inside Downton Abbey: The Exhibition. Based on the beloved television show, Downton Abbey, the exhibition will take you on a journey, which sees both the characters and iconic house come to life. Bursting with social history, culture and of course some of the most memorable moments from the show's six series run, there is something for everyone. Peering into Lady Mary's Bedroom and the Great Hall, learn about the events that helped shape the world-including fashions, new technologies, and cultural shifts during the period before and following World War I. Expect authentic set builds, stunning costumes from the show and real insight into the era that shaped Downton Abbey. We welcome you all to experience Downton Abbey: The Exhibition. Click Here For MICE Convention Centre Conditions of Entry
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Event Date
Sat, 23 Sep 2017 7pm
Ticket Pricing
(Excludes Booking Fee)
VIP: S$133
Advance Tier: S$91
Advance Tier (Corner): S$58
Seating Plan